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Best Adjustable Weight Bench Reviews

The Best Valued Weight Bench Is....

FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench,Multi-Purpose Foldable Incline/Decline Bench (Black)
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FLYBIRD Adjustable Weight Bench

This is a versatile bench press for your home gym with 7 angle adjustments, great for sit-ups and even folds up too for easy storage. This is a FID Weight bench allowing you to do 100's of exercises!

It's made of high quality leather and commercial grade steel that you can count on lasting for years.

Flybird has been making fitness gym equipment for 20 years so you can trust them they know what they are doing.

Feature List

  • Perfect Length: 55" L x 15.7” W x 20”H which is not to big but not to small
  •  7 Adjustable angles to tweak for any exercise you want to do
  • Max Weight Capacity of 500 lbs With Steel Frame to hold big weight for those of you who can push it
  • It can fold up for easy storage if space is a concern
  • Decline Bench, Flat Bench, Incline Weight Bench  (FID)
  • 1.8" Anti-thick soft foam
  • 31.5" L x 12.6" W x 11.8" H fold up size
  • 4 Seat Pad Adjustments which is great for stabilizing your back on military and incline press.
  • Best budget adjustable bench for the money

So, this a a great middle of the road home gym bench that fits the price point of beginners and experienced fitness fanatics! 🙂

Are you looking to complete your home gym with the best adjustable bench money can buy? Or perhaps you want to upgrade your current weight bench with more features to do more exercises.

Either way, a strength training gym isn’t complete without an adjustable weight bench which is why I have put his list together for you to choose which one is right for you.

I know how much time and energy you are going to put into your weight-lifting program so let’s get you the best home gym bench possible on the market so your progress will be not only fast, but safe.

Latest Update

As of 10/14/2020 I made a few updates to my recommendations. There are several companies that are still struggling to keep up with producing adjustable weight benches. I removed the ones that are always out of stock and added replacements that offer more features and are at better prices.

I did remove the universal weight bench and the rep fitness ab-3000 that I own. They are always unavailable so there is no point in recommending them.

Ok, let's get moving on to finding you the best weight bench for your home below.


I want the best workout bench for home, What’s Next?

With so many brands and so many different types of workout benches on the market, it can be a bit overwhelming when deciding which are the best weight benches to buy.

have done the hard work for you and come up with a list from my own research of the best home bench press for your home gym that will help you get started.

Check out all the details, you know what you want to accomplish so let your strength training program fit your purchase, don’t just simply “get by”, you deserve the best for success and safety!

Adjustable Weight Bench Reviews

Best Weight Bench Table Comparison 2021

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Image Product Details  
Most PopularAB-3100

YouTen Adjustable Bench Versitle Weight Bench

4.8 out of 5

  • 9 Position Weight Bench
  • 9 Backrest & 4 Seat positions
  • Dimensions: 49.6"L x 19.7"W x 16.5"H
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Heavy Duty Weight Bench: 1000lbs
  • Serious Lifters
  • Leg Hold Down
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bowflex 5.1 Bowflex Selecttech 5.1 Stowable Adjustable Weight Bench
4.7 out of 5
  • 6 Bench Angle Adjustments
  • Dimensions: 61.3 x 28.1 x 49.5
  • 30 Year Warranty on Stee Frame
  • Heavier than the 3.1 version and more adjustments.
  • Foldable with wheels for easy storage
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Best ValueCapbarbell bench

CAP Barbell Deluxe Utility Bench

4.7 out of 5

  • 9 Different Colors
  • 7 back rest adjustable angles
  • Dimensions: 53” L x 27”W x 45” H
  • Resistance Band Brackets
  • 3 Seat Adjustments
  • Max Weight: 500lbs in the flat position, 400 lbs in inclined positions
  • Great Price and Great Features
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PowerBlock SportBench

PowerBlock SportBench

4.4 out of 5

  • Dip Attachment
  • 5 Adjustable Angles
  • Dimensions: 50″L x 21″W x 16″H
  • Flat Front Feet For Stability
  • Max. Capacity: 550 lbs
  • Has Wheels to Move It
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Serious LiftersXM-7360 XMark Adjustable Weight Bench XM-7630
4.8 out of 5
  • 1500lb Capacity
  • 7 Back & 3 Seat Angles
  • Dimensions: 52.5” x 22.5” x 50.5”
  • Wheels to move it
  • 3 Inch Padding
  • High Dollar Bench. No Screwing around here!
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Top 9 Adjustable Weight Bench Reviews

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Steelbody Deluxe 6 Position Utility Weight Bench

I love this bench for its sturdiness, wide base,  flat legs, easy to move with wheels on the back and has 6 adjustable angles.

This is a bench that is commercial grade and will support anything you can throw at it.

