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Man you guys are gonna love Sagi Kalev's quotes. The one above is just one of many! This Body beast workout program brings in old school weight lifting techniques with new school body building techniques. It's for people who want to get ripped using weights or get huge and put on mass. Stop going to the gym not knowing what the hell you are doing, doing mindless reps and sets. It's time to get laser focused!

Feature List

  • Great For Adding Strength/Building Muscle
  • Follow A Lean or Bulk Up Workout Schedule
  • Effective Weight Lifting Program
  • For Women or Men Who Love Lifting Free Weights
  • I use this in the winter to get strong after biking all summer.

Are you ready to beast it up?

Do Whatever it takes! The Beast is with you all the way!

Anyone can buy a set of dumbbells and do some cardio, but what the Body Beast Workout Schedule gives you is a combination of timeless exercises and cutting edge science to bring you a fool-proof system to get you jacked  in 90 days! You can also do it online now with Beachbody's on demand program. if you are an old p90x person and are wondering how the P90x vs Body Beast Workout compare, the main difference is the card is way less in body beast.

All you have to do is follow your Body Beast Calendar and Body Beast Eating Plan.

You will have a body beast workout calendar that shows you what workout you will do 6 days a week. The workouts are less than one hour but they are laser focused to get the most out of each session.

The Secret Weapon: Dynamic Set Training

The secret formula that makes the Body Beast Workout program so powerful is a practice called Dynamic Set Training. Dynamic Set Training is a layering and combination technique that utilizes the pre and post fatigue muscle phases to put the most strain on your muscles and get them ripped in no time! It's not really working until you want to give up!

Progressive Set

A progressive set utilizes different weight and rep limits to cash in on the natural fatigue progression of your muscles. You start with 15 reps of a low weight, move to 12 reps of a higher weight, and then 8 reps of an even higher weight.

Then you rest 90 seconds and do it backwards, starting with 8 reps of the high weight, then 12 reps of the lower weight, and finish with 15 reps of the lowest weight. Your muscles will be screaming after this!

Force Set

A force set involves a static hold at the point of muscle engagement. If you're doing shoulder presses, for instance, you would do 5 shoulder presses and then hold the weight at 90 degree angles where the muscles are activated and then finish with 5 more shoulder presses - no resting!

This is is what makes up Dynamic Set Training and offers the fastest results out there.

Determine Your Goal 1st: Pick Your Body Beast Schedule

With the Body Beast Workout Schedule you get all the workouts you need in addition to an eating plan that will keep you satisfied while you burn away excess fat and build muscle. There are two schedules you can choose from: The Huge Beast or The Lean Beast.

Something that I appreciate about Beach Body products is that they always cater brilliantly to both men and women. Yes, this is a muscle gaining program, but it is just as effective for women as it is for men. Women want muscle too! Just in different ways. Train like a beast, look like a beauty.

Let's take a look at the most popular schedule below. You can print this out or use the download link below it to get a pdf copy of it.

Keto Desserts to Lose Weight

This goes great with trying to lose weight with any of the programs. I love this cookbook and it's super easy to make desserts I can love but yet lose weight and they are seriously low in sugar and carbs. My favorite is the chocolate chip cookies. :_)

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Body Beast Lean Schedule

Block 1 Build (3 Weeks: 6 Days on: 1 day off)

Week Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
1Chest/TricepsLegsBack/BicepsShouldersCardio/Abs or Total Body/AbsRestChest/Triceps or TEMPO
2LegsBack / Biceps or
Beast Cardio / AbsShouldersRestChest / Triceps or
3Back / Biceps or
Beast Cardio / AbsShouldersRestChest / Triceps or
LegsBack / Biceps or

Block 2 Bulk (5 Weeks: 6 Days on: 1 day off)

Week Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
1ChestLegsArmsCardio/Abs or Total Body/AbsBackShouldersRest
2ChestLegsArmsCardio/Abs or Total Body/AbsBackShouldersRest
3ChestLegsArmsCardio/Abs or Total Body/AbsBackShouldersRest
4ChestLegsArmsCardio/Abs or Total Body/AbsBackShouldersRest
5ChestLegsArmsCardio/Abs or Total Body/AbsBackShouldersRest

Block 3 BEAST (4 Weeks: 6 Days on: 1 day off)

Week Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
1Build:Chest/Triceps or
Bulk:LegsBuild:Back / BicepsCardio/Abs or
Total Body/Abs
Build:ShouldersRestCardio/Abs or
Total Body/Abs
3Build:Chest/Triceps or
Bulk:LegsBuild:Back / BicepsCardio/Abs or
Total Body/Abs
Build:ShouldersRestCardio/Abs or
Total Body/Abs

Download Body Beast Schedule Here

You can download the lean or bulk schedule below.

Download Body Beast Lean Schedule

Download Body Beast Bulk Schedule

This is the option I would suggest for any women looking to do this program. It is also worth remembering that building muscle mass is hard to do when you also need to lose fat.

Fat covers muscle, so you're not going to get those beautiful, defined muscle lines when there's fat covering them up! The Body Beast Workout Schedule accounts for this.

