Best Olympic Weights Set – Cast Iron & Rubber Weights

Day 1 Fitness Olympic Weights

Day 1 Fitness barbell weights are one of the most popular and Best Olympic Weights plates on amazon to date. They have 3 openings to make it super easy to grip them and lift them. That’s a big deal compared to the others you have to grab with your fingers on the edge of the weight, not with these!

Key Buying Points:

  • Solid Cast Iron for durability
  • Great for Crossfit, bodybuilding or powerlifting
  • Top Rated Reviews all day long
  • Comes in 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 35, 45 weighted plate options
  • Great Looking Semi Gloss Finish
  • Easy to Read Weight Sizes
  • Commercial quality
  • Fits Standard Olympic 2 Inch bar and racks

Upgrade your home gym with a premium weight set or gym owners, this is a great addition to add quality weights to your gym.

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Olympic Weight Set Types To Consider Buying ?

An increasing number of people are becoming interested in and are using olympic weight sets at home to strengthen their bodies, build muscle and get the definition they desire. Whether you are a basic lifter, a power lifter or into crossfit, this guide will help you determine the Best Olympic set which has the features to suit your training needs.

The most common Olympic weights set come in a 300lb weight and are really popular in home gyms or commercial gyms. The varieties of sets available differ slightly in terms of the design features of the plates, the grips on the plates and bars, as well as the intended use.

The olympic weight sets are commonly sold in sets along with a barbell, however they can be purchased individually or in pairs and used as replacement plates for damaged, worn or warped plates from a previous set.

Some weight plates have special design features which allow them to be securely gripped for placement onto the barbell or to be used without a metal bar. The barbells are designed to be used with safety collars to secure the weight plates in place and also have cross hatched diagonal lines on the handles for firm and secure gripping during lifting.

Some weights are used for regular weight lifting, bench pressing, dead lifting or in crossfit. The best sets for use in crossfit are the ones which have low bounce and / or rubberized weight plates.

Best Olympic Weight Set

Review of the Best Home Weight Set

Best Olympic Weight Set Reviews 2021

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1. CAP Barbell 300 Pound Weight Set

Best Weights for Weight Training Enthusiasts, Dead Lifting and Bench Pressing
The CAP Barbell 300-Pound Set (Includes 7 Ft Bar) is perfect for weight training, has plates which go up to 300 pounds and are designed with rubber grips.

You will get a 7 foot olympic bar, 2 spring clamps and weights.


  • Plates are solid Cast Iron
  • Includes 7 foot Olympic bar and spring clips
  • 2x45lbs, 2x35lbs, 2x25s, 2x10, 4x5 and 2x2.5lb plates.
  • Great Beginner set
  • Easy Grip Design to handle and pick up

So you have a couple options when buying a cap barbell set. Once is in a black or grey set which is the cheaper set and then you have a rubber coated olympic set option which is the more expensive option and is about twice the normal price.

Note: The black set comes with an open grip hole or handle for the weight. The grey set does not and it has the big lip to carry the weight.

Special Note on this as well because it does include a 7 foot olympic bar which makes this perfect starter set.


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2. xTrainer Colored Bumper Plates

The Premium Color Bumper Plate Solid Rubber with Steel Insert is perfect for crossfit users, gym owners and anyone who wants a premium colored bumper plates to workout with. They are designed to have low bounce and great durability, because they were manufactured to be dropped from heights which make these one of the best olympic weight sets for crossfit. They fit any standard Olympic metal bar.


  • Designed to be dropped
  • Great For Crossfit/powerlifters
  • 10-45lb plates
  • 100% rubber with Steel Inserts
  • Fits Standard 2" Olympic bars

Each of the plates are color coded as to the weight it represents which range from 10 to 45 pound plates.  The plate construction itself is made out of 100 percent tough rubber with steel inserts.

This is not a complete 300 lb olympic set. I added this to the list so that I cover any one who is looking to buy single weighted plates to stock a commercial gym or who is trying to build a high end home gym. As for complete sets you can buy these in the range of 160 to 1000 lb sets.

