Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss – An In-Depth Look


Is it true that, “An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away”? When you think about how healthy apples are for our bodies, we can surely answer “yes” to that question. After studying this diet and the effects of the foods used in it have on the body, I would say, it makes sense that a person could lose weight following this 5-day apple diet plan.

As with any type of diet always check with your Doctor before starting. It is very important to incorporate some form of exercise in the plan, drink the right amount of water and, to keep the total caloric intake for a day between 1000 and 1200. That might not sound like much and you think that your tummy will be growling all the time but here’s the best thing about apples.

All About Apples

Apples are full of vitamins, minerals and fiber while being low in calories as an average one will have between 80 and 100 calories. The apple is also a natural laxative and will give you that full feeling longer than other foods and if eaten before a meal can curb your appetite.

The apple works to boost the bodies immunity, prevent the forming of cataracts, reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, helps prevent cancer, aids in digestion, works as a natural laxative as well as being a nutritional dense fruit.

How This Apple Diet Works

The fiber in the apple will bind with the fat molecules and by eating the apples and drinking the required amount of water, these fat molecules are then excreted from the body instead of being absorbed.

You will consume enough vitamins and minerals and calories to maintain the body so you stay healthy while on the diet. As with any diet, if you cut calories, exercise, and drink plenty of water you will lose weight.
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Getting Started with the Apple Diet

You will want to purchase about 2 dozen apples. You may not need that many but if you are real hungry, you can add another apple but not any of the other food on the diet.

While on this diet you will need to eat only apples and fluid on the first day. The next four days you will eat mostly apples along other foods that are nutritionally dense and you stay around a total of 1200 calories for the day.

I would recommend doing only light exercise plan the first two days while your body gets use to the lower calorie intake. Doing something like the 21 day fix workout would suffice and is beginner friendly. It will probably rebel and tell you it’s starving, but you are taking in plenty of nutrients.

Some of the other foods you will need to purchase are: skim milk, green tea, salad greens, bag of carrots, beets, mint leaves, Dijon mustard, eggs, multigrain bread, low-fat yogurt, turkey bacon, broccoli, clear veggie soup, veggies to grill, baked fish, asparagus, kidney bean chili.

Don’t purchase a lot of any one ingredient (except for apples), remember this diet is for 5 days only. Of course, it is possible that you might want to stay on it longer. Let’s look at the first day and find out what you will be eating! In order to help you organize your food you could use the portion control containers which make it easy to take to work and eat.


First Day

Breakfast                  2 apples

Lunch                         1 apple

Dinner                        3 apples

Remember to consume at least 2 litters of water the first day and every day so your body stays hydrated. You have consumed enough nutrients to maintain proper functioning of the heart and brain and other organs. This will be the biggest boring day for you but don’t give up.

Second Day

Breakfast                   1 apple, glass of skim or soy milk

Lunch                          1 apple, salad with greens, 2 carrots, beet and

Dressing of, olive oil, Dijon mustard, mint, s&p

Dinner                         2 whole apples

On this day you will get some variety in your meals that have much needed nutrients in them. Keep drinking your pure water. Spread the water out and don’t just drink a bunch at meals only. This keeps your body hydrated all day and during the night.

Third Day

Breakfast                    1 apple, scrambled egg, piece of multigrain toast

Lunch                           1 apple, salad-cuke, tomato, onion, mint leaf s&p


Snack                            1 cup low-fat yogurt

Dinner                          1 apple, broccoli salad with carrot & turkey bacon

This third day you will need some protein for energy to increase digestion and speed up the metabolism. Continue to drink your required amount of water.

Fourth Day

Breakfast                     1 apple and use kale leaves for a smoothie

Lunch                             1 apple, some vegetables grilled

Snack                             1 Orange or small serving of watermelon

Before Dinner                 1 cup of green tea, plain

Dinner                              1 apple with vegetable lettuce wrap

Today you get a little more variation of food so be sure to grill up some colorful veggies but don’t forget about the greens. With the orange or watermelon and clear soup and a cup of tea, bet you are full!  Yummy!

Fifth Day

Breakfast                           1 apple and 1 boiled egg

Lunch                                  1 apple and grilled vegetables or clear soup

Snack                                   a few almonds or a peach

Before Dinner                    1 cup green tea

Dinner                                 1 apple, piece of baked fish & asparagus

Congrats, you made it through day five and you just put some very good fats, carbs and proteins back in your body. Now your metabolism will be rived up and keep burning calories. Still drinking your water?

There are variations of foods that can be substituted such as lean meats instead of fish or boil some vegetables and not grill them. Just don’t substitute potatoes for anything! Darn!

Some Facts to Consider, Bad and Good

  • You could get real sick of eating apples
  • Could cause gastric discomfort
  • The diet is difficult the first few days
  • You could get moody, weak and tired
  • The plan is a well- balanced diet
  • Big weight loss in a short time
  • All the foods that you eat are healthy
  • Should help to lower your cholesterol
  • Food preparation is simple

Wishing You Good Luck

If you decide to give the 5 Day Apple Diet a try, I wish you luck! As with any diet, there are many variables that affect the outcome of a diet. Some of them would be body type, age, level of activity, medical conditions, present weight and dedication to success.