Discover The Secret Hip Flexor Stretches

To Cure Hip Pain

And lower back issues!

Do you struggle with any of these Issues ?

  • Lower back pain that is nagging and pain in your legs.
  • It hurts to walk
  • Your hips actually lock up
  • You have trouble Sleeping at Night
  • Your Hip Flexors hurt while sitting at your desk
  • You can’t run anymore
  • It’s hindering your normal day living
  • Can't sleep at night?
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Well, I have great news for you!

There is a sequence of stretches developed by a Rick Kaselj, MS who is a specialized Kinesiologist and Injury Specialist that can help you with the issues mentioned above and many more. As you can see below Rick is no stranger and has helped thousands and thousands of people world wide.

Here is one of the 10 special hip flexor stretches which will unlock your hip pain below you can do right now reading this.....

My #1 Favorite Hip Flexor Stretch!!

To Reduce Hip Flexor Pain!!!

The "90/90" Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch


One of the best stretches you can do in the morning is the "90 90 Kneeling Stretch" with Side Bending.

Perform 2 repetitions on each side with each stretch held for 20 seconds.

Instruction: Get into a 90 90 kneeling position with back foot flat on the ground. Bring the arms straight overhead with your palm facing inwards.

Do a side bending by bringing the pelvis out and bending through the back. To intensify the stretch, you can bring the heel out to the side a little bit. You are looking for a light stretch in front of your quads (rectus femoris) and deep in your hip/back area (psoas muscle).

Hold the stretch for 20 seconds and perform twice on each side.

Click here to get all 10 exercises.

I used his program personally to unlock my hip flexors and for me personally this also loosened my lower back muscles which were killing me.

I have struggled with this personally for a long time because I would sit long hours at a computer working and I would also sit on my bike for many hours during the week riding.  Add to the fact that I also had long time back issues I was desperate to try something and I knew I needed to stretch my hip flexors out because they pull down on your glute muscles, that tighten your psoas muscle which then pulls down on your lower back muscles.

By the time all this happens, everything hurts around your hips and lower back!

So, I bought the Rick’s program and went through the stretches and literally felt my muscles start to relax after the first time doing this.

Once I had done this every day for a week I was really getting back to normal and my pain was going away and my lower back was not in knots anymore.

From that point on, I started doing the stretches as much as I could and added lower back exercises to my weekly routine.  It sounds so simple, but it works if you do the stretches daily.

So, below I'm showing you one of his stretches you can do right now to help you stretch out your hip flexor. I'll leave it up to you if you want to get the full program from him which you can click on the button below to do that. He is da man in this area so I trust him fully.


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