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HumanX Weight Vest

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Those who want to make the most of their workout like to use a weighted vest. Weighted vests are used in many different ways.  Carrying the extra weight is usually considered to be a negative thing, but they are a great way to improve strength, endurance, and stamina in physical activities.

Adding resistance and weight to the body during cardio, weight lifting, or even daily chores around the house, forces the body to use more energy, burn a greater amount of fat, and build more muscle.


  • Nice stretch fabric that is easy to watch and order resistant.
  • You can buy it in 10, 20 or 40lb option.
  • Velcro belt that makes it easy to secure. 1 size fits all.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps to make it bigger or smaller to fit.
  • Weight increments are .5, 1 or 2lbs depending on the vest model.
  • Flexible weights that contain sand to conform to your body.

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The HumanX Weight Vest, made by Harbinger, comes in ten, twenty, or forty pound styles, and was recently featured in Men's Health Magazine. What makes the HumanX Weight Vest is the type of material it is designed with  which allows the vest to fit the contour of your body for a snug fit!

This is a big deal because it allows you to do crossfit workouts like in power cages doing pull-ups, run or do jumping exercises without the vest moving up and down on you. Most of the vests move all over the place when you are doing exercise movements that are requiring you to be mobile and agile.

This weight vest has a very durable exterior, featuring a tear-resistant material, and dual padding cushions in the area of the chest and shoulders. There is a custom fit tension belt made of neoprene as well, maximizing mobility.

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There is a dual adjustable shoulder strap that allows you to get a  tight fit while letting you have a wide range of  motion in any exercise you want to do with it. There is also even distribution of the weight within this vest and the shoulder strap area has fewer weights, preventing chafing. This vest also has an abrasion resistant outer shell, and dual padding on the shoulder and chest.

HumanX Weight Vest Weights

The HumanX Weight Vest comes with impact-resistant FLEX weights, or tiny, individual, plastic containers filled with sand. These can weigh ten, twenty, or forty pounds, with 0.5 pounds, 1 pound, or 2 pound weights, respectively, depending on the type of vest that you choose to purchase.

The weights can be inserted into or removed from pockets on the vest as needed, to suit any workout. The smaller sized weights allow this vest to be considered as one of the more versatile weight vests available for purchase online or in stores today.

The individual sand containers are thought by some to be more durable than the sandbags that come with other vests, however others think that the sand containers do not form to the body's shape as well as the larger sandbags do.

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Who is it For ?

This is for men and women. It would be great for high school athletes as well.  Anyone who wants a vest that will give them a lot of mobility and who plans on being really  mobile with it will love this. It would of course be great for walking and running as you can get the lower end model that is 10 pounds.


You can actually take the weights out of the best and wash the vest. Pay attention to the instructions on how to watch it and dry it. This is a big deal to me because you are obviously going to sweat in these and after a while you build up a nice stink.


Even those with extensive athletic background are thoroughly impressed with the HumanX Weight Vest. While other companies who make vests that are of poor construction and don't withstand the test of time.

The HumanX Weight Vest has a soft feel against the body, yet rugged and heavy duty, and feels like an extremely high-end product, considering its price. This is one model of weight vest that is considered to be longer, but its versatility makes it perfect for shorter athletes, as well as athletes who are taller. Overall, athletes and home users love this product and highly recommended.

Is The HumanX Vest Worth It?

You betcha it is. This is a vest that anyone will want to use who wants a weighted vest in the 10 to 40 lb range that is going to conform to their body to allow them to be really mobile and not restrict them in their exercises. It's also awesome that you can wash this as well to keep it clean. Definitely a perfect vest for the right person in mind who wants a versatile adjustable weighted vest.

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