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21 day fix

21 Day Fix Workout

21 day fix review was designed to take the guess workout of weight loss. It comes with a 21 day plan using 30 minute workouts and a portion control eating plan to follow from A to Z. It's lead by Fitness Celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese.

What to Expect

  • 30 minute workouts
  • Portion Control Containers
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Cardio and Weights
  • Flexible Meal Planning Guide
  • NO calorie counting here!
  • 6 total workouts on 2 DVDS

Don't Struggle With Weight Loss

I bet it is enough to be skeptical about what to choose and what is the best weight loss program for you. Well, my wife has tried the 21 day fix program and loves it.

It's a simple program that just breaks it down into a common sense approach and is easy to follow.

Who has not struggled with gaining weight as a result of the busy life styles we all lead these days? We all work 40-50 hour week. Some of us have kid schedules that keep you running ragged, but we love it. We all have trouble finding time to make healthy meals and find time to workout. Maybe you just don't look forward to going to the gym or spending a ton of time on elliptical machines to loose weight.

I'm hoping you are now at a point where you are ready for a change. You want to take action to eat right, get in shape, get your self-confidence back and feel good about looking at yourself in the mirror. This is exactly what the 21 day fix program can do for you if you truly give it an honest try.

21 Day Fix Review - What Is it ?

Let's look at what the 21 day fix review is and why it works so you understand what you are looking into. This weight loss program was designed by Autumn Calabrese who is a busy mom, world renown fitness trainer, certified personal trainer, competed in national level bikini competitions and has a certification at the American Fitness Professionals and Associate and a cooking fanatic who created the 21 day fixate cookbook.

She teamed up with fitness giant Beachbody has developed highly successful programs such as the Focus T25 by Shaun-T, p90x3 by Tony Horton and PiYo by Chalene Johnson. All of these are great workout programs. So, this new program is in great company.

Autumn Calabrese - Your Trainer - Who Is She?

Portion Control Leads to Success

21 day containersAutumn wanted to take all her knowledge and help everyday people like you and meal succeed in loosing weight and getting in shape. She is great at making it simple. She developed a portion controlled eating plan that allows anyone to master.

She developed colored containers that represent the different types of food we eat. When preparing your meals, you simply fit the type of food you are making into the container to ensure you have the right portion and you are not overeating.

Along with portion control containers, she helps you develop a meal planning guide to eat throughout the day to lose weight without all the compilations of calorie counting.

Learning this concept alone and following it will help a majority of you to lose weight without even exercising. It's a bold statement but it's true. There is a saying in fitness that, "Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.".

Man is that so true. You can workout you butt off in the gym but if you don't eat right, you don't have a prayer in ever seeing the weight loss you are after.

30 Min Workouts For 21 Days

autumn calabres 21day FixAlong with being a nutrition expert, she took her fitness training knowledge and broke it into 30 minute workouts that anyone can do at any fitness level. This is very similar to the p90x3 program that works as well.

So, if you have worked out for years, you will definitely tone up and build lean muscle. If you have never worked out or are really out of shape, she made the workouts so you can do it as well.

You just need to dedicate 30 minutes a day to make this work and stick at it.

She will take you through a workout each day that will work on all your body parts using body weight exercises, yoga, strengthening exercises with light weight and exercises to flatten and strength your stomach.

You get all of this packed into a 21 day plan that you can use to hit the reset button on your life to begin a new journey to getting back into the jeans that are tight right now, get rid of that baby fat you are carrying around after pregnancy, that beer belly you have want to get rid of or whatever your weight loss goal maybe be to fix what you are struggling with.

Check out these two who had great results from doing the 21 day fix. One guy did it for one round and another gal did it 4 times in a row.

21 Day Results - lost 19lbs
21 day fix review

Simple To Follow Nutrition And Fitness Program?

21 day fix reviewThe program simply takes out the guesswork out of weight loss so you do not have to count calories, but you focus more on portion control which is restricting calories in your diet. On top of that you do a quick 30 minute workout each day, so that you are in and out!

This is a basic, but highly successful concept that comes recommended by fitness and nutritional experts around the world. The handy containers you get with the program really make the 21 Day Fix different from other similar packages on the market today.

Why Does 21 Day Fix Work?

There is no diet software to use, calories to count or points to keep track of. The 21 day fix lays it all out so that you simply use the 7 colored portion-control containers when it is time to eat your meals.

This is really teaching you to avoid eating over-sized portion of foods and then burning off fat by throwing in a quick 30 minute workout.

So, this is all made simple with the 21 day fix meal plan that you just follow, the end :-).

You will naturally cut down your regular calorie intake because we normally eat way more than our body needs each day which results in excess fat or those favorite love handles we all would love to see go!

It was made simple so anyone can do it.

She keeps the workouts so they are effective but are not crazy so anyone can do them. You get a workout everyday that will keep your body guessing, from plateauing, burning fat and keep you from getting bored.

She's talking you through the workouts so you know exactly what to do and as if she is in your own living room.

Most of the time I don't even have to look at the video because she talks you through the exercises and reps to do so clearly.

She kept it at 21 days because that is what it theoretically takes to break into a new life habit. She is basically teaching you a life skill we all should have been taught all along or we did at one time but have lost it.

