How to Get the Fitness Motivation You Need

fitness motivationDid you know that while over half of all Americans say they’d like to lose weight but are struggling to come up with the motivation to work out?

Or that, even though over 50 million Americans try a new diet each year, only about 5% of those people actually keep off the weight?

Whether you’re exercising outside, in a home gym, or with friends at a yoga studio, it’s important to keep up your fitness motivation to lose weight and to stay healthy.

In this post, we’re sharing some of our favorite and most effective fitness motivation tips and ideas.

If you feel yourself starting to lag or lose motivation, don’t give up and lose all the amazing progress you’ve already made!

Instead, push yourself – and use these fitness motivation tips to help!

1. Get A Fitness Tracker

When you’ve spent your hard-earned money on a fitness gadget, you’re much more likely to use it!

Plus, it’s easy to up your fitness motivation when you can see the number of steps you’ve taken, miles you’ve walked, and even your heart rate right on your wrist.

We especially love the Fitbit Surge, which comes with an awesome LCD screen that’s easy to read.

This tracker tells you your average running pace, which makes tracking your progress even easier.

You’re also able to set specific workout goals, switch the music you’re working out to from your Fibit phone app, and even create a workout calendar.

This watch even tracks your sleep, so if you’re feeling especially tired during the day, you can see what’s going on.

Plus, with over 23 million Fitbit users out there to date, it’s fun to be a part of the Fitbit community! You can engage with others online, share your progress, and even compete with friends.

That’s a powerful fitness motivation tool!

2. Try A Fun New Workout Program

If you’re getting bored with your current workout, it’s easy to lose fitness motivation.

For example, did you know that over 73% of people who making working out one of their New Year’s Resolutions give up?

The reason for this? It’s likely they’ve hit a plateau – a frustrating time where you stop losing weight or seeing major improvements. It’s always a huge hit to your fitness motivation.

If you feel yourself hitting a plateau, it’s time to change up your workout, and fast!

Try a new workout routine or video to work different muscles in your body, and to get your cardio in a fun and unexpected way!

We love the PiYo Workout, which is a combination of Yoga and Pilates that gets you super toned – fast. Plus, it helps you to de-stress after a long day at the office.

We’re also into the Brazilian Butt Lift workout, which only requires you to dedicate 60 days to getting beach body ready!

This workout even includes a nutrition plan, so it’s easy to keep up your fitness motivation both at the gym and at the table.

3. Get Dressed For The Gym

When you’re sitting at home, lounging around in your pajamas on the weekends, it’s easy to lose fitness motivation.

Instead, as soon as you wake up, throw on your workout clothes.

To help, we suggest picking out a cute outfit the night before and setting it out on your dresser.

Even better?

Call a friend and have her meet you at the park for a pre-work three-mile run!

4. Switch Up Your Music

Yep, it’s true – music is one of the nest fitness motivation tools out there!

But if you’re getting tired of hearing the same old songs during your workout, it might be time for a change.

There are awesome Fitness Radio Channels on Music Apps like Pandora, and you can discover great hits with other apps like Tidal.

Create a playlist that’s filled with high-energy bangers. Even try songs that you know all the lyrics to, so you can sing along to make the time go faster (plus, this will help you learn to control your breathing.)

If you find yourself getting bored during your cool down, or during slower intervals, switch to a motivational audiobook.

5. Share Your Selfies

Validation is an excellent fitness motivator! Plus, uploading your post-workout selfies, or progress pictures, is a great way to help keep you accountable for your workouts.

Be honest? How many times have you scrolled through Khloe Kardashian’s workout photos and snaps, or looked at 30-day fitness challenge photos to motivate yourself?

In addition to really being able to see just how much your hard work is paying off week after week, you’ll also motivate others.

Tag your selfies and pictures, and browse through other fitness categories to get diet and workout tips.

Oh, and if you get haters?

Well, those are the ultimate motivators!

6. Try An Adventurous Exercise

There are tons of different ways to work out and lose weight that don’t involve hitting the treadmill every day.

Get your friends together for a hike, try Cross Fit, go rock climbing, even try aerial yoga!

These workouts aren’t just fun, they’re also great fitness motivation.

7. Don’t Forget Your Original Motivation

Whenever you feel yourself starting to lose your motivation, go back to why you started to work out in the first place.

Was it to lose weight?

To prevent health issues like diabetes?

To get more energy during the day?

So you could show up to your ex’s housewarming party looking 15 times better than his new girlfriend?

Whatever the reason, always remind yourself why you started working out.

Also, don’t forget to reward yourself when you reach smaller fitness goals. If you lost 5 pounds, treat yourself to a manicure.

If you take a couple of minutes off your mile time, enter into a local 5k.

Use These Fitness Motivation Tips To Get Even Stronger!

There are a million different ways to stay motivated. Whether it’s getting an awesome new piece of fitness equipment or clothing, working out with friends, or just visualizing your goals!

Looking for more advice about fitness motivation?

Wondering if the latest workout craze or fitness tech is really worth your time and money?

We’ve got you covered.

Check out our blog to keep up to date with the latest trends and workout advice!

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