Best Juice Machines On The Market

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Breville 830JEXL Juice Fountain Elite Juicer

The Breville 800JEL, referred to as a juice fountain is just a name given to this product by the manufacturers, you would know it as a centrifugal juicer. It’s powered by 1000 watts and it’s centered dual knife blade spins up to 13,000 RPMs when in the juicing process.

Feature List

  • 10000 watts of power 13,000 RPM
  • Centrifugal juicing action
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • 3” wide feed chute
  • Over 40,000 pores in filtering system

Personal Note on Juicing

“Within the last two years my wife Aimee was diagnosed with breast cancer and we have been in a whirlwind to say the least! We are seeing Doctors, learning about proper diets, studying nutrition, trying to understand lab results, and seeking out people with her same condition.I am talking months of research going on while Aimee was healing after having two surgeries. She has made many new friends and has a great support group just by sharingher story and listening together people’s stories about how they dealt with their diagnosis.

We, as a family have decided to try a more holistic approach to healing and with that said, yes, we are juicing every day. The first thing we noticed right away was a weight loss in both of us. We don’t live just on juice, we also eat healthy non-GMO foods, no gluten and eat organic produce as much as possible.

champion 2000 juicer

Our juicing at first was geared toward detoxing and now it’s all about getting mega-nutrients into her body with up to 8 glasses of juice a day.  When the next round of tests come in, we will know where we go from here in our conquest on“Healing Aimee.”

What Is the Best Type of Juicer to Use?

The Centrifugal Juicier

If you want to get the juice made as soon as possible and are not concerned about getting all the juice out of your fruit and veggies, and not spending a ton of money, the centrifugal juicer will work fine for you. If there is any heat produced while juicing, the oxidization process will start right away so drink the juice immediately.

The Masticating Juicer

The masticating juicer makes juice at a slow speed by crushing the fruit and veggies to extract the juice. You are not adding heat and oxygen as you juice like the centrifugal juicer does so the juice is more nutritious, and the waste is less so you are saving money by using a larger amount of the produce you buy.

The Cold Press Juicer

Most cold press juicers are of a commercial nature and can cost thousands of dollars so it’s obvious they are meant for businesses. The fruit and veggies are ground up first and added to the press to squeeze the juice out under thousands of pounds of pressure. Just recently a few juicers have been introduced to the market that have a mini press attached but they don’t have a mini price tag.

Buyers Factors To Buy The Best Juicer

You will want a juicer with enough power to get the ultimate amount of juice possible.  As far as RPMs go, a masticating juicer will have lower RPM than a centrifugal juicier because the masticating and cold press ones works by forcing the juice out while a centrifugal juicer spins at a fast speed to extract juice.

Top 5 Rated Juicer Reviews in 2021 for Your Consideration

I thought I would show you a few basic juicers that will help you get started juicing for weight loss and body refinement. I’ve chosen some of each style, but I will say I do prefer the masticating style since I get a larger quantity of juice out of the produce I buy. “More bang for my buck.”

Slow Juicer, Sagnart Juicer Machine

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If you are a single person or a couple, this is a great little juicer for you.  The straight up design takes up little room on the kitchen counter, you don’t have to stash it away after ever use. It is a masticating juicer and works at a slow speed, like a slow press, but it does the job. As with all masticating juicers, the slow speed operation reduces oxidation and gives you a juice that is rich in nutrients. Just cut your fruit and veggies to the appropriate size and juice.

Feature List

  • Powerful 200W DC motor 120V
  • Comes with juicer, pulp jar, juice jar, food pusher, brush for cleaning, user’s guide
  • Low level noise when in operation
  • Magnetic switch for safety
  • Compact in size, easy to store

The body of the juicer is stainless-steel while the rest of the machine is made of BPS free plastic. The pulp outlet is the open type with a 32-ounce pulp container while the juice outlet can stay closed until you are ready to empty it into the provided 32-ounce container. If you keep it open, you can get a better idea of how much juice you are creating and prevents you from having an overflow.

The motor is very quiet so you could juice early in the morning without waking up the whole house. It has a forward and reverse button to avoid getting it clogged and that button has a plastic cover to protect it from moisture and provide easy cleaning. This item will juice every kind of fruit and vegetable you can think of and the juice is high quality.

