What’s Your Fitness Personality?

How to Get Fit and Rise Above Your Own Status Quo

Ever wonder how some people seem to stick with their workouts while others fall off the wagon and hit a slump, or can’t even find a way to get started in the first place? What are those successful people doing right and more importantly: how can you learn their secrets?

Here’s a Secret: Getting Fit Doesn’t Involve Secrets!

Autumn Calabrese 21 Day FixIf you’re ready for a better body, a healthier outlook on life, and a fun way to get in shape where you stay motivated and achieve all your fitness goals, get ready to start now! I’m here to show you there’s no “secret” to toning muscle, losing weight or gaining strength.

All it takes is finding the right workout that suits your style and your fitness goals…that’s your Fitness Personality.

Believe me, I’ve been there too, where I’ve lost my enthusiasm for working out and had absolutely no motivation. But after discovering that fitness is mostly mental and finding an exciting personal workout routine was the key to sticking with it, all that changed forever.

Variety is the Key to Workout Motivation

personal-trainer-workout-routinesThere’s a whole world of exciting workout routines in the world, so I hardly ever find myself in a fitness rut any more. Throughout my years as a “fitness guy” I’ve pretty much done it all so I have a good sense of what works and what doesn’t for different Fitness Personalities.

Once you find a routine that matches your Fitness Personality, you’ll be good to go …wherever your goals lead you.

5 Ways to Rev Up Your Fitness Mojo

Here are five fun but highly effective workout programs made to get you on track to achieving your fitness goals and getting that body you always wanted. Ripped, slim, flexible, strong…it’s all possible: all you have to do pick the program that matches your workout personality and get started.

#1. Unleash Your Inner Cardio Monster in Just 25 Minutes a Day

Eric's Focus T25 Personal ReviewGot a high-intensity craving for a super-charged fitness plan but no time to spare? Don’t let the dream of losing weight and fat shredding escape you just because you’re busy. I’m telling you now that it’s 100% possible in 25 minutes per day. I’ve personally sweat my way through what’s called the Focus t25 plan and it produces results.

If you’re looking for way to slowly dip your toe into fitness and you’re not yet sure of your own capabilities, then skip ahead to another workout below. Focus T25 is an intense workout for people who want to get ripped and lose weight fast.

That’s not to say it’s just for experienced athletes- actually, anyone can do this at any level. But prepare yourself for cardio routines that don’t stop the whole 25 minutes…you’ll definitely sweat and get the most out of 25 minutes.

You can see my honest review and experience of Focus T25 Here.

#2. Ease into Fitness the Fun Way (Low Impact)

PiYo Workout ReviewIf there was ever a person who was perfectly suited for guiding you through your first major fitness initiative, it’s the wonderfully fit and incredibly exciting Chalene Johnson.

Worried about your joints, or you’re just not that into insane cardio workouts?

The first thing to know about her PiYO workout is that it’s low-impact. You’ll actually be sculpting your new hard body but without all the crazy damaging effects of too much jumping around, which can cause painful joint issues in some people, especially further on down the road. Chalene’s program helps you Lose weight and work towards the hardest, fittest body you’ve ever had…

  • without jumping
  • without weights
  • without equipment
  • without straining your joints

So dig out the skinny jeans before they go out of style because you’ll be wearing them again after your training with Chalene and her PiYO workouts.

Click Here to see my personal PiYo review.

#3. Sculpt Your Body with a Cutting Edge Combo

Eric's Favorite P90x3 ReviewIf you need to take it up a notch and break your own status quo, I recommend the P90X3 Extreme Fitness Accelerated program. If you’re like me and you have experience with fitness, it might be time to up your game and burst through your fitness plateau.

Like all the best workout plans, the P90X3 is highly structured so you can get the most out of half an hour of training. When you only have so much time to dedicate to getting ripped, make every minute count. We’re talking real transformations here…

This new updated program is much shorter than the original p90x program but still packs the same punch. The focus is still on strength training with weights, working in cardio to burn fat and yoga to help with flexibility and recovery. This is definitely one of my favorite programs to date.

You can View the My P90x3 Review Here.

#4. Simple Eating, Simple Fitness and Fast Results To  Blast Calories Away

21 day fix review by Autmn Calabrese21day fix is a complete nutrition and fitness system that is so simple anyone can do it!  Sometimes it takes more than working out to transform your body. A holistic approach which encompasses diet, nutrition, plus workouts and which allows you to fit healthy living into your daily routine is a great way to work on attaining your perfect body from the inside as well as the outside.

21 Day Fix offers you all this- their container system makes portion control a cinch so you can eat whatever you want but still burn calories. There is no calorie counting totaling points or  logging your food into software.  The flexible program can be adjusted for people just beginning on their fitness journey or it can be dialed up for people looking for that last push when they’ve almost reached their goals.

With easy to follow 30 minute workouts lead by celebrity trainer, buys mom and national level bikini competitor Autmn Calabrese you are in great hands! She has years of experience that lead her to creating this simple 21 day plan to help everyone.

You can see the 21 Day Fix Review Here in more detail.

#5. Dedicate 60 Days to Total Workout Insanity for Maximum Results

My Insanity Max 30 ReviewBe warned: this one is not for the uncommitted! But if you’re ready for all-out pushing your body to the edge so you can bet in the best shape of your life, then there’s this 60-day program that will really have you shattering your limits and breaking through to new levels.

It’s called the Insanity Max 30 and it’s designed around getting the most out of 30 minutes a day for 60 days. You’ll push yourself harder…every. single. day…. until by the end of two months you’ll see tremendous change. You will reach your limit and you will workout til failure.

The key to the workout, which is designed by celebrity fitness trainer Shaun T., by the way, is to lead each individual to his or her maximum performance during the 30 minute workout, every day. If you’re hitting your max every day, then fitness levels should be through the roof by the end of 60 days. The key is sticking with it, which is easy because this program incorporate interval training, shown to be among the top ways to lose weight, build strength and sculpt your body.

I would recommend this to people who have already completed an existing beachbody program, is already fit from consistently workout out or you are an athlete who is looking to really step up your fitness level more than you have to date.

Click Here To Learn more in our Insanity Max 30 Review Here.

 Alright that sums it up. If you still have questions about what to chose please contact me.  By far the most popular is the T25 Program Here that you can get going on.

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