Ultimate Review of Fitbit Charge 4 Running Watch

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Fitbit’s fitness trackers have started to rule the public and the industry of wrist wearables. However, only some companies have been reputable enough in the fitness scene. The Google brand of fitness tracking devices came up with a new launch, the Fitbit Charge 4.

As much as fitness enthusiasts are raising the hype over its new metric, we will dissect how worthy the Charge 4 is to choose it over a smartwatch. Through this fitbit charge 4 special edition review, you will learn the complete examination of the Fitbit device, as well as why it’s the best fitness tracker pick.

Features of Fitbit Charge 4 new Fitness Tracker

The Charge 4 by Fitbit has some of the most excellent picks if you’re looking for a basic fitness tracker. Since its initial launch in 2014, the company has catered to all individuals hoping to lose some weight or be more active with essential additions like on board GPS capabilities, peak zones for heart rate, Spotify access, and sleep track tools. At $149.95, the Charge 4 is necessary for outdoor workout after a price comparison with its competitors.

Specs Details: Fitbit’s Charge 4 is a slender and sleek device with a measure of 35.8mm x 22.7mm x 12.5mm. It’s so slim and light that you won’t even remember you’re wearing a fitness band. This is an excellent benefit for those who want to wear it at night, giving your wrist a break now and then to prevent skin damage.

This watch allows you to save daily data for up to seven days, noting down the number of steps, distance walked, floors climbed, and calories burnt by you. There is a sensor inside the watch that even evaluates your heart rate while you’re exercising. Older details are not deleted and can be accessed through the Fitbit app, which can be installed for free.


Design: The water resistant Fitbit Charge 4 is slightly different from the previous launch with similar shape and size. You can expect two contrasting left side straps: rosewood (a warm purple hue) and storm black or blue. The product is sent along with two straps (a silicone version in black and a woven nylon that is reflective for direct sunlight), which are easily removable and can suit any wrist width.


Activity tracking: Fitbit devices like the Charge 4 remind you with a subtle buzzing to head out and start working out. It can examine several different activities at a time, 4 of which you can shortcut on the device screen to access frequently. This may come as a hassle if you aren’t organized in your routine and like both indoor and outdoor workouts simultaneously.

You should also note that the Fitbit Charge 4 can detect the start of your workout session without manual interference but cannot access the built in GPS signal if you do not coordinate it beforehand. If you have done this, your Charge 4 will record your route, along with a detailed account of the distance covered, speed, & peak zone for heart rate via Active Zone Minutes. This is a great tool for an everyday runner and even a casual one due to the dynamic GPS and minimal data provided.


Spotify Support: An essential for all fitness device users is Spotify support. With the help of the fitbit charge 4 manual, you can now log into your Spotify app through the Fitbit account. It’s important to note that you can only access music with a premium subscription on Spotify. Finally with a connection to your phone, you can handle options like shuffle, play, like songs, playlists, and skip tracks.

  • Built in GPS function
  • Spotify control
  • Elegant design
  • Active Zone Minutes Goal
  • Built in GPS is more complicated than phone’s GPS
  • Tendency for active zone minutes tool to lag
  • Is Fitbit Charge 4 Good for Sleep Tracking?

A study done by LiveScience stated that tracking sleep is never accurately measured, mainly when using the method of actigraphy. Although it can detect the sleep score, it’s not a trustworthy tool when monitoring different sleep stages or sleep quality. However, the validity of sleep data done by these devices is only about 60% and slowly improving.

In this Fitbit Charge 4 review, we will look at one of the promising candidates. It carries an inbuilt pulse oximeter and an Sp02 sensor that records your peak heart rate zone and estimated oxygen variation graph, respectively. This sleep tracking Charge 4 not only outlines your data during bedtime but also notifies you of serious issues that might need doctor's opinion, like sleep apnea. Despite its ability to warn you about the signs via machine learning, no FDA certification allows it to diagnose the real problem.

However, several benefits come with the sleep mode of the Charge 4, such as the Smart wake feature that prompts you to get up when you’re out of your deep sleep stage. Your brain activates most highly during REM sleep, like when you’re awake, so the Charge 4 ensures you don’t wake up groggy. It can also give you an analysis of your sleep score and blood oxygen levels.

Fitbit App: Are premium apps for most fitness trackers worth it?

Fitbit premium can cost you around $9.99 monthly or $80 annually, and this companion app comes with a free trial for 3 months. The Fitbit premium has a collection of workout routines, healthy recipe ideas, and World Health Organization archives, and you can also access your data in more detail (sleep score). Most importantly, the Fitbit app also has a Fitbit pay works for contactless payments with your Charge 4 after having calories burned.

This Fitbit Charge 4 review not only gives you the specifications for the device but also dives into why it has everyone running for their money. Apart from all the benefits of a premium subscription, we’d like to share that the best part is you only require 90 days to motivate yourself and apply health-tracking routines over the trial period. So, if Fitbit pay and personalized insights catch your eye, the Fitbit app is worth the money.

Final Verdict for Fitbit Charge 4


The Fitbit Charge 4 is an excellent wearable as Fitbit’s smartwatches are comparatively affordable and have longer battery life, support Android users, and promote fat burn zone through its many features. It monitors your heat map and step count during cardio zone & even in interval workouts. Despite no chest strap available, the Charge 4 can be worn and track your heart rate if you’re in extensive training like martial arts or even during a few runs. The battery life and support of an Android phone pique everyone’s interest, so get your own Charge 4!

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