  • Low speed and low temperature for more nutrient rich juice
  • Uses a masticating and cold press action
  • Reverse function helps prevent clogs
  • Can make juice in just minutes
  • Easy clean up with brush provided
  • Small, but good for one or two people
  • Need to cut your produce in small pieces to have it fit in the food chute

Omega MM900HDS Slow Masticating Celery Juicer

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The Omega company is well known for making excellent juice extractors and they distribute their product to over 120 countries. The Omega MM MM900HDS is a low speed masticating juicer that is powerful enough to make juice for an entire family within minutes. The large feed chute and extra-large feed tray allows you to spend less time prepping and more time juicing.

Feature List

  • Masticating slow press juicer
  • Large food chute and tray
  • 80 RPMs produces little heat build up
  • Four-legged base for stability
  • Quiet while operating

With this type of juicer, you can extract more juice which increases the amount of nutrients your juice will have. The juice will not have all the foam on it that a centrifugal juicer will produce which is a winning feature for most customers. If you use a lot of celery, this juicer come with a special cap that fits on the front and it allow the celery to stay in the machine for maximum extraction. You can tell how efficient your juicer is by checking the dryness of the pulp that is left over.

Get a quick boost of energy or get your juicing for weight loss program going the day you receive this juicer. So easy to use and so easy to clean up! Always read your owner’s guide before plugging in your juicer and it will last you a long time.

  • Hight juice yield with dry pulp
  • Has a celery cap for a tighter squeeze
  • Easy to clean and put back together
  • Produces juices that is high in nutrients
  • Can store the juice up to 72 hours
  • Does take up a lot of space on the kitchen counter
  • If you juice one glass a day, a small unit will work better for you

SKG Slow Masticating Juicer

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The SKG juicer uses the masticating process along with a slow cold press action to give you super yields of highly intense nutrient rich juice. This type of process prevents the rapid oxidation from taking place which can happen with a centrifugal juicer.

There is almost zero form produced so your juice is concentrated and ready to drink the minute it comes out of the juicer. The masticating process makes it possible to store your juice in the fridge for 72 hours without losing and of the precious nutrients.

Feature List

  • 250W of power with a 38 RPM motor
  • Easy to assemble for easy cleaning
  • Large feeding chute
  • Has forward and reverse action
  • Cold press action for longer lasting juice

The powerful 250W motor runs at 36 RPM and allows enough time for all the juice to be cold pressed out of the produce. The large 3.5” food chute is large enough for a whole apple to fit in, so you are cutting down on your prep time. This juicer has a rough strainer and a fine strainer that will capture more pulp leaving your juice ultra-pure.

It’s easy to assemble and disassemble for easy clean up and takes just minutes to do either of these tasks. By using the back button after juicing, you will dislodge the pulp around the auger and your clean-up is a breeze. This is an amazing juicer and if you juice for a large family or on an all juice diet, this product will serve you best.

  • Spend less time prepping your produce
  • Produce more nutrient rich juice
  • Collect more pulp for a rich juice without foam
  • 2-year warranty from the company
  • Stable and well balanced for safety
  • May work a bit slower than a centrifugal juicer but the product is of better quality.
  • Weighs over 20 pounds

Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite Juicer

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The Breville 800JEL, referred to as a juice fountain is just a name given to this product by the manufacturers, you would know it as a centrifugal juicer. It’s powered by 1000 watts and it’s centered dual knife blade spins up to 13,000 RPMs when in the juicing process. The materials this juicer is made of is heavy grade die-cast metal for the body of the juicer, with stainless-less steel micromesh filter.

Feature List

  • 10000 watts of power 13,000 RPM
  • Centrifugal juicing action
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • 3” wide feed chute
  • Over 40,000 pores in filtering system

You feed your prepared produce through a wide 3” opening, the larger your fee chute, the less time you have to spend on prepping time. The filter system has over 40,000 pores that results in a smooth juice. Clean up is a snap and all parts (except the base) are dishwasher safe if put on the top shelf in your dishwasher.

You have two speeds with this juicer, select the high speed for veggies and fruit like beets and pineapple, while using the lower speed for softer produce like watermelon or cantaloupe and spinach. You will receive a DVD with this juicer for your entertainment and knowledge.

  • Less prep time with the 3” feed chute
  • Easy to assemble and cleanup is a breeze
  • Juices anything from green leafy veggies to unpeeled pineapple
  • Comes with a DVD about dieting and healthy living
  • Fill an 8-ounce glass in 5 seconds
  • Centrifugal juicers work faster than cold press or masticating juicers, but you run the risk of too much oxygen getting in the juice and causing it to lose its nutritional value sooner.