Feature List

  • Perfect Length: 47”L x 25.5”W x 45”H
  •  6 Adjustable angles
  • Sturdy 800 lbs Weight Capacity
  • Wide back
  • 2 " thick padding
  • Heavy duty metal and coated finish

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Rogue Adjustable Bench

This is a top-of-the-line bench from Rogue and comes with a price tag to suit. But it’s a beautiful bench with four different positions. It’s a great option for people with little space – it’s only 17” tall when its position is flat and easy to move around with attached wheels. The materials are good quality and the thick padding is incredibly absorbent so you won’t leave pools of sweat behind when you get up.

Feature List:

  • Pad Length is 52”: pad with is 11.25”, proper fit for almost everyone.
  • 2 seat position adjustments for customer comfort
  • No Gap weight bench between seat and back
  • 6 Back seat incline adjustments
  • Steel construction made in the USA
  • Wheels to move the bench around
  • Legs equipped with rubber caps, prevents slipping and sliding on the floor
  • Total footprint is 54.5 inches in length and 22.5 inches wide.
  • Weight 128lbs.
  • Commercial Gym Quality 

It’s a bit on the expensive end for a bench with only four positions (and no decline) but it’s a well-constructed bench that is of high quality.

It’s ideal for the bigger guys, as there’s plenty of supportive and comfortable padding.

Read Review Here to find out more information.

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Bowflex 5.1 Weight Bench (Versatile)

While it looks identical to the 3.1, the 5.1 series offers several more options. It has 6 angle adjustments and has a deeper decline position than the 3.1. The seat also adjusts, unlike its more entry-level counterpart. This keeps you from slipping during military presses.

It’s the same size but does weigh a bit more. The two Bowflex benches are both made out of commercial quality steel so they’re built to last.


  • 6 angles to adjust
  • Incline, flat weight weight bench and decline weight bench
  • 480lb Weight Capacity
  • steel frame
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This is a heavier bench and also has transport wheels to move it around with. You will also see that this has a long back rest for taller people. A lot of people purchase this off my site, even if they are only searching for just an incline bench  for home.

NOTE: There is a foldable weight bench option called the Bowflex Stowable 5.1. Check that out when you are looking at the price for it incase you have a compact workout space.

Read: Bowflex 5.1 Bench Review

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Bowflex Stowable Adjustable Weight Bench

The bowflex 5.1 stowable bench is our best home weight bench to recommend to anyone looking for the best all around weight bench to workout at home with. It has super solid steel frame so it won't wiggle, it has multiple adjustments for all types of bench exercises, great padding and comes with a leg attachment to stable yourself. I love the fact that you and fold this bench up and store it away in your closet. Great for small places!

Feature List

  • Perfect Length: 56” x 26” by 20”
  •  FOLDS UP for easy storage with wheels
  • Sturdy 600 lbs Weight Capacity
  • 17-degree Decline & Incline Bench settings
  • 6 Angle Adjustments
  • Leg Attachment option which most do not have.


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Bowflex Stowable Adjustable Weight Bench

The CAP Barbell Deluxe Utility is an ideal first bench because it won’t break the bank but offers plenty of adjustability for your best workout options. This bench has anchor posts attached to it, which are perfect if you use resistance bands or tubes. It’s a lightweight, but sturdy bench with plenty of different backrest and seat positions – but no decline.

I love this bench for its sturdiness and it's commercial gym quality.  It has a 500lb weight capacity heavy duty steel that will last you a life time of workouts. I am a big fan of the flat feet so it does not slide around or wobble.  This is a bench that for under $150 it will get the job done.

It does have 7 adjustable angles so you can really narrow down the perfect position to do each exercise. One feature that is super important to point out is that the seat on the bench has 3 angles of adjustments! 

This is a big deal because it keeps you from slipping when you are in the incline position. Most benches don't have this. It's also a best seller on amazon as well so there is a ton of positive feedback on this bench and you won't go wrong buying this weight bench.

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With a 500 lbs max. capacity you can be confident of lifting decent weights and remaining stable and safe. The other nice thing is that the legs sit flat on the floor for stability and won't rock when you are lifting weights, especially in the flat weight bench position. In terms of benches for home use, this is an excellent choice!

Read: Capbarbell Utility Bench Review

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Bowflex SelectTech 3.1

The 3.1 and the 5.1 are very similar except the 3.1 just has four positions – including one position for decline. It’s another ideal entry-level bench for home, with a maximum capacity of 480 lbs. One of the positive features in this bench is the removable leg brace – some people find it great for supporting proper form while others hate the feel of it, so you can easily remove it if you don’t need it. It’s not going to leave you broke and has the full 90 degree position rather than 85 degrees like many other benches. If that degree angle bugs you then go with the bowflex 5.1 mentioned here.

