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Power Rack vs Squat Stand: Making The Decision To Purchase

Congratulations! You have decided to set up your own home gym and are now at the point of deciding whether to purchase a Power Rack or a Squat Stand. At this point you need to think about just why you need either one and how it is going to benefit your workout plans. Do you…

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9 Famous Athletes Who Use Headphones for Top Performance

sport head phones

Most professional athletes of today have discovered the link between improved performance and listening to music. Researchers have found that in many cases, listening to a specific playlist of songs can help key your brain up and get ready for a big athletic meet or competition. This trend is evident with the increased number of…

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Best Suspension Trainer Review 2017

suspension trainer reviews

Looking for an affordable way to workout at home with bodyweight exercises. Consider reading about the best suspension training systems out on the market that will get the job done and not break your pocket book.

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ZFOsports Adjustable Weight Vest Review

ZFOsports Adjustable Weight Review

Check out this 40lb adjustable weight vest that has 2.5 lb increments. Weight is made out of sand and iron-ore mix which makes the weight conform to your body and they don’t bounce a round. Read the review of this popular weighted vest to train with.

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Garmin Forerunner 620 Running Watch

garmin forerunner 620

Check out our review on the garmin forerunner 620. It’s a great running, biking or multi-sport watch with a color display. Light weight with a ton of running functions you will love. See the review for more information.

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