FUNMILY Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer Review 2021

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FUNMILY Elliptical Review

Elliptical machines are one of the most effective training tools for those who want to burn fat and get in shape with the least amount of impact to the body.

FUNMILY Elliptical Machine cross trainer is one of the most popular in-home products among fitness enthusiasts. It accommodates people that have a shorter stride (15”), while most elliptical use a (17-22”) stride. It allows you to use your normal walking stride for a more comfortable workout where as you are normally over reaching in an uncomfortable position to do the workout.

Feature List

  • 10resistance Levels to increase your workout endurance
  • Pulse sensors in handle for heartbeat recording
  • Non-slip foot cage pedals for stability with a 15” stride
  • Easy manoeuvrability with transportation wheels
  • Connection to Qiber App for a fun cycling sessions and customized workouts
  • 18 lb. precision-balanced flywheel and V-belt for a smooth experience

In this review, we’ll learn more about the Funmily Elliptical machine. We’ll look at its great features, benefits to the customer and it’s construction. This will help you understand what you can expect if you purchase the Funmily Elliptical Machine.

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Buying Information For FUNMILY Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer

An excellent alternative to a traditional treadmill, FUNMILY Elliptical Machine lets you burn calories faster as it engages the whole body and not just the legs. It is a portable machine that provides a non-impact workout in varying intensities depending on the resistance and pace desired.

Here Are The Workout Options?

Dual-handle design allows exercising the upper and lower body at the same time to get in shape. This elliptical offers an 8-level magnetic resistance knob to adjust the intensity level of your exercise so that the workout is always challenging.


The elliptical machine is solid and durable enough to bear a weight of up to 390 lbs and light enough to move around in the house with the help of transport wheels. It features a heavy-duty steel frame, anti-slip pedal and stable rubber sucker for years of use without much maintenance.

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Buying Information For FUNMILY Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer

The Drive System

The machine has a 18lbs built-in effective flywheel that facilitates a more natural experience while keeping it smooth and quiet. With the 8-level resistance system, users can engage in unique programs for each workout and stimulate muscles in various ways.

The Pedals

This Elliptical machine features a 15-inch stride which works great for people with sorter stride lengths. It has large pedals with ridges to prevent foot slippage and is very stable.

Digital Monitor

You also get an advanced digital monitor with LCD screen that tracks and displays your speed, time, calories, distance and heart rate for any exercise. You can use the Scan function on the monitor to continue repeating the functions to stay on top of your speed and strength while you workout.

App Control

By connecting your phone to the Qiber app, you can enjoy a realistic outdoor training atmosphere and guidance. It also syncs the workout data with the smartphone and generates training history for you.

Adjustable Resistance Knob

You can adjust the resistance of an exercise using the convenient knob. Simply turn the knob to increase or decrease the intensity of the workout to keep it challenging and effective. This feature allows you to create personalized training programs and engage the muscles in a variety of ways.

Transport Wheels

With the convenient transport wheels, it is easy to transform your house into a gym. The wheels at the front let you move the machine across the house or store it conveniently.

FAQs About the FUNMILY Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer

Q. How much does this machine weigh?

A. The approximate weight of the machine is 36kgs with a flywheel weighing about 6kg and a maximum load capacity of 120kg. However, when the machine is assembled and ready to use, it is quite easy to move around in the house with the transport wheels.

Q. Is the product difficult to assemble?

A. The FUNMILY cross-trainer comes partially assembled and needs some putting together. The installation video and instruction guide make it easy to complete the assembly. All the tools and accessories you need for assembly are included with the product so that you can get started quickly.

Q. Can you read a kindle while exercising?

A. Yes, the machine has a built-in tablet/phone holder which means you can enjoy your workout time with your favorite music or film. You can also read a book on your tablet or check your emails while working out.

Q. What is the right age to use this elliptical machine?

A. The FUNMILY elliptical machine comes with a dual-handle system that makes it ideal for users in any age group. The inner handle is suitable for use by children. As it features 10-level magnetic resistance, it is easy to adjust the intensity of the exercise to suit your capability and age. This means you can use the machine for children, adults as well as seniors without any strain on joints.

Q. How many calories does it burn in an hour with this machine?

A. The amount of calories you burn with the FUNMILY elliptical machine depends on how hard you work with it. As you start exercising, you can see the calories burned on the LCD monitor. Any type of exercise, slow or fast, burns calories and it is best to start slowly and gradually progress.

Final Thoughts

An amazing choice for an elliptical machine, the FUNMILY Cross Trainer makes it easy to work out your upper and lower body muscles to stay active and in shape. It features a precision-balanced flywheel and V-belt for a smooth and quiet operation and lets you adjust the exercise intensity with a magnetic resistance knob.

The advanced LCD monitor makes it easy to stay on top of your time, distance, speed, and heart rate. The large-cushioned footplates facilitate comfortable, low-impact workouts.

The Funmily Elliptical is compact, easy to move and small in size. This elliptical machine is surely a great fit for a confined space like studio, apartment or office.  You can find the best price here on Amazon and read more reviews about how other customers like using this elliptical.


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