Read: Bowflex 3.1 Bench Review

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xMark Commercial XM-7630

With 7 different positions including decline, it offers plenty of versatility while being a solid, stable weight bench with one of the higher weight capacities on this list, at 1500lbs. The back pad is 3 inches thick with a durable tear resistant vinyl. This is a commercial quality FID weight bench that is built with a powder coat steel frame made out of 2"x3" 11 gauge steel.

It’s more expensive than the entry-level benches, yet won’t cost you as much as a bench like the Legend 3-Way Utility. It’s a bench which gets rave reviews and is hard to fault. This is the best home bench press option that is Ideal for serious lifters who are after high end benches with a high weight capacity.

Feature List

  • 2"x3" Heavy Duty Powder Coated Steel
  • Dual supported back rest instead of one rail like most benches have.
  • You move it easily with bolted feet and wheels on the base.
  • Extra Think padding which is a big win for me. I hate thin benches where my shoulder blades are pressing hard into the bench when I am bench pressing.
  • 7 back pad adjustments and it declines to a -20 degrees for decline. Great for sit-ups and decline presses.
  • 3 Inch Back Pad that is awesome to have when you are benching heavy weight.
  • Would work great with squat racks or power racks
  • Best Home Adjustable Weight Bench In My Opinion If you have the budget available.

Read Review: xMark Commercial XM-7630

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Marcy Adjustable Utility Weight Bench

This is one of the cheaper options for weight benches, but it’s not cheap on quality. It’s simple and straight forward, there to do the job with no extra frills and trimmings. There are five different positions, as well as decline so you can be sure you’ll get a full workout with free weights, to target your entire upper body and core.

This bench is also one of the few that can fold down fully flat – perfect if you have limited space and need to roll it under the bed or tuck it into a wardrobe when out of use. As the maximum capacity is just 300lbs (including user weight), it’s more suited as an entry-level benches for home use, or for those who aren’t lifting a lot of heavy weights.

Read Review: Marcy Delux Utility Bench

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Deracy Adjustable Red Weight Bench

The Deracy weight bench is super solid with hard rubber flat feet that will not slide and remain solid when benching. You could can do ply jumps on to the flat bench,  I also would use this for dumbbell step ups on, incline bench, decline bench and of course flat bench.

You will like that there are several adjustments to tweak the angles to bench. The seat can adjust with 3 different angles. I really like to adjust the seat at a higher angle on incline bench for more stability.

This is a bench that is commercial grade and will support anything you can throw at it because of the heavy grade commercial steel frame.

I also really like the wheels on it making it easy to move around my home gym so it's not in the way when I'm not using it.

You can do Flat weight Bench exercises and also several angle adjustments on the back pad angles. 

Feature List

  • Perfect Length: 46.45 Long” x 20.5 wide” by 17.8 Tall”
  •  7 Backrest Adjustable angles
  • Sturdy 660 lbs Weight Capacity
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • High quality leather and padding.
  • Perfect addition to a squat rack if you have one.

Note: This bench now comes in multiple colors compared to when I bought it a few years ago. It also has a better leg attachment adjustment than my older model.

How Do You Know Which Is The Best Weight Bench For You?

There’s a lot to think about when determining what bench to purchase. You’ll need to consider the following questions below. click on it or touch it to expand the question to read the answer.

How many positions do I need?

Weight benches which adjust, offer a variety of positions – anything from a handful to nearly a dozen. Think about what kind of exercises you do and what you’ll be doing on this workout bench.

Do you need something to target every muscle in your chest and upper body and therefore need to hit as many different inclines as possible? Or will three or four different inclines be sufficient for your training?  With an adjustable bench you can do so many incline exercises and decline exercises targeting so many different muscle groups that it's one of the best fitness equipment pieces you can buy.

Do I need a decline bench?

Not all utility benches offer decline positions. You can purchase separate decline-only benches – so if you have one then an adjustable workout bench that declines would be superfluous. If you do a lot of decline work with free weights, then look for one that has this function – only about half of the ones on this list will comfortably decline and work as a multi-position, incline bench. Integrating both flat incline-decline in your best workouts, will really increase volumn in both the upper and lower chest region.

How much weight am I lifting?

This is a really important safety question. And it’s fairly self-explanatory. If you’re working out with heavier weights, then forget anything with a low weight capacity because you might end up doing some damage, if the bench can’t hold you and the added weights. However if you’re only doing basic weight training then you can get away with something that’s more entry-level with a lower max. weight limit. I love doing bench press exercises with adjustable dumbbells. So, for me I want a sturdy bench that does move, has some weight to it so make it stable when I'm benching. So, just keep that in mind when buying your weight bench.

How big will it need to be? Will it suit my height?

How tall are you? People over 6 foot tall can sometimes have a bit of trouble finding the right bench for home, as some of them can a bit too short. Look at the dimensions of the bench – maybe measure the one you’re already using to get an idea of what will work and what won’t.

Where will it be positioned? Does it need to be moved around?

