Our Review Of The Legend 3 Way Adjustable Weight bench

The the Legend Three-Way Utility Bench could be adjustable bench you need for your home gym that you have been searching for!  Along with number of different angles and positions you can set the bench to, probably the most distinguishing feature on this piece of equipment is the fact you can customize the color of the bench.  Eh? You mean to say there are more than just grey and black weight benches out there? And can you can even choose the color of the steel?

Legend has lead the way when it comes to brightening up gyms and workout spaces with this latest bench. With around 28 different frame colors and over 80 different color options to choose from for the padding, you can be fairly certain your version of the Legend Three-Way Utility Bench will be unique and the perfect fit for your gym. It’s really quite a neat option that’s not seen much elsewhere in the market and great if you want an individualized look.

Update 4-9-2016: Please see our bench comparison article here. This bench as been removed from the product line.

Of course color options are really only for aesthetically satisfaction, so let’s get to the nitty gritty of what this bench offers.

What Are The Product Features Of the Legend Three-Way

  • Bench Angles – The backrest of the Legend Three-Way can adjust to seven different angles from flat right up to 85°, while the seat bottom has three positions and can go from flat to 15° or 30°. This gives you a great range of options and levels for your upper body weight training. You won’t find a decline position on here though – but if you don’t tend to use the decline position during your workouts anyway then you won’t miss it on this bench.
  • Wobble Concerns – The frame is made out of sturdy 11-gauge steel and chrome-plated pop pin plates so you’ll have a solid base for your workouts and there shouldn’t be any concerns about wobbles. It’s a well-constructed base with everything fully welded so there shouldn’t be any deterioration in the immediate future.
  • The steel is powder-coated which will help prevent rust and scuffs.
  • Bench Weight – The bench weighs in a decent 93lbs, so it’s not exactly lightweight.
  • Bench Height – It measures 55″ in length, 18″ wide and 48″ in height. The length may not be ideal for taller people as it could be a bit short – especially if you’re over 6 foot – so you’ll need to keep that in mind when weighing up your options for which bench to purchase. It’s not the end of the world if it’s a little short but you’ll probably find it quite annoying and it may affect your training.
  • Padding – The cushion padding is double-stitched, a good three inches thick and 10 inches wide – so enough to give you plenty of support, comfort and durability but without getting in the way for exercises such as fly work. The bench also has wheels and a foam rubber grip handle which makes it easy to move around the gym or at home.

Where Can You Purchase The Legend?

The Legend Three-Way Utility Bench can be purchased through Rogue Fitness for about $650 so it’s one of the more expensive options on our list.  However it is a reliable bench made from solid and sturdy materials so you’ll be buying quality equipment.

What Are The Drawbacks?

The main setbacks with this bench is that there’s no option for a decline position and that it may be a little short if you’re over 6 foot. You’ll need to assess your own workout and fitness needs in regards to whether the decline position is an absolute necessity for a new bench. While it’s a reasonably heavy bench, it pays to keep in mind that it comes with wheels and a handle which will make it easy and straight forward to move around.

If you’re not fussed on the color customization then you might feel it’s a bit expensive – and you probably could find something cheaper out there – but the Legend Three-Way Utility is still a solid buy for any gym or at home, regardless of the color options. The variety of positions for the backrest and seat cushion will provide plenty of options for working out  even without the decline and the materials will last a long time and give you plenty of support.

In Summary

Overall, the legend bench is a quality weight bench that would work really well with a home gym power rack.  You have all the features you need to do the various exercises. And if you want the best looking and most unique equipment on the block? Then you’ve come to the right place by looking at this colorful offering from Legend.

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