How To Start An Easy Weight Loss Plan

Jump Start Your Weight Loss Plan Today For The New Year!

crystal lost 30 poundsGaining weight always sneaks up on you when you are least expecting. Consciously, you know what’s going on but we play games with ourselves justifying over eating or not working out. It’s usually followed up by a valid excuse so you do not feel bad about being overweight.

Ah man just one more who cares it’s not that bad for you?

Well, I already gained some weight so what’s another pound?

How about, You are so upset you are so overweight that you just say screw it and keep eating more?

You skip a workout here, then two then a whole week and bam you are paying for a membership you don’t even use!

Whatever it maybe we have all been there including myself.

You are back to the “Fat Pants” or you have gained the 10-30lbs back you worked so damn hard to get off and have no idea what the hell happened.

Your Mind Is Your Worst Enemy

You are now at a point where you are mad at yourself, embarrassed, feeling guilty and possibly even depressed and you don’t know where to start.   IT is a very tough spot to be in so today I want to give you some motivation to help you get out of that hole and get started.

In order to do that you have to show that crappy attitude to the curb, get ready to change it and just say screw it I’m getting in shape. It’s a war and you have to get equipped to battle it. So, let’s keep it simple and easy to follow.

So, Let’s Break it down to these 3 things To Lose Weight:

  1. Commitment – You have to make the personal decision to change, to get back on the horse of working out and eating right. You will have to fight through those guilty feelings of letting yourself get where you are now. Just say screw it and start fresh today. You cannot rewind the clock so let’s move forward.
  2. Eating 5-6 small meals a day – This is just crucial and should become a habit. I like to use the 80/20 rule myself. If you can eat right 80% of the time you will lose weight and you will definitely maintain a healthy weight and life style. The 20% is for those time you want to grab a beer with your friends, go out to each or you just feel like having a piece of cake! You have to live life so you might as well account for those times because it will happen. Nobody eats healthy 100% of the time.
  3. Doing Cardio or Working out – To lose weight you can break it down to being this simple. You need to burn more calories than you are consuming during the day so your body is forced to burn the excess fat. The Best way to do this is to get a general idea of what your daily caloric intake is and use that as a guideline of how many calories you to consume just to operate normally on a daily basis. From there you figure on how to cut back 300-500 calories a day throughout the week or you are burning that many extra calories to being the weight loss process.

How Do I Start and What Are My Options?

Healthy ShakesThe first option you should be doing is to right off the bat is to focus on your eating. It’s free to do and costs you nothing. Walk away from the fried food. Save that for later when you are back eating right and you want to have a cheat day.

Watch Your Carb Intake – Start looking at how many carbs you are eating per day . Try to find alternatives that are lower in carbs from the normal food choices you eat.   You might have to try a few different products or brands to find the ones you like but just make the move.

Watch your Sugar Intake – Ok this is a big one. You will not believe how much sugar you are taking in a day. Start tracking how many grams you are taking in and figure out what foods and drinks are the main culprits. Even the good old diet shakes, protein shakes and snack bars that are supposed to be great for you sneak a lot of sugar in. You will be surprised by just how much once you start watching it. Try only eating 10g of sugar or less for one day as an exercise……………GOOD LUCK IT’S HARDER THAN HELL.

Increase Your Protein In Take – This is something that can really help control your appetite along with helping you eat lean and get the adequate amount of protein so your body is functioning properly and burning energy. Go for chicken breasts, low carb and low sugar protein shakes, hard boiled eggs cottage cheese and so on.

Start Working Out Now – Man get out walking or running for 20-30 minutes. Get to the gym if you still have a membership you are paying for and not going. J Get to a spin class, hit the pool and do some laps, walk on the treadmill or do the elliptical. The Point is do something now so you get to burning calories vs sitting around and doing nothing.

Find A Workout Program Online To Do

butt shaping exercisesOk, let me throw out something that I have been using to get rid of my holiday weight gains and I used to get in shape during the winter. Mind you, I do take it to an athletic level most of will never go or give a crap about but that is ok. The same principals apply.

If I am training for triathlons I will begin a swimming, biking and running routine along with a solid weight lifting routine. Over the years I’m leaning strictly toward biking and doing team triathlons so I ended up doing a program like P90x, T25, PiYo, Body Beast or some other programs from popular online fitness gurus.

So, January and February or the first 60 days, I will start with a dedicated fitness program that will help me focus on my nutrition with a nice laid out plan along with a solid workout plan that will keep me accountable.

I will use this to get my core in shape and do a lot of body weight exercises for all the major muscles. This then sets me up to go hard at it in March through May where I will back off the program and introduce the other sports in there. Sometimes I will be doing 2-3 workouts a day. This is where I mentioned early that this would be a part where most do not go.

The point is that you give your body a chance to adjust to eating right, getting sore and eventually stronger during the first 60 days and then you really step it up a notch. It would be here where you cycle back through to the beginning of your program and do the more advanced moves or programs. I would even suggest two 30 minute workouts per day at this point.

By now your body will have started to make adjustments to your new changes and you might see a plateau which is common and a great sign. It means you are getting in shape and your body is ready to take on more challenges.

Are You Going Back To the Couch Or Getting Up?

  • So, at this point you have a decision to make. Are You Going to Change?
  • Are you going to keep listening to that voice inside that keeps telling you it’s ok to eat all that crap?
  • Will you listen to that voice say to you again, “Ah, heck I’ll join the gym again soon I’m just too busy to work out right now? I’ll get in shape later!

My hope is that you literally kick that @#$@#$ to the curb and do something about it. Start small, take baby steps, write down your accomplishments, set small goals that are reachable and stick to them.

Find a friend to start with or hang around like minded people to help motivate you. By All means DO NOT DO NOTHING! Get your “ace” up and do it!

I have put together a quick review of some of my favorite programs that I have used over the years or that I would support doing to get you started.

You can check out the reviews here on my site.

As good as these programs are they will not work unless you at least commit to change and commit to yourself you want to get back in shape. If you do not want to do that, save yourself the money and time and keep doing what you are doing now.

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