You will need to purchase collars and a weighted olympic bar to complete the full set. So, the best user for this is anyone serious about cross fit workouts, power lifting or you just want a really high end set because you can afford it and you want the best.

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3. USA Sports 300 Pounds Weight Set

The USA Sports 300 lb. Olympic Weight Set (Black Bar) comes with a 7 foot bar, 600 pounds of weight plates and spring collars.


  • Plates are solid Cast Iron
  • Includes 7 foot Olympic bar and spring clamps
  • 2 x 45lb, 2 x 35lbs , 2 x 25lbs, 2 x 10lbs, 2 x 5lbs 2 x 2.5lbs.
  • Basic set to bench at home with
  • Standard Old school weight set.

The chrome bar, comes with up to 300 pounds of Olympic weight plates, has three sections for gripping on each, a nice bar made of chrome and Olympic spring collars.

The plates are cast iron with grey enamel finish on it with the letters raised with sliver numbers.

There are multiple versions USA Sports make that vary in the amount of weight you get and the capacity of the bar. In this model the weights are grey color with a stand lip to carry them.

So, this is your basic set that works great for anyone starting out with wanting a complete set to go with their adjustable bench at home.

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4. XMark Fitness 7 ft. 300 lb Olympic Weight Set


  • Manganese Phosphate coating on the bar which is really hard.
  • Recessed hand grip which is nice to handle them with
  • Cast Iron plates with a premium rubber coating
  • Includes 7' foot bar with brass bushing on the ends

The Combo offer XMark Fitness 7 ft. Olympic Exercise Bar With Premium Quality Rubber Coated Tri-grip Olympic Plate Weight Package, comes with a 38 pound 7 foot metal bar with high quality Black Manganese phosphate coating to resist rust and abrasion.

It has a plate capacity of up to 700 pounds, with each plate having three grip areas. These are nice rubber coated plates with a 3 handle openings that make it really easy to grab.

The total amount of weight you are buying with this set is 255lbs which is less than the other ones in my olympic weight set review. You can select a different model on amazon to get more or less weight with it so don't worry.

As with all rubber coated weights you should expect to pay more for it. The bar has a solid steel hub made to precision so the plates slide on and off perfectly. X-mark is a higher quality fitness maker so you should expect more out of it and they do back it up with a great product.

Here is what is included in this set and you can easily add more to it:

(2) 45 lbs (2) 35 lbs (2) 25 lbs (2) 10 lbs (4) 5 lbs (2) 2.5 lbs

Just to recap this is a higher end olympic rubber set so it will cost more. Xmark makes an extremely high quality product and you have 3 easy grip handle areas on the weight so they are worth the expense if you are after quality.

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5. York 300 lb Olympic Weight Set


  • Manganese Phosphate coating on the bar which is really hard.
  • Recessed hand grip which is nice to handle them with
  • Cast Iron plates with a premium rubber coating
  • Includes 7' foot bar with brass bushing on the ends

The York 300 lb 2" International Olympic Set, comes with 300 pounds of weight plates and Olympic spring steel collars for securing them to the metal bar. The olympic barbell has a 700 lb weight capacity.

Included in the set is the standard weight increments:

(2) 45 lbs (2) 35 lbs (2) 25 lbs (2) 10 lbs (4) 5 lbs (2) 2.5 lbs

This is a basic set that is painted black and is made out of cast iron. It's a bit expensive compared to the others but I wanted to throw this in there because York has been around for years producing these weights. It does have the nice white writing on the black paints and the standard lip that most of you are used to grabbing when hauling them around. It is exactly what you would expect out of a 300 pound cast iron olympic weights.

Note: Usually under $500

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6. Gold's Gym 110 lb Olympic Weight Set

The Gold's Gym 110-lb. Olympic Barbell Weight Set is ideal for bench pressing to develop upper body strength. It comes with a 7 foot bar, and Olympic spring clamps.

It is the best set for dead lifts and bench presses if you are looking to just tone your upper body.

This is definitely a cheap set based on price and it's mainly due to the fact that it only comes with a small amount of weight. You get 2 x 5 lb, 2 x 10 lb, 2 x 25 lb and the olympic bar.

