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If you are searching for workout routines to loose weight, muscle building workouts, fitness equipment reviews or information about products then you are in the right place.

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I started this blog so I could write about the workout routines I personally do at home so that others could benefit from it. It has now grown in to a site where I also do reviews on equipment that you would need to build out a home gym. I’ll cover the different sections below so you can easily navigate to the area that interests you the most.

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I hope you have at least found a starting point in find the fitness equipment you need to build your own home gym or to do your workouts at home. Working out at home saves a ton of money over gym memberships and it is easy to fit it in since you don't have any travel time.

I would encourage everyone to not wait until tomorrow to get started to get in shape. Right now is the best time to start. Keep it simple starting out so you don't give up and stick with it.

Nobody gets in shape over night. The people that do get in shape are the ones that do it consistently even during the times they don't feel like it.

Feel free to hit me up with any question you might have or direction you might need in your next workout!

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