IKICH Centrifugal Juicer

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The IKICH is constructed with a stainless-steel blade that spins in a circular motion, much like a blender and is called a centrifugal juicer. This juicer is equipped with 4 speeds and a pulse function. You use the different speeds depending on the fruit or veggies that you want to juice. The wide 3” feeder chute allows for easy loading and it’s equipped with an anti-drip spout for a mess free area.

The juicer has 12 rows of blades spaced at 30 degrees apart and will produce a quick chopping action. At high speed the company says the juicer can extract up to 38% more juice and reduces foam that is produced during the juicing operation.

The juicer comes with a 16 oz. portable bottle so you can make your morning juice and take it with you. The juicer is easy to take apart for cleaning and comes with a brush to help you out. Cleaning as soon as you are done juicing makes the cleanup much easier.

Feature List

  • Uses centrifugal action for the juicing process
  • Equipped with 4-speeds
  • Easy clean-up with brush provided
  • 800W powerful motor
  • Circulating cooling system for the motor
  • Produces 38% more juice than other juicers
  • Has non slip design for safety and stability
  • Equipped with a 1.1L juicer jug
  • Weighs about 9 pounds
  • Provided with a 2-year and lifetime support
  • Being a Centrifugal you need to pay attention to the heat of the machine
  • It may spin fast but if the produce gets hot, the juice can start to oxidize.

How to Clean a Juicer

Simply buying a good juicer isn't enough — a thorough cleaning routine is crucial to getting fresh and pure juice every day. Here’s a quick five-step guide to cleaning your juicer at home:

1. Disassemble the Juicer

It's impossible to clean an assembled juicer, so the first step is to disassemble it. Begin by separating the strainer, grinder, pulp container, lid, and plunger. 

Before you move to the next step, remember to remove the remaining fruit pulp and residue from your last use from the pulp container. A narrow spatula or clean rag should do the job.

2. Soak the Parts in Dishwasher

Before you get to scrubbing, it's important to loosen up the stubborn stains and residue with some warm water. 

Take a medium-sized tub and fill it up with warm water and a few pumps of your dishwashing liquid. Dip the juicer parts in that solution and leave them for at least 30 minutes to an hour. You can also give the parts a little scrub before leaving them to soak.

Even if you’re planning to clean the juicer parts in your dishwasher, this step will make the cleaning much easier and more efficient.

Best Juicers Review

3. Start Scrubbing

After the soak, your juicer parts are ready to be cleaned. Grab a clean towel or a soft-bristled brush and scrub across the surface. Pay special attention to the crevices and corners where debris hides. For the narrow areas you can’t reach, get a toothpick or a cotton ear swab.

If the stain is not coming off, make a baking soda paste with a few drops of water and apply the coat to the stained area. Leave it on for an hour to two then scrub again. This time it shouldn't take more than some gentle scrubbing to clean it up.

4. Check for Unpleasant Smells

If you have cleaned the juicer parts without baking soda, take a quick sniff to check whether they are giving off any foul smell or not. Sometimes, when you use the same juicer for a variety of fruits and vegetables over an extended period, the resultant smell can be quite repulsive.

If you have already used baking soda, you probably don't have to worry about any smell. It has an innate odor-absorbing property via which it quickly neutralizes acidic odors. 

If you don’t want to use baking soda to mask the unpleasant smells, you can also use vinegar. Dab a cotton swab in white vinegar and wipe the juicer parts with it. Leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing with water — any unpleasant smells should be gone by then.

5. Dry, Wipe & Assemble

Once your juicer parts are cleaned, wipe them clean and let them dry. For thorough disinfection, you can also leave them out in the sun for 30 minutes. While the other parts are drying, grab a damp microfiber towel and clean the juicer base. Since this part contains all the electrical units, never submerge it in water.

Finally, put the juicer back together — starting with the pulp container and followed by the strainer, grinder, lid, and plunger.

How Does Juicing Help Me Lose Weight?

The reason you will lose weight by juicing is the simple fact that you will not be taking in as many calories as you would if you were eating whole foods.The juice you do take in is nutrient densewhich should keep you from feeling hungry for hours. This rich supply of nutrients should also increase your energy level giving you the ability to burn more calories.

