Emerge EX2 Suspension Trainer Review

The Emerge suspension trainer is fast becoming a dominant force in the home fitness market, with their EX2 trainer being their showcase model.

The all new Emerge EX2 is the new and improved version of the EX1 suspension trainer.

The experts at Emerge have undertaken extensive design innovation, material testing, and redevelopment to bring to market the highest quality product at the best price. The EX2 has retained all of the features that have made Emerge a top seller, with the addition of an anti-slip stabilizer ring to double down on the rigidity of the unit.

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The Emerge EX2 features a low impact design that is built with simplicity and portability in mind. It can be used on any solid vertical or horizontal fixture. This unit is super easy to hang, use and readjust. The whole unit weighs just two pounds and comes in an attractive carry case, providing the ultimate in portable convenience.

The fast adjust straps allow you to control the intensity of your workouts instantly. This means no down-time between sets, allowing your workout to flow more smoothly. The EX2 comes with both indoor and outdoor attachments, so that you can work out wherever you happen to be.
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Set up is quick and easy and you can rest assured that the system won’t leave any marks on doors or pillars. That provides great peace of mind when you’re training in your hotel room!

Value for Money

carry bag merge ex2The Emerge EX2 has been designed to provide you with the quality you’d expect from a top of the range product, but at a price you can afford. That’s why you can purchase a brand new EX2 for well under half the price of a TRX Suspension Trainer. Apart from the TRX brand name, there is no difference in quality, with may users stating that the Emerge EX2 is actually a superior product.

Underscoring the terrific value for money of the EX2, is the fact that your purchase comes with 1.5 heavy duty military grade webbing straps, rubber grip handles, double cam buckles and stabilizer ring as well as a door anchor, suspension anchor, mesh carry bag and Get Started guide.

Plus, you will receive a Suspension Training Bible, packed with everything you’ll ever need to know about suspension workouts.

Build Quality

attachment emerge ex2The Emerge EX2 is a heavy duty suspension training device that is made from military grade strap webbing. It features double stitching throughout to maximize the durability of the straps. So strong is the webbing that has been extensively tested and found to be able to comfortably and consistently hold up to one thousand pounds of resistance. That gives it a level of durability that is second to none.

In fact, Emerge are so confident in the ruggedness of this unit, that they offer an unprecedented unconditional lifetime warranty!

The soft grip handles are constructed from soft rubber, so that they are comfortable to the skin, while effectively wicking away moisture. The rubber grips also feature a unique criss-cross design to maximize the effectiveness of your grip. That means that you’ll have no worries about your palms slipping due to sweat. The double cam buckles and stabilizer ring are made of solid steel.


The Emerge EX2 is the ideal multipurpose home gym. It includes everything you need to get a complete body workout, all in a compact 2 pound carry bag. It’s indoor and outdoor anchors means that you can train outside with the aid of a tree limb or in your hotel room when traveling.

The Emerge EX2 is designed to be unstable when you apply your bodyweight to the straps. This has the result of focusing intensity on your core, no matter what exercise you are doing. This turns every exercise into a core workout. You’ll also be able to build up your mobility and stability by doing unilateral training moves.

The super fast adjustment capability of the EX2 allows you to maintain a fast training pace when working out. This will allow you to keep your training pulse high, so you can improve cardio fitness while also burning more body fat during your session. You will also build up your body’s endurance and durability.

Support Material

The Emerge EX2 comes with a hard copy Get Started guide which provides you with comprehensive step by step set up instructions, along with tips on how to get the most fro your suspension training system. You will also receive via email a comprehensive Suspension Training Bible. This huge resource provides you with every you will ever need to know to get the most out your suspension home gym. It includes a range of workout options.

The Bottom Line

Don’t be fooled by the massive marketing hype spun by the top players in the industry like TRX. You DO NOT have to pay through the roof to get a top quality suspension training system.

leg extensions emerge ex2 trainerThe Emerge EX2 provides you with the same level of performance, versatility, adjustability and reliability as the most expensive units on the market today – but at a fraction of the price. And the EX2 offers the most generous lifetime guarantee of any product out there. It really makes your decision easy – go with Emerge EX2 and get the best while keeping dollars in your pocket!


  • Highest Grade Double Stitched Webbing
  • Stability Ring
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Portable
  • Excellent Price


  • None identified

Editor Rating – 5 out of 5 Stars. The Emerge Ex2 is an upgrade of the popular EX1, with added stability and rigidity. The EX2 offers all of the features of the most expensive models on the market at a fraction of the price. It, therefore, offers unbeatable value and quality and is backed by a 100% no questions asked lifetime guarantee.