The PiYo Diet, Understanding It and Getting Started

Just about everyone knows what the PiYo workout program is in terms of using Yoga and Pilates combined. I would like to concentrate on the diet part of the program and try to help everyone understand just how important the PiYo diet is in making this program work for them. It is often referred to…

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PiYO: Sweat DVD Will have You Covered in Sweat

PiYo Workout Review

Below I did a breakdown of what you can expect to do during the PiYO: Sweat Video. This is a full body workout designed to burn calories, shred fat and tone muscle using yoga exercises, pilates, pushups and regular old school lunges.  It’s a nice fast paced video where Chalene has you busy the whole…

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PiYo Workout Schedule Details

piyo workout calendar

The PiYo workout is the latest in addition to how we can get healthy and lose weight. Chalene Johnson brought forward this new low impact athletically challenged full body workout for those who want to lose a few pounds and stay fit. This is a great workout for beginners who are just getting started and…

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