Athletic Greens Review – The Powerful Superfood Green Supplement

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Athletic Greens Superfood Supplement

Busy schedules often leave us with limited time, so maintaining optimal health can be a constant challenge. But that’s where a trusted greens powder like Athletic Greens come into play.

This superfood green supplement is designed to bridge the gap between our hectic lifestyles and our body’s need for essential nutrients. As we delve into this Athletic Greens review, we’ll explore how it aims to make overall wellness more accessible, convenient, and effective.

Whether you’re an avid fitness buff or someone looking for a simple method to meet their nutritional daily requirement, we’ll talk about how this extraordinary dietary supplement can help you.

What Are Greens Supplements?

You've probably heard of the health benefits of green supplements like Athletic Greens. If not, I'll give you a brief rundown before I get into this review.

A greens supplement is a supplement that has all the benefits and nutrients of greens and other superfoods packed into it. It's basically superfoods in a powdered form. Most greens supplements consist of things like barley and wheat grass, beans, fruits and veggies.

Why Do People Take Them?

green superfood

People take green supplements for several reasons. It's nearly impossible to get your daily dose of fruits and veggies in every day, even if you eat pretty healthy. 

Greens supplements can help you with that. They aren't a substitute for real fruits and vegetables, but they can supplement your diet by giving you the nutrition that you need so that you can be at your best.

As someone who runs a fitness blog, it'd be very irresponsible of me not to recommend a greens supplement to you. They have so many health claims. They go beyond just giving you proper nutrition for the day.

The right greens supplement can really help you live a healthy lifestyle and have a better quality of life. But there are a lot of these supplements out there. How do you know which one to take?

Athletic Greens Review

super greens

Athletic Greens isn't just a greens supplement – it's a whole foods supplement. This means it's not just made up of food that's been ground into powder and stuffed into capsules. Don't get me wrong – it is in powder form. But it's not in capsule form. Instead, it's just a powder.

Why is it just a powder and not a capsule or a tablet? The heating process used to make tablets and capsules can actually destroy the probiotics and other nutrients your body needs.

Did you know that you probably pee away most of the tablets that you absorb? Yup. If your supplement is in capsule form, about 60% or more goes straight down the toilet. Your body absorbs very little of it.

So, if you're not getting the results you want/need from your supplement, that's probably why.

What Does It Taste Like?

This is one area of green superfoods that first-timers struggle with because the taste and smell can be a big turn-off. Most of the green drinks I have tasted were hard to swallow and tasted like grass! Heck, I felt like I was a cow eating grass, for goodness' sake.

It is a powder form, so you can mix it up with water, milk, or juice. AG actually has a taste that I could actually tolerate. I personally believe that it is because of the combination of the added fruits, vanilla, and stevia added to it. Whatever it was, I didn't mind it at all. Read more comments on why people like it.

How Does Athletic Greens Work?

There are 75 whole food ingredients in this product. They are freeze-dried first, then cold-pressed into a powder. This is how the nutrients stay intact.

You take one tablespoon in a glass of water every day. If you’re really active, like an athlete, a bodybuilder or just someone who is forever outside hiking and enjoying nature, you should take two – one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

You’re directly absorbing these nutrients. There is no capsule in the way, so it goes straight through your digestive system. That means you get the full impact of all of these healthy ingredients straight away and the added benefit of probiotics that help your digestive system. It doesn’t take long to start working, and many people report seeing an immediate difference within the first few hours of taking it.

But wait! I’m a vegan/on a paleo diet/on a low-carb diet/diabetic/allergic to milk, nuts, soy, wheat, eggs, and gluten!

You can still take this product. The website says it’s “100% free from all allergens.” Isn’t that great?

Athletic Greens Ingredient Breakdown

To know how effective a greens powder product is, you’ll want to look at its individual ingredients. For Athletic Greens, there are 4 main areas that we can break this into:

1. Superfoods

Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily is a nutritional powerhouse, boasting a remarkable array of superfoods that read like a who’s who of health-boosting ingredients.

From organic spirulina, known for its nutrient density, to the vibrant green punch of wheatgrass, each component brings its unique benefits to the table.

athletic greens ingredient list


It’s not just about the quantity, but the quality too. It has carefully selected items like lecithin, alfalfa powder, and bilberry fruit extract. Together, these plant extracts contribute to a comprehensive nutritional profile.

For those seeking a convenient way to infuse their balanced diet with essential greens and herbs, Athletic Greens offers a one-stop solution. It makes optimal health feel both accessible and deliciously achievable.

You can see the full list below in the graphic I have provided.

2. Herbs and Antioxidants

Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily is like having a nutritional superhero in your corner. Packed with herbs and antioxidants, it provides a strong defense against oxidative stress, which can leave you feeling drained.

To put it in perspective, you’d need to consume 10 to 12 servings of fruits and vegetables to match its nutritional value. Plus, with an impressive ORAC value of 5000, you can be confident in its effectiveness.

Whether you’re a busy parent or a fitness enthusiast, this supplement offers a convenient way to strengthen your well-being. As an all-in-one nutritional supplement, it is a smart choice for effortless health support.

3. Probiotic Supplements

Suffering from digestive issues? Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily takes digestive health a step further by incorporating probiotic supplements into its formula.

