A DIY Guide for Building a Garage Gym

2021, undoubtedly, has been a major blow to all the fitness plans.

With the pandemic unleashed on the world, everything kind of stopped. Our everyday work routines have disturbed, the educational system is at sixes and sevens, simply put, pretty much everything is in a pickle.

Gyms and fitness studios are also subjected to lockdown orders. Thus laying waste to the long-planned fitness goals. However, it's rightly said that you can find light at the end of a dark tunnel with the right behavior. Many fitness enthusiasts brought the gym home and accomplished their goals.

garage home gym space

Though the home gym was already in trend previously, the curse of covid-19 has given a greater hype to the idea. And we think it's a great idea to stay in shape while also cutting down the membership costs.

We are here with a super-easy DIY guide for building a home gym. Let's get into the discussion straight off.

Why Build a Garage Home Gym?

Creating a home gym is a win-win idea and benefits you in multiple ways.

  • No waiting in lines to use a machine.
  • You don't have to get up and dress up for the gym. You can simply hit the gym in your most comfortable outfit and get the desired results.
  • The training environment is comfortable for you as it is your own home.
  • A private gym area allows you to train and do every type of exercise without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable.
  • You should have a proper workout plan. However, in case of an extra shift or unexpected guests, you can reschedule your daily exercises instead of skipping them.
  • It's time-efficient. No need to drive to the gym. Accomplish your fitness goals in your home.
  • Most importantly, get rid of the gym membership costs.
spin bike and mirrors in gym

Although you can build a home gym in as little space as a walk-in closet. However, for an enhanced workout experience, it's better to pick a bigger space. A spare room, an attic, or a corner would be enough for the beginner’s gym.

However, we are inclined towards a more advanced home gym which requires a bit bigger and more exclusive space. What about a garage? Sounds perfectly right!

Steps To Setup Your Own DIY Garage Gym

garage home gym space

Step 1: Clean the interior Space

As you have already chosen the space, the first step would be decluttering and organizing the garage. The garage is usually jumbled up with unnecessary equipment and apparatus.

Everything your mother asks you to throw away ends up being in the garage. Your grandma’s hand-me-down furniture, old faulty gadgets, hunks of wood, and other junk are all there in the garage. So first roll your sleeves and do some re-organizing.

Get rid of the unnecessary things that have been there for years. Organize the practical items and clear space for your gym equipment. By the end of the cleaning day, you will have considerable space for your gym gear.

Step 2: Define Your Fitness Goals and Set a Budget

Set a budget. Makes sense!

But what do fitness goals have to do with building the gym?

Well, defining the goals at the very start is of core importance as the gym equipment you will be investing in should resonate with your fitness goals. If you want to strengthen and build muscles you should get weight training gear. However, in case you want to lose weight, treadmills or rowing machines are the right equipment to invest in.

So go ahead and understand your training requirements. Set our fitness goals and know which equipment you need to get in order to accomplish your goals. Once you're done with the planning phase, move on to setting a budget for your endeavor. Make sure that your budget resonates with the gym requirements.

gym equipment

Step 3: Get the Right Equipment

Now is the time to invest in gym gear. As you have already considered your workout requirements, you would be quite sure about the machines you need. Before hitting the road for the market, take some time out and do some research. Go through the online stores.

Get price quotes and recommendations. Next, visit your nearby marketplaces to get some insights about the costs. After you have done thorough research, choose the best deal and get the gym equipment.

Gym Gear Equipment Recommendations

Here are some essentials that you should consider while setting up your garage gym.

1. Exercise Mat – the first essential is an exercise mat is an inexpensive item that makes the workout comfortable and easy.

2. Gym Mirror – helps to improve posture

3. Dumbbells are another basic necessity and used frequently. Dumbbells are the bare minimum for weight training. Even if you are not planning on extensive muscle-building sessions, dumbbells are the basic essentials to stay in good shape.

gym mirrors

4. An adjustable bench is a piece of great equipment to level up the muscle training.

5. Gym Mirror - which is great for watching your form when you are working out.

Be it a mini-gym set up in the corner of a room or a comprehensive gym in the garage, a gym wall mirror is the must-have. Mirror on the wall effectively enhances the workout experience and helps you improve your moves. You also get an additional motivation to stay in shape when you continuously monitor yourself in the mirror.

Some other advanced gym equipment includes Barbells, Kettlebells, Punch Bags, Mountain climbers, pull-up bars, cardio equipment, and weight training gear. It all depends on your fitness goals and budget so choose according to your requirements.

garge gym heating & cooling

Step 4: Consider the Heating or Cooling Requirements

One big challenge in building a garage gym is setting the right temperature for workout sessions. Unlike home, the garage doesn't usually have a heating or cooling system. So you will have to invest in some temperature-control devices.

What you need to maintain the right temperature depends on your area’s weather conditions. It can be heaters to warm up the gym or fans or air conditions to lower the temperature of your home gym.

Step 5: Set the Mood and Hit It

As it’s your very own gym, so spruce up the space according to your preferences. Personalize and enhance the gym. Add some framed motivational quotes on the walls, perk up the area with exquisite lighting and make a workout playlist to elevate your sweat sessions. Set the ambiance and hit the gym.

exercise ball

Final Verdict To Purchase

What can be better than having an activity area right in your home? So turn your garage into a gym equipped with the right workout gear. Keep on adding more equipment to your gym in order to enhance the space as well as your workout experience.

Level up the training sessions with some chart-topping songs and make your workout exciting.

diy garage home gym infographic
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