T25 Cardio DVD – Alpha Month 1

This is one of the first workouts on the focus t25 calendar that you will be doing to build your cardio foundation in T25.  It's 25 minutes of getting after it to get t25 workout results.  You will be doing cardio moves that will get your heart rate going right out of the gate. So, get ready to work and sweat your butt off.  Remember, to follow the modifier if it gets to difficult, take breaks if you get winded and by all means do not quit.

You might think you are quitting because you are not keeping or you are taking breaks. That is not quitting, that is being smart. Quitting is starting it, getting tired in the first 5 minutes and giving up.  Do not get hung up on how many exercises are listed here. 🙂 Most of these last 30-60 seconds long. I promise you will get them all done in 25 minutes or less. Hang in there and let's get to losing weight!

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Cardio Workout Break Down

  1. t25 cardio piviot lungeWarm up
    1. Standard Warm up with knee raises and slight jog
    2. Lift up on toes
    3. Slow  Control Jog
  2. High Knee Jog
  3. Jack Feet
  4. Double jack feet
  5. Double jack feet and arms
  6. Basic jumping jack
  7. Pivot Lunge + Step in
  8. Pivot Lunge + Hop (20:35)
  9. Pivot Lunge + Touch Knee
  10. Pivot Lunge  + Touch Floor
  11. Heal Tap Up + back Left leg
  12. Heal Tap Up  + back right leg
  13. Lateral Sprint
  14. Lateral Mountain Climbers
  15. Jump Rope
  16. Jump Rope Up and back
  17. Jump Up + back slow (pause on back and up) 16:01
  18. Half-Tuck Jump
  19. The burn out 14:59
    1. Basic Jumping Jack
    2. pivot lunge + touch floor
    3. Lateral Mountain Climber
    4. Half-Tuck Jump
  20. Done with burn out
  21. Control Squat - small rest 🙂
  22. Hop Squat
  23. Hop hop Up + back
  24. hop hop squat (lateral side to side)
  25. on your mark + sprint (Left)
  26. on your mark + sprint (right) 09:58
  27. on your mark + up down (right) 9:31
  28. Low Kick (9:04) small rest 🙂
  29. Low kick on toes
  30. Low switch kick
  31. High Switch Kick
  32. Running Lunge
  33. Split lunge Agility (Dance moves time)
  34. Jack Feet Out + In
  35. Speed + Agility (up center, out wide, two)
  36. BURN OUT 5:00
    1. Hop Hop Squat
    2. On Your Mark + Up Down (left)
    3. On Your Mark + Up Down (right)
    4. High Switch Kick
    5. Speed + Agility
    1. Hop Up + Back
    2. Hop Side + Side
    3. Alternate Speed Knee slow
    4. Alternate Speed Knee Fast
    5. High Knee Jog (1:00)
    6. Slow Control Jog (:30 seconds)
    7. Done!

t25 cardio dvd endHopefully this will give you an idea of what the cardio workout for t25 will be like or is something you can print out and take to the gym.

You can see my full review on t25 here where I go in more detail about it or purchase it here at beachbody.com here.  Please comment below with any questions you may have or if you have actually done this workout and share your experiences for others and to encourage them.  If you don't mind feel free to share this so others can also see and and find it.

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