Fitbit Surge Super Watch – Tracks About Everything!

Fitbit Surge Super GPS Watch

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Feature List

  • GPS tracking
  • Continuous heart rate monitoring
  • Touchscreen display
  • Can be linked to a smartphone or PC for data recording
  • Can monitor a wide variety of workout exercises


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Wearable technology is not a new term. In the fitness world, this technology is essential to help one keep close tabs on his/her performance-no paperwork needed. The core duty of fitness wearable is to help you improve your workouts. But with many wearable products in the market, how do you which one is right for you?

Fitbit Surge Review

If you have ever come across Fitbit Surge watch. and wondered if it’s right for you, sit back and relax. I’ll take you through its product details, pros, and cons to help you figure out if it can help you optimize your workout performance. This is Fitbit's top of the line watch also known as the super watch!  It can track all 3 triathlon sports, has a built in heart rate sensor, built in compass and smart watch integration. Let's look at more of the super watch features below.

There are several key things that tell if your watch is really a fitness watch or not; they include:

  1. GPS signal
  2. Heart rate monitor
  3. Longer battery life
  4. Mobile phone app
  5. Metric data
  6. Software compatibility

We will see how Fitbit Surge compares against these key factors in this review.

First off, to those whom size matters a lot, you’ll be glad to know that this watch comes in three different sizes; small, large and extra-large. Note that the size changes are made on the band, not the watch’s body. This watch provides the you with smartphone notifications, sleep tracking, biometric sensors, and GPS capabilities to track your running path.

Design and physical outlook

Fitbit Surge activity trackerFitbit Surge has an appearance similar to other fitness watches with a traditional latch system and a silicon rubber wrist strap. Its display is a bit larger than most watches to showcase a broad range of data-quite good for those who can’t wait to read their workout results from the smartphone or PC.

Its screen is monochromatic LCD, sensitive to touch and with a LED backlight. Unlike other touch sensitive screens, this one doesn’t misbehave when exposed to moisture. That means the watch can still function better even when it’s drizzling. The charging port is also water-proof.

Besides being touch sensitive, it also comes with three metallic buttons to make some functions easy to execute. The first button operates the menus while the other two on the right are for ending or starting a task.


Fitbit Surge reviewThe Surge is equipped with a heart rate sensor that emits green light on the skin. Sensors are at the back of the watch. They read and record expansions and contractions in the blood capillaries. The readings are later on published on FitBit’s website.

Fitbit Surge’s seven sensors are great in ensuring it provides an efficient tracking system. Besides the heart rate monitor and the GPS, there is also a digital compass, a 3-axis accelerometers, an ambient light sensor, a 3 axis gyroscope a 3 axis gyroscope and the altimeter. So, we can certainly conclude that this watch offers a comprehensive fitness tracking system.

One of the factors that make this watch an outstanding sport watch is its ability to track a wide range of sports activities from running, hiking, cross-training, strength based workouts to cardio. The data from these exercises is well displayed on its large and swappable display.


The GPS system helps runners, hikers and joggers be able to track their movements on a map. It’s precise and takes about 20 seconds to lock in your position. Bear in mind that the battery drains pretty fast when the GPS is turned on.

Software capability

Fitbit’s powerful and multitasking software is the main reason behind its efficiency as a fitness wearable. Its layout is simple for newbies to understand and operate. Trust me when I tell you it could take weeks to understand some fitness wearables’ software.

Battery life

Even though Fitbit’s tremendous functionalities can leave one bedazzled, its battery may not evoke the same adoration. It takes about two hours to get fully charged and about seven days to discharge when not in heavy use. If you continually leave the Bluetooth and GPS on throughout, you need to lower your expectation on this watch.

In overall, its battery lifespan is not bad. It’s just that other models offer better battery lifespan.

using Fitbit Surge sport watchIn a nutshell, here are the pros and cons of Fitbit Surge

Fitbit Surge Pros

  • Always on display
  • It's equipped with multiple sensors
  • Has an amazing and easy to comprehend software
  • Automatic sleep tracking
  • Continuous heart rate monitoring
  • Compatible with most phones
  • Classic watch clasp
  • Comes in several sizes and colors


  • It's fairly chunky
  • Shows basic notifications only
  • Not entirely waterproof
  • The battery lifespan could be better than that.

Fitbit’s software allows you to personalize some stats and even put some activities in a place you find interesting or easy to access. So, if you want a watch that would be simple to understand and operate, you should try Fitbit Surge and a couple of others at GPS tracking watches.


Fitbit Surge is available online on Amazon and other online fitness shops. It’s advisable to do some price comparison before you buy it. Additionally, make sure the distributor you buy from offers a good return policy.

Customer Reviews

There are over six thousand customer reviews left for this watch. More than 60% of those comments were full of praise for Fitbit Surge’s excellent software and functionality. Here is what one of the clients said about this product, “I love my Fitbit. It’s excellent in every way and din’t give me a hard time setting it up. However, you may want to buy a screen protector to prevent scratching the main screen.”

Fitbit Surge Conclusion

Even though there are many excellent fitness watches out there, Fitbit Surge. still manages to put up an efficient competition. Cost-wise, it is a middling, yet it offers attractive services. The heart rate monitor, GPS system, the wide display and its compatibility with many phones guarantees that this watch can optimize your workouts. Some factors like the battery life may be so-so, but that doesn’t make this watch not worth buying. Go give it a try.

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