I wanted to include this because it is a great starter set. It will get you going if you currently don't need a lot of weight to start with but you want to buy more down the road to expand the set.

The plates are made out of cast-iron and very durable just like you would expect. The bar comes in 3 pieces so you will have to put that together and it would not be something you would expect to do a huge amount of weight with.

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7. Body-Solid Rubber Grip Weight Set

The Body Solid Rubber Grip Olympic Weight Set has 3 different options to choose from depending on how much weight you are looking to use.  You have a 300, 400 and 500 pound options.   It does come with a standard 7 ft olympic bar that weighs 45 lbs as you would expect.

It comes with rubber coated olympic weighted plates which is great for not scratching the floor or walls.  The holes are the standard 2" holes so you can use these on other bars or use other weights for the olympic bar if you have them.  To secure the weights they come with spring collars to keep the weight on.


What's a little unique on these is that there are 4 opens to grab the the plate with and there are indentions on the plate that your fingers will fit into to make sure you get a solid grip.  The writing on the plate is black if that does matter to some.

The 300 pound set comes with the standard weight increments. the 400 pound set adds two extra 45 pound plates and an extra two 5 pound plates.   This is a very nice heavy duty rubber plated set that you do not have to worry about flaking or rusting.

Note: These are price and top of the line. More for you serious folks.

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8. XMark Olympic Plates

So, this is a high end combination of Xmark's best Olympic bar "The Lumber Jack" and Their high end olympic weights Texas stars.

This is top of the line folks and is going to cater toward gym owners, serious power lifters who for those of you who just like to by the best out their for your home gym.


  • 7 foot lumber jack Olympic bar (700 lb capacity)
  • Weight sets in the rage of 45 to 365 lb sets you can buy
  • Dual Knurl marks for grip
  • Premium bushing on the bar ends
  • 5 grip openings on plates
  • Stainless steel hub for the perfect fit on the bar

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9. XMark Deadlift Voodoo Weight set (Gym Owners)

I had to include this in here for anyone who owns a gym and is looking for the top of the line weight set or power lifters looking for the best of the best with a huge weight capacity of 1500 lb Olympic bar.


  • 7' Vodoo Olympic bar..1500 lb Capacity
  • Weight set options ranging from 120-410lbs
  • Bar has tensil strength of 185,000 psi
  • Collars are grooved so plates stay in place
  • heat treated alloy steel
  • Commercial Bumper Plates Made to Bounce

You need to just check these out for yourself if you are one those guys or gals that need to push big weight and you don't want to screw around.

Olympic Weight Set Defined

Olympic style plates have been crafted according to the rigorous standards of the International Olympic Association (IOC). They are designed to match up to the same sizes, dimensions and weights as the ones used to compete internationally.

The one key difference between Olympic regulation weight plates and the ones designed for use at home is that they do not all have the protective rubber coating.

If this was added to your home gym olympic set, it would push the cost up so high, that it would become impractical to purchase. Instead, the plates are coated with alternative surface protectants, like rubber and vinyl, which prevents them from rusting or becoming easily damaged.

The plate sets are made of iron and range in weight from 2 ½ pounds up to 45 pounds each. I would highly recommend using them if you do a lot of bench press workouts, hang cleans and dead lifts.

Olympic Weight Set Buying Factors To Consider

Naturally your choice with this type of equipment, will depend on the type of weight training you intend to engage in. The features you will need to take into consideration are broken down below:

Best Olympic Quality Weights for All Purposes

This is the perfect all around set if you do not want to restrict yourself to a specialized type of weights. It has a stainless steel, bar low bounce thinner plates and goes up to 500 pounds.

The CAP Barbell 300-Pound Olympic Set with Bar & collars comes with 300 pounds of solid cast iron plates which have grip holes. A standard 7 ft Olympic bar and spring clips to hold the weights one.

Whatever your weight lifting demands, there is a set of weights for you and you may choose to scale up or down in weight capacity as the need arises. You will find that the most popular is the 300 pound Olympic weight set, even though there are a few for which the standard weight is much less.

CAP Barbell 300-Pound Olympic Set

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