The Lean Beast program takes care of the losing fat part in addition to the gaining muscle part. Cha-ching!

body beast huge workout schedule

Body Beast Huge Schedule

Block 1 Build (3 Weeks: 6 Days on: 1 day off)

Week Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
1Chest/TricepsLegsBack/BicepsShouldersCardio/Abs or Total Body/AbsRestChest/Triceps or TEMPO
2LegsBack / Biceps or
Shourlders / AbsRestChest / Triceps
LegsBack / Biceps or
3Shoulders / AbsRestChest / Triceps or
LegsBack / Biceps or
Shoulders / AbsCardio / Total Body & Abs

Block 2 Bulk (5 Weeks: 6 Days on: 1 day off)

Week Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
1ChestLegsBackArms / AbsShouldersRestChest
2LegBackArms / AbsShouldersRestChestLegs
3BackArms / AbsShouldersRestChestLegsBack
4Arms / AbsShouldersRestChestLegsBackArms / Abs
5ShouldersRestChestLegsBackArms / AbsShoulders

Block 3 Beast (3 Weeks: 6 Days on: 1 day off)

Week Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
1Chest/TricepsLegsBack/BicepsCardio/Abs or Total Body/AbsRestBulk:ArmsBulk:Shoulders
2ChestLegsCardio / AbsRestBulk:BAckBulk: Arms / AbsCardio
3Chest / Triceps or
Build:LegsCardio / AbsRestBuild: Back / BicepsBulk:ShouldersCardio / Abs or
Total Body / Abs

This is the option for those that just want to get huge (man or woman). Building muscle can sometimes be a complicated process. There is a phase for acclimating to the workouts, a phase of building muscle quickly, and then a phase where you risk over training and the muscles stop responding. The Body Beast Workout Schedule takes care of all of that for you. Score!

The 3 Main Workout Cycles "Blocks"

The Body Beast Workout Schedule is split up into 3 blocks:

  • Block 1 - Transform
  • Block 2 - Define
  • Block 3 - Finishing Touches

So no matter if you pick the lean or huge you will be following the 3 blocks.

Build Block 1

In Block 1 the goal is to transform your entire body. You'll spend 3 weeks, 6 days a week lifting hard doing super sets, giant sets, and single sets in order to gain strength and definition in your first 30 days. There are 4 workouts for this block:

  • Build: Chest & Triceps
  • Build: Shoulders
  • Build: Legs
  • Build: Back & Biceps

Bulk Block 2

In Block 2 the goal is to gain! You will spend 6 weeks, 6 days a week bulking up and getting ripped. Instead of focusing on the entire body, this phase begins to target specific areas of the body. There are 5 workouts to help you gain massive muscle:

  • Bulk: Chest
  • Bulk: Legs
  • Bulk: Back
  • Bulk: Shoulders
  • Bulk: Arms

BEAST Block 3

The final phase focuses on increasing your protein intake to feed the muscles and reduce any fat you've gained along the way to bring out those beautiful muscles! You will spend 3 weeks, 6 days a week putting on all the finishing touches. The workouts include:

  • Beast: Cardio
  • Beast: Total Body
  • Beast: Abs

Free Body Beast Calendar Download

Click Here! to download your personal bodybeast calendar. I have it in excel, pdf and open office format. It is a zip file so you will need to unzip it to get access to all of them.
Please spread the word about this beast page to other friends that would like to become a body beast too! 🙂

Just like any of the other Beach Body workouts, remember to take a "before picture". If you send in your before and after pictures once you've finished the 90 day plan, they'll send you a free tank top!

If you have not  purchased the beachbody body program you can do so below or you can check out my personal body beast review here. Enjoy, leave comments and let us know about your results!

Body Beast Workout Schedule FAQ

What is a good 7 day workout schedule?

The Bodybeast workout is a great 7-day workout program that will develop strength, get lean or put on mass. It does require dumbbells or weights to complete each workout. It is definitely for people who want to build strength the traditional way but it's super effective!

How long does it take to see results from body beast?

You will start to see strength gains around week 4.  If you are following the diet correctly you will start to see some pounds drop. 

In order to see lean muscle or put on more muscle that will take a traditional 8 plus weeks like any strength program does. There is no magic bullet there.

What are the phases of body beast?

There are actually 3 phases to each workout schedule.  

Block 1 - Transform Your Body which is 3 weeks lifting hard doing super sets and giant sets. 

Block 2 - Define Your Body last 6 weeks where you are either bulking up or getting ripped depending on your goal.

Block 3 - Finishing Touches.

This is the final phase where you are focusing on nutrition and toning up your body to get that chiseled look. It lasts 3 weeks.

Is it OK to do 2 Beachbody workouts a day?

Yeah, you can do two a day as long as they are not competing with each other. So, if you are trying to do a strength training routine in P90x3 and a strength training in body beast then that would defeat the purpose.  If you mixed in one strength routine and the other doing a yoga workout where it was focused on recover or cardio it would be perfect!

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