Aaptiv Workout App Review

Women using Aaptiv AppAaptiv is an audio fitness app aimed at people who live on-the-go lifestyles. The app provides its users access to over 2500 audio-guided workout classes, with 40 new classes added each week.

It’s a subscription that costs $9.99 per month or $49.99 per year, which almost seems too good to be true!

As a keen runner and general fitness enthusiast, I decided to put Aaptiv to the test...

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Why choose Aaptiv? Variety

Aaptiv has an extremely diverse selection of workout types, including strength training, outdoor running, indoor cycling and boxing. Lower impact workouts are also offered such as yoga, meditation and walking.

In addition, the app has training plans for distances ranging from a 5k race to a full marathon. Plus, there is the option to participate in a variety of monthly challenges, which I (as quite a competitive individual!) find particularly motivating.

The workouts vary by length, trainer and level of intensity. There are so many options, and this combined with the sheer breadth of the workout classes means that there truly is something for everyone, from complete beginners to the seasoned fitness pro.


I travel a lot as part of my job, therefore like many busy professionals I can’t always stick to my pre- planned workout schedule (which involves a mixture of running, classes and personal training sessions.)

The frequent travel also means that I may not have access to complex gym equipment, and that’s where Aaptiv really comes in handy! The app provides workouts that require minimal equipment such as dumbbell only workouts, or body weight only workouts which are particularly useful should I be staying in a hotel with no gym.


The workouts are led by knowledgeable, qualified fitness professionals. With a wide assortment of personal trainer options, you can choose an instructor based on their listed strengths.

Many fitness apps have one consistent voice throughout every workout, which can be dull and uninspiring, whereas with Aaptiv you can tailor this to your personal needs i.e. the way in which youlike to be motivated. For example, I am inspired by instructors with high levels of energy, whereas others may prefer an instructor who will say and do the bare minimum – and I really value being given this option.

Goal driven

Some of the classes are designed around specific goals, including get stronger, run your fastest mile, strengthen your core and so on. This was a breath of fresh air, as I find that many fitness apps focus purely on weight loss or muscle gain, when in fact there is so often more to it than that.

People’s goals are often not as simple as ‘I want to lose weight’ and Aaptiv has really catered towards individuals with a broad range of fitness goals.


Aaptiv have an active community, which can be really encouraging if you’re feeling low on motivation – this is bound to happen occasionally in the cold winter months!

There is a Facebook group designed for Aaptiv members which currently boasts almost 33,000 members, offering support and encouragement. Being part of a fitness community will support you and your health and fitness goals; you can share your successes and failures and seek advice and key tips from likeminded people.

Why might Aaptiv not be right for you?

If you’re a complete beginner, you might struggle with Aaptiv. The app does not provide feedback on technique or form, and it’s so important to get this right at the beginning of your fitness journey.

If your posture is incorrect when performing certain exercises, this may lead to a serious injury. Proper form also ensures correct muscle targeting, and this is something that is difficult to communicate via an audio fitness app.

This could be problematic if you are new to strength-training, yoga or boxing. However, with workouts such as running and walking, Aaptiv can still be a great tool!

Man using AAptive Fitness App

My Verdict on Aaptiv

Initially, I expected Aaptiv to be just another fitness app – however, I was proved wrong!

There are hundreds of fitness apps out there, all predominantly striving for the same things: convenience and affordability. Therefore, to find an app that stands out from the crowd can be challenging.

What sets Aaptiv apart from other fitness apps is the sheer number of sports, workouts and classes you can delve into, alongside the high standard of the fitness trainers.

The fact that Aaptiv have created a fitness community based around the app is a bonus; I love the motivational kick I get from seeing others smash their fitness goals.

I would class myself as an experienced runner and an intermediate at strength training and yoga, therefore this app was a great addition to my busy lifestyle. However, as previously mentioned, this could pose some challenges for a beginner; most fitness apps are visual, meaning the workouts are in the form of videos, and sometimes vocal cues can be confusing no matter how clear and concise they may be.

Luckily, Aaptiv offers a 30-day free trial, which gives you plenty of time to explore the app in depth and see if it works for you. My verdict? 100% give it a go – it’s a fun, engaging, and time efficientway to get your workout in!

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