Who Is The 21 day Fix For?

This is a great for people who have a deadline to hit for an important date like for an upcoming wedding, anniversary, vacation in the tropics or you want some super simple to follow to loose weight.

It is also for people who really want the flexibility to eat, who do not want to follow specific recipes or some crazy damn soup diet! Sorry had to do it.  Who has not done the cabbage soup diet. YUK!

This is also great for people that are super busy because it takes the guess work out and you don't spend hours in the kitchen trying to cook the meals for the week.

So, if you have failed miserably before on other diets and you want a meal plan that is simple follow, this is it.

Autumn will take you by the hand and lead you day by day to help you change your habits and get back into that healthy life style you desire deep down inside. It's up to you totake the first step though.

What Do You Get With The 21 Day Fix?

The program comes with a number of handy tools. Firstly, there is the 21 Day diet and exercise plan. This is a very simple plan with no calorie counting, instead using colored containers to keep you on track (green is for your veggies, purple for your fruits, red for your proteins, yellow for your carbs, blue for your good fats, orange for you dressings and seeds and the teaspoon for your oil).

21 Day Fix Workout Schedule

There are 2 DVDs included along with other essentials:21dayfixdvdcover

  1. Upper Fix - which involves upper body resistance exercises for your shoulders, chest, abs, arms and back.
  2. Lower Fix - Leg workouts to tone your glutes, quads and hamstrings all while burning fat!
  3. Total Body Cardio - aerobic workout that will get your heart rate pumping high burning calories.
  4. Cardio - A nice all around cardio routine to burn fat.
  5. Pilates - Time to strengthen up your core and firm up those connector muscles around your hips and thighs.
  6. Yoga - An all around Yoga routine to work on balance, flexibility and help with recovery.
  7. Getting started guide - which basically lays out how to start right away along with the workout calendar that shows you how simple it will be to start burning fat!
  8. 21 Day Fix Eating Plan that - shows you exactly what to do.
  9. 3 Day Quick Fix - This is Autumn's own secret weapon to make the first 3 days the most effective.
  10. You get a 21 Day Fix Workout Schedule to plan out the workouts.

How You Start The Program

When you start with the program, you will have to calculate your caloric baseline. This means that you have to figure out how many calories you need in order to sustain your normal bodily functions, but still lose weight at the same time. Once you know your calorific value, you can work out how many of each container you need. It also comes with a book for recipe ideas and you are allowed treats, with easy calculations given for those.

The program does try to get you to eat as few calories as you can possibly sustain, taking off 350 calories from your calorific baseline. Hence, this is not some sort of miracle program that promises fantastic results without any effort from your side. You do need to be dedicated to the results in order to achieve them.

What I Liked about 21 Day Fix

  • The program focuses strongly on both diet and fitness.
  • It is very easy to follow the eating plan and although it is hard to live of that few calories, it is doable and varied.
  • You are still able to enjoy treats, as you focus more on portion sizes.
  • You learn more about the importance of balance between proteins, carbs, healthy fats and more, thereby creating a healthier body.
  • The workouts are amazing and different. Because you don’t have to do the same thing over and over again, it is much easier to stay motivated and to enjoy the physical exercise that you engage in.
  • You don’t need to go to the gym and feel awkward, nor do you need any specialized equipment to complete the workout. However, having a resistance band and some adjustable dumbbells will make the workouts even more effective.
  • 21 Day Fix has an accountability group on Facebook. This means they have an open platform for reviews on the program, offering honest views on how effective the program actually is. This platform is heavily used and the reviews are very positive.
  • You can purchase the program through a single payment, or spread the cost over three months to make it easier.
  • It comes with a full 30 days money back guarantee should you not be happy with the program or the results.

What I Didn’t Like about the 21 Day Fix

  • Although the program can be followed by vegetarians and vegans, it will be far more difficult for them to get the right protein intake.
  • The name of the program can be a bit deceptive. It does not guarantee awesome results in 21 days, which is what some people may expect. Instead, it teaches you that it takes 21 days for us to change a habit, which is the time that is needed to turn this program into a lifestyle.

The Final Verdict

Autumn Calabrese 21 Day FixLike many, I have struggled with getting and staying healthy and maintaining a healthy weight. There are many programs on the market that promise a quick fix and, as attractive as these may sound on paper, they are often wholly inefficient and sometimes even dangerous.

The 21 Day Fix does not offer a miracle cure. It explains clearly that only those who are dedicated and willing to make a change will be able to do so. However, it does this by slowly but surely helping us break away from our bad habits, which takes 21 days to achieve. Additionally, the program focuses on both diet and exercise, rather than on just one of the two, and it offers helpful tools to ensure you don’t have to spend all your time counting calories and measuring portion sizes.
Finally, BeachBody clearly believes in transparency, by having an open accountability group on Facebook, where people can talk honestly about their experiences with the program itself, without being censored for their opinions.
Their reviews are overwhelmingly positive
This really sets the program apart in my eyes and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to become healthier. Get Started the official site of 21 day fix today. Let us know in comments below if you were happy with our 21 day fix review.

21dayfix challenge pack before and after

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