Gold’s Gym XRS 2.0 Bench and Rack Review

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Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Weight Bench

If you are looking for an adjustable weight bench with something a little extra added, the Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Workout Station could be just what you had in mind.
Feature List

  • Bench is Multi-Positional and Can Be Separated from The Upright
  • Upright has Safety Spotters and Power Catch Technology
  • Dimensions are 73 x 49.5 x 65 inches
  • The Two-Piece Design Allows You to Perform numerous exercises
  • Total Weight Capacity is 610 Lbs. (Including Weights)
  • Works with 1" x 7 foot Olympic bar
  • Angles: Flat, Incline and Decline

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By purchasing this setup, you will have the ability to perform a total body workout at home without having to wait at the gym for a station that someone else is using.

This is like having your own mini-gym and you will have access to it whenever you want, day or night. If you have a barbell weigh set and 7-foot bar, this is a great start for owning your own Adjustable weight bench to use at home!

If you like the idea of starting out on your own without an audience, this station will be perfect for you. Maybe you and your son, daughter, or special friend want the experience of working out together, here again, this is the perfect setup.

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Upper Body Workouts

Let’s start with your upper body. The bench can be positioned at an incline, decline or flat surface for the ultimate in ab, core, chest and arm workouts with the barbells.

Next, the preacher pad will give you a real workout for the biceps and brachialis muscles. Using an EZ curl bar and weights, you will work these muscles. By taking a wider grip on the bar you will work the outside of the bicep and a narrow grip will work the inside of the bicep.

Working the Lower Body

This setup also comes with a 6-roll leg developer, so you will be working, mostly on the hamstrings muscle. If you are looking to increase your running speed just by increasing muscle mass in the hamstring, it won’t necessarily work the best. You need to do deep leg presses or hack squats to work the glutes. Look at some fast runners and you will notice that they have extremely strong butt muscles.

You can perform the lying leg curls on this machine where you lie in a face down position and use your knees joints to bend against resistance. Muscles used are the ones that flex the knee. Among those Muscles are the hamstring, calves and hip flexors.

Working with Weights and Doing Exercises

By moving your adjustable weight bench out of the way, the upright gives you the perfect workout station to do some muscle building exercises such as squats. You have just created an area where performing your exercises will give you access to “safety spotters” also used with the bench to assist you and prevent accidents.

The upright also has built-in plate storage bars to help you stay organized so your workout area is safe and free from possible slips, trips, and falls. You can also adjust the height on the upright to fit your needs.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity on the Gold’s Gym XRS 20 is a total of 610 pounds weight capacity. This means the weight of the user and includes the total of the weights and bar that is used to perform the exercises.

They also specify not to use more than 150 pounds on the leg lever.

Always pay attention to the advice the company gives you as they are doing it for a reason. They want you to have the best experience possible without injury.

Assembly of Product

It stands to reason that this product can’t be shipped already to use. Most all customers have found the assembly to be easy and can be done in about two hours.

The dimensions on the entire unit are 73 x 49.50 x 65 inches, so decide where it will be set up and free from obstructions before beginning the assembly process.

Follow the included instructions, and gather all necessary tools required before you start. This makes the process less taxing and even enjoyable.

After assembly, you have already done your mental exercise so dive right into getting your total body workout for the day.

Other Necessary Equipment

You will need a 7-foot Olympic bar, (6 ft. is to short) and a set of weight, barbells, and an EZ Curl Bar if you prefer to use it on the preacher pad, and now everything is complete. You have created the perfect area for you to build the body you’ve been talking about for years.

Golds Gym XRS In Review

The Gold’s Gym XRS 20 if the perfect multi-station for someone wanting to do their workouts at home as beginners or it is also a good fit for seasoned athletes to keep up their training during the off season.

It comes with a preacher pad, 6-roll leg developer, multi-position weight bench, and upright station and can accommodate a total of 610 pounds.

You will be working out the entire body and can do it alone as this product has “safety spotters” built-in. Enjoy your purchase and good luck getting in the best shape of your life.

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