Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells Review

Bayou Fitness Adjustable 50lb Dumbbells

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The Bayou adjustable dumbbell set goes up to 50lbs, comes with a case to sit them in and have a stunning chrome look to them.
Feature List

  • Adjust from 10 to 50bls
  • Buy it in 25 or 50lb pairs
  • Storage Case Included
  • Dimensions 14" x 7.25"
  • Plates are 2.5lbs each


As you all know, dumbbells are a must have for anyone who is planning to workout at home.  Adjustable dumbbells do not require expensive dumbbell racks or a person to buy separate cast iron dumbbells that will take up a lot of space.

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Bayou Fitness Adjustable 50lb Dumbbells Review

You local gym can do this because they have the space and money to invest it it. So for them it totally makes sense. Comparing a solid set vs adjustable set,  you can see how they are space-savers and cost less compared to the gym quality ones. That is why most people who have a home gym tend to use them more.

This is why we are going to look at the Bayou Fitness adjustable dumbbell to see if it is right for you. This set is met for someone who does not need to lift more than 50 pounds. If you need more than that then you should look at something like the power block dumbbells instead.

Bayou fitness dumbbells have been around for a while and they still sell vary well. One thing that makes them still viable after being on the market for so many years is the design itself, it's look and the material.

The Adjustable 50lb Dumbbells by Bayou Fitness is a great chrome plated adjustable dumbbell for those who need weight increments from 10 pound up to 50 pounds or less.

This amazing dumbbell made by Bayou Fitness is high in quality and affordable where each pair has its own stand with grids to hold the plates nice and steady. Bayou Fitness is a credible company known to sell different health and exercise equipment, fitness manuals, guides or programs, and DVDs made by a group of great trainers that specializes in giving and making you experience best quality products.

This dumbbell works for all levels, from beginner to expert as its weight can be adjusted from light to heavy.

Bayou Fitness Dumbbell Features

  • You can choose to buy this product in singles having 50 pounds of adjustable weight or a pair. There is also a purchase option if you just want to have a pair with a maximum weight of 25 pounds each. The normal set would be a pair of 50 pounds but it is nice to have other options. Price varies depending on your choice of set.
  • All sets come in a nice storage tray. The tray has molded grids where you can easily slide the plates and the handle.


Bayou Adjustable

  • It consumes minimal space which makes it great for storing almost anywhere in your home.
  • The weight can be adjusted from a range between 10 pounds and 50 pounds. This adjustment feature is great for starters who wants to follow a program starting from the basic weight and work their way up.
  • It is has a nice chrome plate steel finish making the dumbbell set shine and look more elegant.
  • The handles have nicely built grids where it provides the user a great grasp during their routine exercise. The friction between your hands and the handle is enough to give you a strong and steady grip.
  • It has a locking mechanism that keeps each plate secured on both ends.


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  • The product is tested to be very durable. It could last several years of everyday use and it will still be as strong as the first time you bought it.
  • Given its weight and the nice storage stand, it is very affordable compared with most dumbbell products.
  • The plates doesn’t have a space in between that creates any clacking or rattling sound that can cause an uneasy feeling during your exercise.


  • Changing or adjusting the weights can be a bit effort-some. It takes up a bit of your time working with the locks and adjusting the weight.
  • As you sweat, it is inevitable to keep the equipment away from getting wet. It will eventually rust making the plates a little hard to adjust or will require you to apply some lubricant such as grease.
  • There are cheaper options you can have that gives the same weight and benefit as the product is a bit expensive. If money is not of any issue then this product can work extremely well.


Generally assessing the product, if you are out to test different dumbbells and looking for the best, then this product can be an excellent choice. Not only does it give you great comfort and sturdiness, the manufacturer offers an option where you can buy it in singles or in pairs or even with just 25 pounds of weight. This way, you can test it without costing you too much money.

In addition, the adjustable weights works best for beginners as they can slowly add weight limiting up to 50 pounds starting from 10. If you want a dumbbell with a lot of adjustable weight options over 50 pounds then there is only one set I would recommend and that is the Yes4All dumbbell set here.

The design also includes great safety measures as the weights or plates locks securely with its awesome locking mechanism. The product is a great buy and a must-have in your workout area or home gym.

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