Is your bench going to be permanently set-up in your home-gym? Or will it need to be moved in and out of place? How much space does your home have? Do you need to be able to roll your weight bench away into storage? Or perhaps fold down flat to put under the bed? Some flat incline-decline benches can fold down but many of the heavy-duty ones that come pre-assembled won’t be able to be flattened for out-of-view storage.


How important are the aesthetics?

Let’s face it, some of the best workout benches look awesome and others are boring. Do you care what your weight bench looks like or are you only interested in functionality? Do you want a modern design or are happy with a traditional, olympic weight bench appearance?

What’s My budget?

There’s no point forking out $600 or $700 for a bench that will only be used occasionally. And there’s no point spending $100 on a bench that you’re lifting heavy weight plates on every day. Consider your needs, and how much you want to spend. Typically you get what you pay for – so while there are some great entry-level,  workout benches for around the $100 mark, if you need something that will last a long time, be well utilized, carry a lot of weight and withhold plenty of wear and tear then it’s best to fork out a bit more.

Do I Really Need an Adjustable Weight Bench?

Home gym weight benches are a vital piece of strength training equipment for working out as they give you an abundance of options for exercises (not just bench presses) to target all muscles across your entire body. It’s also necessary for proper form is using weight plates.

They can be used with dumbbells, cages, power racks and various other attachments to ensure a full body workout. Take a look at the list below to see the best heavy duty incline and decline weight benches you can buy for your home gym.

The hard work’s been done – now the rest is up to you to pick out the best workout bench for your home gym and your budget. Combine the bench with a set of best adjustable dumbbell weight set you will two of the best fitness equipments you can purchase to do ton of exercises with.

Ok I really hope you appreciated this review. I went through a ton of manuals, reviews and customer comments to get there. Please share this with your friends to help spread the word and let others benefit from this as well. If you have questions please contact me or if you have updates please let me know that as well. If you have not found what you are looking for please comment below and also check out my Olympic Weight Bench Set Guide if you want to do barbell exercises with your bench.

Comments and Questions Below

  1. This guide is very helpful. The article is well structured and all points are nicely articulated. I like the Bowflex adjustable bench and will be saving for that. This is a five-star rating guide for fitness and surely its never too late to get in shape.

  2. Great reviews!! We are looking for a stable utility & incline workout bench with decline that can be used with the bodycraft functional trainer PFT. Someone mentioned the bodycraft utility 603 but the price is way to high. My husband is 6’1 and needs something stable for his weight lifting. What would you recommend based on your experience, was looking in the 200-250 price range. But want something really good (will be his bday gift). Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

    1. I bought the rep 1000 AB 3100 VS . It’s in your price range too. I wanted a thick wide pad for support and I do box jumps on to it. 🙂 It does not do decline though which I don’t use. You want the Rep 1000 3000 FID if he wants to do decline bench.

  3. Best Weight Bench

    I must say this was the best review I have read. I think I will go with bowflex 3.1 for the best weight bench.

  4. Eric,
    I can't thank you enough for putting this together. My husband and I are in our late 50's and looking to get into shape (it's never too late!). We have a treadmill and my husband has asked for an weight bench, which he can adjust, for his upcoming birthday. You have taken much of the stress off me for having to do all the research. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  5. Hey,
    I'm looking for a FID Bench with a decent Leg attachment that holds Olympic weights that I can slide into my 2016 Fitness Gear Half Rack. Not sure on where to find a Good FID Bench with a leg attachment that isn't super expensive. Was wondering if you had any recommendations?

    1. Hey Jay the xmark 7630 does have a gap in it which is larger than the 5.1. You might also want to consider the cap deluxe or the rep fitness 1000. Both would be great for what you are looking for.

  6. I am looking for a relatively cheap yet sturdy bench to slide into my power rack in order to perform both incline and flat bench with a barbell. I really would just like a bench and not the whole bench set like you recommended below (space constraints). I will be lifting heavier weights (Bench Press >300 lbs) so I am concerned the cheaper benches you reviewed do not have enough capacity. I need something with a max capacity (my weight + barbell weight) of around 600 lb. Any recommendations?

  7. I'm a beginner so sorry if this is a dumb question. Can any of these benches work with a barbell and weights?n Do I need a separate attachment for that? This was a very helpful review. Thanks!

    1. Andrea it is not a dumb question. 🙂 These benches would work if you have a rack to slide them into that then you put the barbell across on latches. These are really meant for exercises using dumbbells for the most part. What you really want to look at is a cheap Olympic weight bench like this for under a $100. Then you can use your free weight olympic set like I believe you are talking about. Let me know if that helps..

  8. Just wanted to say thank you for this. This really helped me out and saved me a lot of time and energy in researching a ton. I am going to go with your recommendation and go with the XMark Adj. bench. Thanks again!

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