Everlast Weighted Vest Review

Everlast Neoprene Weight Vest

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Weighted workout strength training requires you to be armed with several products that can up your exercising program. One of these products is the Everlast Weighted Vest. This vest offers improved flexibility and comfort than most weighted vests. It also motivates you to take exercise session to the next level.

Those who engage in extreme bodyweight moves like running on a treadmill, doing dips or power cleans will find this Weighted Vest a great addition to their bodybuilding arsenal. It is equipped with straps that snugly fit your body thus preventing it from flailing around when you are running.

Feature List

  • It comes in a size that fits many
  • Neoprene Material
  • Has textured panels underneath to prevent the vest from flailing during an exercise
  • Can be filled with sand and weighted beads.
  • Adjustment straps on the side to get it snug and tight
  • Can buy it in 10 or 20 pounds
  • Cannot Adjust it

The quality of stitching that went into its production is excellent to ensure it doesn’t get torn when filled with sand or weighted beads. The fabric is also made of sweat absorbing material to keep you comfortable throughout your workout session.

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What is a Weighted Vest Used For?

Weighted vests have become increasingly popular lately, but just what are they used for? The answer is simple: weighted vests are a versatile exercise tool that can be used to help people reach their fitness goals. 

They can be used in strength training and HIIT (high intensity interval training) to give the user an extra challenge with any body weight exercise.

For example, weighted vest push-ups will require more effort than regular push-ups and give your arms a good workout! It’s easy to add or remove weight from a weighted vest depending on a person's fitness level, making it an accessible tool for those of all ages and abilities.

Running with a weighted vest is another way to challenge the cardiovascular system. However, it is advised not to use too much weight, as added pressure on the spine can be uncomfortable. All in all, a weighted vest is a great addition to any fitness workout routine.; Whether it’s for extra calorie burning or ramping up exercises, you’ll see results in no time!

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What Are The Benefits

If you are looking for an item that is simple but can give the best in your workout regime, this vest is it. It’s made of synthetic fiber that makes it possible to hold sand or iron thus adding a great amount of resistance to workouts. If incorporated together with the best meal plans like the one discussed at 21 Day Fix Review, you should be able to get astounding results.

Many vests have straps, but they are not adjustable. For this vest, its side straps can be adjusted so they fit snugly to prevent motions that will disturb your running or jogging exercise. The textured panels underneath also help to ensure the weights don’t move about. Their slim design also makes it possible to wear it at work; especially if you put on aprons. No one will ever notice you are wearing a weight vest.

Everlast Weight Vest is lightweight; hence gives you the ability to move your arms freely. Even better, it's one of the vests you can afford when your pocket is not at its best. You can also visit Best Weighted Vest Reviews to see some other better alternatives.

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Does it have any cons?

Even though this vest has a lot of pros, just like every other item, it too has some shortcomings. The common ones are:

  • It doesn’t last long
  • The weights aren’t adjustable

How Do You Choose the Right Weighted Vest for Your Needs?

Generally speaking, 10lb vests are designed for active and range-of-motion exercises. They can also be used to increase your workout intensity or perform movement and impact-based exercises. 

On the other hand, 20lb vests are usually for those looking to build strength and power in the upper body. This type of vest has heavier weights than the 10lb model, which helps users lift heavier loads over longer periods of time.

If you're shopping for a weighted vest, the good news is that you have plenty of options. That being said, choosing the right weight can be a daunting task. Whatever weight you decide on, it's important to make sure you stay within a comfortable range for your body size and physical abilities. The last thing you want is an injury!

Customer Reviews

Everlast Vest has attracted a lot of positive reviews from many of its users. The adjustable straps make it possible to make it tight around the stomach and chest region minimizing movements when running. I work at a restaurant, and I find its slim design quite convenient as I wear it at work, and no one ever notices it. This has really helped me improve my strength training.

From the few negative reviews, I managed to read, I noted some people complaining that the vest was too heavy for them, only after a week! Your body was never conditioned to be in such an item and therefore needs some time to get used to it. Additionally, to gain a lot from this vest, do the right exercises, and it will keep you comfortable.


This vest is available in many online fitness stores and Amazon as well. Most online stores haven’t mentioned anything concerning its warranty, but Amazon gives about 120 days from the day of purchase. Remember, your warranty may not be considered if the product has been subjected to obvious misuse or abuse. If your warranty is valid, the repairs will be handled by the manufacturing company and returned to you within the 120 days period.


Excessive weight on your body can cause poor posture and overloading of joints which can put strain on muscles and ligaments as well as reduce running economy and efficiency. 

Not to mention if the vest is too heavy and/or ill-fitting it could limit range of motion and impair mobility. Doing too much too quickly can also lead to exhaustion, dehydration, and even injury.


Everlast Weighted Vest is fantastic for newbie bodybuilders. Seasoned individuals may find the weight too little to add any impact to their increased strengths. The adjustable straps, textured panels underneath and the ability to provide effective results are some of the things that make it a must-have bodybuilding equipment.

Above all, its price can motivate anyone to buy it. To cut the long story short, this vest offers excellent value for its money. I don’t see why you should not buy it.

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