Body Bar Exercises For Women

It can be a lot of fun to incorporate Body Bar Exercises into your exercise routine.  Body bar exercises first became popular in the late 1980s when the Body Bar Company first created a rubber-coated four foot long steel training bar that transformed the way that we think about group strength training.  The shape of the body bar facilitated advanced training and strength training moves without the need for applying any heavy and cumbersome collars and weight plates to the bar itself.  Some of the most effective body bar exercises to try include:

Squat rows.  A squat row is an excellent exercise for working a lot of things at once. With squat row, you are working your quads, glutes, hamstrings, biceps and hamstrings – all at once.   The squat row also works to enforce safe lifting methods for functional daily workouts.  To do this body bar exercise, stand upright with your feet apart and legs straight.

Hold the body bar in your hands with the arms extended and the palms of your hands facing the thighs.  Bend the knees into a squatted position, remain squatted while squeezing the shoulder blades inward and bending the elbows upward.  Straight the arms and then lower the body bar to the floor, keeping your arms straight and straightening the legs.

Body Bar Exercises

Bench presses.  One of the most popular body bar exercises is the bench press.  This type of exercise movement works the pectoral muscles, which supports development of the chest.  To perform a bench press with the body bar, lie in a supine position, holding the bar with the elbows bent.  Keep the bar in line with the chest.  Straighten your arms slowly, moving them towards the ceiling.

Body Bar Exercises

Pullovers.  Among body bar exercises, none works the muscles of the back in a way that is better than the pullover.  To be more specific, the pullover will work the latissimus dorsi muscles that run down the side of the back as well as the muscles that support the ribs.  The pullover can really tone the upper torso.  To perform, lie in the supine position on a stability ball or weight bench, holding the body bar using both hands.

Keep the arms extended.  Start out with the bar at your chest, keeping the arms straight while moving the body bar up towards the forehead.  Pull the ab muscles up and then in, and then return once again to your starting position.  You can also engage your laterals by focusing on bringing the armpits toward the waist.

Freestyle workout.  Oftentimes the most effective body bar exercises are freestyle exercises that you formulate yourself.  You can have a lot of fun experimenting with different movements and repetitions using your body bar, and when you find one that you like and that works for your workout goals, incorporate it into your routine.  There is no set formula for using the body bar, although there is a lot of opinions on what works best and what doesn’t work that well.  Trial and error, as well as dedication and sweat, can go a long way in helping you to get the most out of your workout with a body bar.

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