BOX Super Short 20 lb Weight Vest Review

BOX Super Short Weight VestWhen you train hard, you get fit. However, when you train harder and use the best strength training equipment like BOX Super Short Weight Vest, you get fit within a short time. This vest was mainly designed for runners and CrossFit.

Though simple in structure, the vest has a total of eight weights. 4 in the front and four behind, each measuring 2.5lbs.

The total weight of the vest adds up to 20lbs that give sufficient resistance on your workouts. Its design is open to allow you to move in any direction and execute any moves you want with freedom.

The weight on BOX Super Short Weight Vest lies right below your abs providing you with an impeccable balance needed when running. And if the outward appearance matters a lot to you, you’ll be glad to know they come in several different colors to enable you to choose what you like.

BOX Super Short Weight Vest Features

Any fitness routine you have can go well with this vest, and you can exercise with it anywhere-be it at the gym, at home workouts or running in the park. For those who do CrossFits, simple walking or hardcore plyometrics, this vest is just a must-have item. Some of its key features include:

  • Its design is compact but comfortable
  • All the belts and weights can be removed
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Has a total of 20lbs
  • Will never sag, stretch or fall apart
  • Its belt system can be adjusted easily
  • It’s a one size fits all model
  • The parts that cover the body and shoulders are padded for comfort.

What are the benefits of this vest?

  1. BOX Super Short Weight Vest perfectly fits around the body minimizing movements during exercises.
  2. The shoulder region is narrow to allow the hands to move freely
  3. Supports a variety of activities like running, rock climbing, boxing, and even basketball playing.
  4. It offers a perfect balance due to same weights being placed between its front and back


Sometimes it’s hard to find a replacement for its parts. However, this depends on with your location. Those near shops that sell this vest have no problem obtaining its parts.


BOX Super Short Weight Vest is available in many online shops including Amazon. However, prices vary from one store to another. If you are buying from other platforms, make it a point to check the Amazon price and use it as a rough estimate of what you should expect.


If you are zealous like many other folks who want to push their workout programs to greater heights, BOX Super Short Weight Vest is the item to buy.

It’s versatile, durable, adjustable and comfortable on the body. It literally improves any strength activity you are engaged in be it running, walking or boxing.

The velcro straps on each side of your waist will help secure the vest tight for a nice fit. I would say for the  price of this vest and it only coming with 20 pounds of weight I would really look at it closely before purchasing it so it is exactly what you want.

If you want more weight than 20 pounds then I would suggest reading the humanX weight vest review here that I wrote. It can go up to 40 pounds and has a lot of features to it and far less of a price or continue on and read more reviews on vests here.

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