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Hyperwear Weighted Vest

Hyperwear HyperVest PRO Review
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Adding a weighted vest to your normal strength training routine is a great way to challenge your body to go past the normal work load it's used to allows you to spark more muscle growth and to tone muscle.

In this review we are looking at a light weighted vest called the Hyperwear Hyper Vest Pro.  <strong>Perfect for crossfit</strong> or <strong>exercises you need full movement as if the vest was not even on your body</strong>.

Most strength training vests are designed to give an added impact to your daily workout schedule; basically, they add resistance to what you are used to doing. They <strong>make your exercises a bit harder than you are used to.</strong> That is exactly what the Hyper Vest Pro will do.

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The best part is, most of them have many pockets allowing you to adjust the weight as time goes by. So, if you are a newbie who can’t access a gym for your own good reasons and are looking for equipment to exercise at home, add HyperWear Weighted Vest to your list.

What Makes HyperWear Weighted Vest a Great Purchase?

Women-using Hyperwear HyperVest PROTo begin with, HyperWear Weighted Vest is made from high-quality materials and a patented design, something that makes it one of the top-of-the-line training vests. The quality of its material is almost similar to the famed V-Force weighted vest only that it’s not as bulky.

On its sides, HyperWear Weighted Vest has some lacing or straps that make it possible to make the vest snug on your body in preparation for a vigorous training. This means, however fast you run or exercise, this vest won’t jiggle up and down or sideways.

A training vest is less useful if it can’t allow you to adjust the weights to your best level. HyperWear Weighted Vest in itself has some considerable weight and comes with several high-density 10 lbs steel weights that can be put in its pockets during a workout.

You can add as much as 10 pounds of weight to the vest so it is not a very heavy weighted vest like the humanX vest which could go up to 40 pounds.. For efficient results. The vest also allows you to put the weights vertically or horizontally.

The fact that the weights can be adjusted in increments of 2.5 lbs. makes the HyperWear Weighted Vest very friendly to newbies and seasoned sportspersons who don’t want to wear a vest that feels cumbersome.

HyperWear Vest is also preferred because of its sweat proof material. Additionally, the straps on its side make this vest one of the most breathable weighted vests. Those who work out vigorously or are engaged in fast-paced sports like cross fit will find this vest a comfortable wear. Therefore, if you dislike the feeling of sweat lingering on your body, grab this vest.

It’s also worth noting that this vest is suitable for both male and female athletes. So you could totally share this with your spouse if you are both wanting to add more resistance to your workouts. So, if you are not working out at the same time, you could use this vest and share it.

HyperWear Vest Features

  • Unisex
  • Has side lacing for a comfortable fit
  • Stretchable fabric that is comfortable and odor resistance
  • The side ventilations make this vest breathable
  • High-quality material based on patented fabric and design
  • Has good appearance and its less bulky
  • Comes in several sizes


  • Serves the training needs of both men and women
  • Comes in several different sizes
  • It's machine washable
  • Snugly fits to avoid unnecessary movements
  • The material is stretchable, and there is a front zipper to help you fit in it comfortably
  • Flexible and its weight can be increased or reduced
  • Slim with a non-bulky appearance
  • The side lacing makes HyperWear Weighted Vest breathable


  • The weight pockets get worn with time.

Customer reviews

Here is what one of the reviewers said about this vest. “I like to keep fit, but I don’t like to wear clothes that let sweat drip all over my back and stomach. I have tried three vests so far, but none comes close to HyperWear Weighted Vest in keeping your body sweat proof.

Though the vest has small weight increments, it still works well since I can stash as many weights as I can into its pockets. I also like the way this vest hugs my body; however fast I run, jump or squat, this vest doesn’t jiggle. It’s worth every penny I paid.”


HyperWear Weighted Vest is available on Amazon and other reputable online fitness platforms.

Wrap up

There are very many different types of training vests but very few can offer the benefits provided by >>> HyperWear Weighted Vest To start with, this product is made from high-quality material and patented design. It guarantees an efficient training session without the discomfort brought by sweating.

Additionally, the lacing on its side and a zipper make it fit literally anyone, whether a man or a woman. You. So, if you are looking for a quality weighted vest that is less bulky and with good design, try HyperWear Weighted Vest.

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