There are some great recipes that veteran juicers will share with you and after juicing for a few weeks, you will come up with some of your own favorites. Pay attention to how your body feels after you try a new juice, keep a journal the first week, this way you will know what your body will tolerate. I know there are probably some veggies you aren’t crazy about and that’s okay. When you mix a veggie, you aren’t fond of with a fruit you love—it works!

You will be consuming foods daily that you might eat only once a week or once a month on a regular diet. Be mindful of your body elimination because you are not getting much fiber in your diet due to juicing. Don’t be surprised when you eat beets in your juice, and it looks like a murder scene in the commode!!!

happy smiling woman with salad

What Veggies or Fruits Make the Best Juice?

This is going to be a matter of preference after awhile, but I have a video for you that will give you some ideas on what veggies and fruits mix and match. I like the fact that you can mix the veggies and fruits together and have a great tasting juice.Who would have thought an apple and celery go together? You will find a favorite juice and when you hear that juicer start working you will feel good knowing you are doing something healthy for your body.

It is best to drink your fresh juice right away, but it will last for 24 hours in the fridge. After that, it starts to oxide and the nutrients start to deplete. If juice is done in a masticating juicer it can last three days in the fridge.If you can’t get it all down before you take off for work, put it in a portable bottle and take it with you, whatever works!


There are sceptics on every subject and juicing is not for everyone. Since you are on my site, I know that you are interested in staying healthy and fit and that is what I want for both of us. To learn about juicing from a pro, hop on to and do some research. This guy really knows his stuff and is most likely one of the first juicers in the business.

Now that you have decided to give juicing for weight loss a try, lets talk about some juicer products and how they work. There are three types of juicers on the market:masticating, centrifugal and cold press. Centrifugal works by a single blade working at a fast speed, cold press work by pressing the juice product between to surfaces at massive pressure, and the masticating juicer uses an auger to slowly squeeze the juicer out of the veggies and fruits.

Is Juicing for Weight-loss Healthy?

There are many differences of opinion on this question, and I understand you might be skeptical tooand I don’t blame you but like almost anything in life, do it in moderation. If you are just looking for a cleanse, or want to lose a few pounds quickly, a juice fast will do it.I want you to keep your body healthy while juicing which means NO French fries or greasy burgers. SORRY!

It just doesn’t make sense if you have that great glass of nutrient dense juice in the morning then stuff your body with junk the rest of the day. Of course, most people can drink juice for all three meals, no solid food, and lose weight faster.

How often do you feel overweight when in fact your gut is not working right, and you have that bloated feeling andappearance?For me this happens if I consume to much gluten, like thick crust pizza, and to many subway sandwiches.

Doing a celery juice fast is a great way to start feeling better and looking better and a way to kick off a program of juicing for weight loss. Here is a link to a great video that gives you an idea on how celery juice can make you feel better and give you a reason to start juicing for your health.

sportswoman juicing

Juicing for Weight Loss and Body Refinement

I’ve been hearing a lot about juicing in the last few years and have learned about numerous ailments that it can helpincluding weight loss, liver cleanse and whole-body detoxification. If you’re like most people, you have “kind of“taken care of your body intermittently and get boredand say to heck with it so you then hit the ice cream and cookies for a month! Now you want to use weight and want results in a week! Well, you can do that while juicing so let’s talk about some facts you need to know to get you started on your way to better health. It’s easy and I’m sure you can succeed!

Juicing is a way of getting mega-amount of nutrients into the body within minutesby drinking juice that is super concentrated. A good way to start juicing is with the celery cleanse juicing program for 3, 7 or 30 days. (recipes are in this article) Normally and even without thinking about it, our bodies take in toxins daily. Just by burning a scented candle in our home, our bodies are introduced to toxins. It’s just makes sense to cleanse your body before asking it to exit on just juice. Once you cleanse your body, you will notice an increase in energy, and you will feel more like doing your daily chores and still have enough energy to do that new workout you have been wanting to try. Can you imagine have some energy left after you get off work?

Juicing for Detox


Buying a juicer can be your first step in juicing for weight loss! There are three types of juicers, centrifugal, masticating and cold press. All three types will work for you and each has its advantages and disadvantages. The consensus is that the masticating juicier works best, has less waste, and is affordable! Whichever style of juicer you choose, juicing can be fun, healthy, and well worth your time. Good luck in your journey to juicing for weight loss and body refinement.

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