Probiotics, often associated with yogurt, are the beneficial bacteria that promote a balanced gut environment. This goes beyond just digestion; it’s about creating an ecosystem that supports overall well-being.

These probiotics help maintain a healthy gut by aiding in the breakdown of food, ensuring it doesn’t linger, potentially causing discomfort. Think of it as your body’s natural janitorial crew, ensuring your digestive system stays clean and efficient.

So, whether you’re a yogurt enthusiast or simply seeking optimal digestive function, Athletic Greens has you covered. With its long list of digestive health benefits, it will contribute to a healthier, more comfortable you.

This is what gives you a healthy stool, to put it politely. It's not a bad thing, it just gets the “crap” out of you in a nice way. Lol. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

4. Minerals

Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily recognizes the vital role that minerals play in our overall health. These unsung heroes are like the backstage crew, ensuring the show runs smoothly.

Minerals such as zinc, selenium, chromium, vanadium, and magnesium are instrumental in maintaining optimal hormonal balance and bolstering immune health.

Zinc, for example, supports protein synthesis, aiding in muscle growth, which is a key perk for fitness influencers. These minerals act as the building blocks for numerous bodily functions, from energy metabolism to cellular health.

By incorporating these essential minerals, Athletic Greens provides a well-rounded nutritional support system that empowers individuals to thrive in their daily lives, inside and out.

What Do the Ingredients in Athletic Greens Do?

green drink smoothieThe ingredients are listed on the nutritional label of the package. I’m only going to give you a few facts since they’d be too numerous actually to list. But here’s a few important things that they do:

  • Give you a mighty punch of nutrients from every green food group, ranging from mushrooms to probiotics
  • Help you avoid nutrition deficiency from eating the same foods over and over again (Not that this is bad because we’re all guilty of it)
  • Helps you get all the nutrients you need in one serving. (If you were to take it in pill form, you’d need to take up to 18 pills a day to get the same amount of nutrients)
  • Eliminates the need to take several supplements throughout the day (take one and done)
  • It’s a probiotic supplement that will help clean out your digestive tract, which helps keep you healthy and inspires weight loss.

What Benefits and Results Will You Get From Athletic Greens?

Three of the best benefits are better absorption, higher energy levels, and a better immune system.

  1. Better absorption means that you’re going to absorb all of the nutrients your body needs. It’s going to go absolutely insane, and I won’t know how to act. You’re going to get more energy from all of these nutrients, and your immune system is definitely going to get a boost. You’re feeding your body everything it needs to function properly. It’s going to perform its best for you as a reward. This can also lead to weight loss with the proper exercise and diet.
  2. More energy is key for any athlete or active person. You are providing the jet fuel your body needs to fly fast!
  3. Lastly, your immune system is like it has an armor suit on once you consistently take this. Anytime you are sick, you are not working out or training, which means you are falling behind. No athlete wants that period!

Active people tear their bodies down quickly. You can work hard and play hard with the peace of mind of knowing you pumped up your body with high-powered multivitamins and minerals.

Athletic Greens Testimonials

You know Tim Ferris, author of “The Four Hour Body”? He says that Athletic Greens are his favorite greens supplement. He calls it his insurance policy.

Ryan Sutter, an endurance athlete, says that he takes it in the morning and after every workout. It helps him by giving him more energy throughout the day, helps him recover quicker after workouts, and gives him a much-needed boost to his immune system.

John Conner, a 56-year-old worker at a nuclear power plant, says it helps him to get through a grueling workday and an intense workout every day.

There are dozens of testimonials available on the website. All of them are honest, and none of them have been paid for.


1. Can you take AG during pregnancy?

You can, but you should check in with your doctor first before you do anything else.

2. Are they expensive?

As anything that is healthy, it comes with a price. J If you had to pack in all the vegetables and fruits that athletic greens have, you would spend upwards of $380 dollars per month. AG runs basically $4 a day, and if you would like to find a couple for it, it can get even cheaper. So, skip your cup of coffee and junk food for the day, and you have it covered.

3. What if I’m currently taking a multivitamin?

There is really no need to continue taking it. This is one of the main benefits you are getting by taking AG. You could add a fish oil supplement to your daily routine, which would make sense; otherwise, this is your new multivitamin!

4. Is it gluten-free?


The thing that really makes Athletic Greens unique is that no other product on the market can compare to it. There are other greens supplements, but not one of them has so many ingredients, let alone such an easy delivery system. You may not want to drink it, but every last testimonial says that it tastes great. In fact, some people say it tastes like chocolate.

Where To Buy Athletic Greens?

If you want more energy, a better immune system, better recovery, and just a better body period, get Athletic Greens. Read more about it, confirm everything I just said (even though you know I’d never lie to you), and order it by clicking here for the official site.

Wrapping Up

The Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily All-in-One Greens Supplement stands out as a comprehensive solution for those seeking to elevate their overall health and well-being.

With its impressive blend of 75 vitamins, minerals, and whole food-sourced ingredients, it addresses multiple vital aspects of health, including energy, immunity, gut health, and more.

Whether you’re someone striving for peak athletic performance or just a regular guy embarking on a wellness journey, it is a versatile choice. It’s free from harmful additives, so it’s a trustworthy companion on your path to better health.

Backed by a decade of research and embraced by top performers, this all-in-one supplement simplifies your daily regimen, offering a convenient way to support your body’s nutritional needs.

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