INSANITY MAX 30 Review – Intense Cardio Workout

If you are anything like me your time is a precious commodity, one that seems to be eaten up by daily life like work, family and other adult obligations. This leaves very little time for fitness, but for me, I have found a great new method of getting the needed fitness training to keep my body in good health and looking cut.

I have begun implementing the Insanity Max 30 system of working out. Like the name suggests, it takes up 30 minutes of your day. That's right, just 30 minutes, but gives you a full body workout that is designed to keep you at peak fitness and maintain the body's physique. Be prepared though, it is insane!

My review of the Insanity Max 30 is a no b.s. not nonsense review, giving you the straight story on the program, and it is a program you are going to want to jump into if you are managing multiple responsibilities each day, limiting the time available to you for fitness.

So What Is It?

The Insanity Max 30 is a workout and nutrition program all built and designed to get you into peak fitness in 60 days. That's right, 60 days. The program is here to trim unwanted pounds, build muscle tone and defined physique, and bringing your body's nutrient and caloric levels to a healthy level.

The "Max" in the Insanity Max 30 refers to how each day, the 30 minute work out brings your body levels to their maximum output and abilities. As I said, be prepared, because this is insane, but a good insane.

Max:30 is not for the faint at heart! It's 30 of minutes of hard cardio that takes you to your limit!

  • Intense Cardio. Go til You Max Out!
  • 30 Minutes of Fat Burning Cardio
  • No Equipment
  • Nutrition Plan included

My View Of It

hardest 30 minute workoutNot even the top and most fit trainers or participants can keep their bodies at maximum performance for the full 30 minutes. But Shaun T. designed the system so each individual can achieve their max during each day's program. My first day saw me maxing out around 6 minutes in. Every repetition was hard core but after a week I could notice changes taking place.

During that first week I was tired and suffering the burn, but after seven days I began to see muscle changes and the beginning of toning in areas I always dreamed of having good shape such as the abdomen. I began to think even I could get that long dreamed of but hard to achieve six-pack stomach.

get ripped with max30Throughout the workouts, part of the Insanity Max 30 is the Shakeology nutrition program. I added this on day one and adhered to it like religion because I was dedicated to getting the body I wanted. The Shakeology kit comes with a mixer and 20 mixes to whip up the protein and supplement shake that is set up for maximum nutrition and nutrient absorption. I found it to be easy to mix, easy to consume and it had noticeable effects on my training. This was allowing me to put on muscle mass.

Not all Insanity Max 30 kits come with the Shakeology add ons, there are kits that include only the DVD and training programs, kits that have 21 day fix containers and some that come with a cook to win recipe guide book for cooking at home success with the Insanity Max 30 program. And that is the beauty of this program, you do not have to go to the gym to get the benefits.

insanity max30 no equipmentSimply pop in the training DVD and follow along at home. There are numerous workouts, different for each day of the 60 day program, and each is set up to be part of the pedagogy of fitness and body sculpting. So if you are really pressed for time you don't even have to plan time to go the gym, just get home, change into the workout clothes, pop in the DVD and hit it. It is a fantastic system that I have been getting a tremendous amount of fitness and body benefits from. You will too.

Who Is It For?

Anyone can do the Insanity Max 30. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, always check with your doctor before beginning any new fitness regimen, but all can do this. Male, female, teens, all the way up to 8o year olds. The system allows you to go at your levels and at your pace, so anyone can take advantage of the Insanity Max 30.

How Do You Lose Weight with Insanity Max 30?

max30 exercise classThe goal of Insanity Max 30 is not necessarily to shed unwanted pounds, but to turn fat into muscle and sculpt the body. Weight may be lost in the form of excess fat, but as it gets turned into muscles, it is important to remember that muscle outweighs fat. So you will see your body become trimmer, sculpted and ready for beach season, yet your weight may show you have 'put on a few pounds'.

Don't be fooled, when you look at yourself after the Insanity Max 30 you will see a sculpted and athletic looking person, and you won't see the muffin tops, love handles and rolls that were there before you started the program. Muscle is good weight, so don't panic when you see the scale go higher. Look at yourself and see the results. Not only that, but you are going to feel a level of energy increase in you that may have been missing for quite some time. This is a program that will take you to those dreamed of levels of fitness and physique you often see walking down Santa Monica beaches and Rodeo Drive.

What Are the Workouts Like?

man sweating doing max30The workouts of the Insanity Max 30 are broken into segments. These segments are forms of interval training, so you will start off maxing out for say, 20 seconds, then have a 10 second cool down. These reps continue for portions of the workout, bringing your body up and then giving it a recovery period.

The first workout is the Cardio. This is going to get your body's cardio-pulmonary system set to increase it's output and consumption of glycogen. This is 30 minutes and will totally get you primed for more.

max 30 insane resultsNext comes the Tabata-Power workouts. The Tabata workouts are the strength training sessions and believe me, your muscles will be begging for mercy after each one of your Tabata workouts. These also are spaced between the Cardio so the body has time to recover and repair that system as you tax out the muscles so they too build and recover. These are done in intervals as well, going 20 seconds, then taking a 10 second break for recovery. As your body increases its ability with the Insanity Max 30 you will begin doing more intervals, but always in the prescribed time periods. You do more as you get stronger.

insanitymax30 Workoout resultsSweat intervals come next and these are there to help burn those calories as you convert the fat cells into hard muscle. The sweat intervals keep the body maxed out and building as you want. This is how it worked for me when I did the program and if I could do it, anyone can.
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Bottom Line

I think the Insanity Max 30 by Shaun T. can be one of the most effective work outs I have seen yet and could give you the dream body body your want if you follow the program. Yes, you have to commit, there is no second guessing this one, but if you fully commit and do the program you are going to see results that you've never seen before. Go for it at beachbody's official site! I would love to hear comments about folks who have done it.

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  1. I just got the Max30 program. I am excited….but terrified to try it. I will give you an update on my progress in a week or two. Maybe I’ll have a six pack by then ;P

    1. Hey Shelbie, just jump in and do what you can do for the first week. This is a program that isn’t meant to be conquered but yet put you to the max every time you do it. Maybe play the Rocky theme song before you start your first workout, lol! Looking forward to see how it goes.

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