Garmin Forerunner 235 Review

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Garmin 235 Running Watch

The garmin 235 is the next model up from the very popular 225 running watch with a larger display, more features, built in HR and large colored display.
Feature List

  • Has a built-in heart rate monitor
  • Screen display 44% larger than 225
  • Smart notification enabled from your phone
  • Audio and vibration alert reminders
  • Tracks distance, steps, calories and sleep
  • VO2 Max estimate
  • Multiple sport modes
  • Dimensions 1.77″ x 1.77″ x .46″
  • 215 x 180 pixels

Working out is not an easy activity. Most of the time you will be too tired to record your stats manually. That’s why you need accessories that can automatically track your progress and even analyze it for you.

Nevertheless, with the numerous fitness trackers on the market, it can be pretty hard to tell which one works and which one doesn’t.

If you are looking for a fitness wearable tracking watch, one company that you might want to give a try is Garmin. They have been in the market for many years producing GPS watches for the public and the military as well. One of their renowned products is the  Garmin Forerunner 235. I will review the forerunner 235 so that you can judge if it’s the right fit for you.

Garmin Forerunner 235 Review

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To start with, Garmin Forerunner 235 is a GPS tracking watch that tracks all your workout stats and records them on your PC or Garmin’s web platform for you to monitor your performance against many other people. It also has a music feature to keep you entertained during your workouts.

Different Sport Modes

There are several sports you can enjoy with this watch. These sports include:

  1. Cycle indoors
  2. Cycle
  3. Running
  4. Indoor running

Garmin Forerunner 235 wasn’t exactly designed for swimming. However, it can work just well for basic swimming. If you do indoor workouts, the accelerometer on this device makes sure your stats are being recorded. It’s a perfect accessory if you frequent gyms.

225 Training Data Display Options

Garmin Forerunner 235 gives a huge option to customize your screen to display up to 8 fields. This helps you to track all your active sessions at once. The customizable fields are:

  • Pace fields
  • Speed fields
  • Heart rate fields
  • Distance fields
  • Timer fields
  • Elevation
  • Cadence
  • Temperature

This feature is time-saving as it helps you concentrate more on your exercises rather playing around with the watch’s setting.


Every fitness wearable has to come with either a GPS or GLONASS. Without any of these two, that’s not a fitness watch. With Garmin Forerunner 235 and other watches at GPS Running Watch Reviews, you have the opportunity to switch on one of them. However, they drain the battery pretty faster.

Both GPS and GLONASS can accurately track your location, pace and heart rate. If by any chance you were running in a strange neighborhood and got lost, make use of the “Back to start” feature, and it will direct you back to your starting point.

Move Alert

Not many fitness watches have this feature. When you are working out, for one reason or another, you might go dormant for some time. The watch will remind you to “Move” and reset itself once you have made a few steps. Don’t worry; you can always turn this feature off in the settings section.


  • Can pick up phone calls
  • Audio and vibration alerts enabled for smart notifications
  • GLONASS and GPS enabled for smart tracking
  • You can read your entire message on display
  • It's a 24/7 fitness tracker- tracks distance, steps, calories and sleep
  • Measures the heart rate all through the day
  • The display fields can be heavily customized
  • Auto-pauses an activity when not in the “move”
  • It's water resistant(up to 5 ATM)
  • Wide display- though not touch-enabled
  • Shows the calendar’s upcoming events and weather
  • Creates workout and easily connects to the web platform
  • Backlight enabled screen for easy daytime reading
  • The battery can last up to 9 days with heart rate monitor and smart notifications enabled.
  • Has interval run features
  • Recovery adviser, VO2 Max score and race time predictor
  • Dimensions 1.77″ x 1.77″ x .46″
  • Weights 1.5 oz
  • Watch Display 1.23 inches in diameter
  • 215 x 180 pixels

Forerunner 235 Look and feel

women forerunner 225 watchGarmin is talented in making smaller and lightweight watches. Most watches with this feature have a short battery lifespan. Garmin, however, disobeys that rule. Its battery lifespan is among the few best brands out there.

Garmin Forerunner 235 is made of the typical plastic material and has a total of five exterior buttons. You can buy silicone replacement straps with various colors and even get a glass protector for it. This sporty looking gadget has a great exterior color with a nice trendy look.

235’s display is bright enough to allow you to read it without straining or stopping. It’s not touch-enabled, though. On its back, there is a charging port and optical heart rate sensors that slightly protrude backward pressing on the skin for precise readings. The charging cable is a USB design hence can be charged from any device with a USB port.

Connectivity and data

One of the advantages of Garmin Forerunner 235 is its simplicity and efficiency in transferring data. Some watches require a laptop, wires, USB, ANT +USB disks and software to transfer data. Garmin 235 has a Bluetooth for easy data transfer to the mobile app a super easy job.

If by any chance your watch fails to connect to the Garmin Connect app, restart both the watch and phone and it will start to work efficiently again. If that doesn’t work, your last option should be to master reset your watch; remember this option wipes out all your settings. That’s why it should be the last resort.

Battery life

Garmin Forerunner 235 has a relatively good battery lifespan at a 11 hours with regular training settings. However, this depends on how you use it. Leaving the GPS/GLONASS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on on any device can drain its power quickly. It will last 9 days if you just use it as a watch only.


  • The user interface could be better with a few improvements
  • Absence of the virtual racer feature

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are essential in telling if a product is worth buying or not. By visiting Amazon, you will come across so many positive reviews left for this watch. GPS accuracy, music feature, heart rate monitors and superb screen display are some of the few things praised in the comments about this watch.


If you are looking for an impeccable fitness wearable that comes with plenty of features and fewer issues, Garmin Forerunner 235 might be your answer. Everything from functionality, sensors to battery life are impressive. Despite a few drawbacks, this product is a great fitness companion.

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