Les Mills At Home MMA Workout Review

Les Mills CombatWorkouts based around mixed martial arts training have become one of the hottest trends in the fitness industry. They’re not easy — in fact, they’re often extremely challenging — but they definitely are “different” compared to most other exercise styles. Many people consider them to be much more fun than typical cardio workouts.

Most importantly, MMA-based routines are proven fat burners. In fact, they’re among the best options for rapid fat loss, total body conditioning, and developing truly functional strength in a short amount of time!

What Is This Popular Home Workout MMA DVD?

Beachbody’s answer to the MMA workout craze is the Les Mills Combat DVD home workout program. Like other popular martial arts workouts — including George St. Pierre’s Rushfit , Tapout XT, and UFC Fit — it combines many of the best things about “fighting” workouts and leaves out the bad stuff (like getting punched in the head repeatedly).

Beachbody asked Mr. Mills to create an exciting, fast-paced workout — similar to his ultra popular BODY ATTACK, BODY PUMP, and BODY COMBAT workouts — and he seems to have delivered. Since its release, the Combat package has been a top-seller online.

As its popularity grows, more and more people are looking for real, hype-free reviews of the Les Mills Combat workout. People want to know if it really works and if it’s worth investing time and money on.

Lots of people are simply looking for a good alternative to the typical high-intensity cardio programs (like P90X/P90X3, Insanity, Focus T25, 21 day Fix etc.), dance-based workouts (like Zumba and Hip Hop Abs), and heavy strength training-based systems (like CrossFit and Body Beast) that currently dominate the home fitness scene.

Meet the trainers that will help you kick and punch yourself into shape!

dan cohen and rach newsham trainersIf you are ready to punch, kick and sweat Dan Cohen and Rach Newsham will kick your butt into shape! 🙂

Dan  Cohen is a former British Kickboxing champion and was runner up at the world kickboxing championship.

Rach Newsham is a graduate out of the WMC Lamai Muaythai Camp in Thailand. These guys have what it takes and you can trust they know what the heck they are doing! They have been teaching people the past 14 years to get results and get in shape.

Here are 7 of the most important things to know about the new Les Mills MMA workout…

1. This workout is based on the Les Mills-created BODY COMBAT program, an extremely popular group fitness class offered at gyms and studios around the world. Several years ago BODY COMBAT was released and it quickly became known as one of the best ways to lose weight quickly while toning the entire body — and having fun in the process.

BODY COMBAT routines are famous for being able to burn over 700 calories per class (on average) and for being among the first programs to incorporate real martial arts movements into the routines. Boxing, Kung Fu, Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Brazilian Capoeira, and MMA components are all integrated, just as they are in the new “at home” Combat workout.

2. Some reviewers have called Les Mills Combat a “martial arts dance” workout, similar in some ways to the very popular Tae Bo workout system. While MMA purists and people wanting real self defense training may not like that, the average person will enjoy the smooth, rhythmic movements and very upbeat dance music used in the routines.

3. The program is split into 7 unique workouts: Basics, Kick Start, Power Kata, Extreme Cardio Fighter, Ultimate Warrior’s Workout, Power HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and Shock Plyo HIIT. Every routine involves a combination of MMA-style punches, kicks, and strikes.

Some of the workouts also involve what could be considered “advanced” movements, including plyometric box jumps and similar explosive exercises. The workouts are of different lengths but, in general, are quite a bit shorter than P90X workouts.

4. No special equipment is required, and only a small area of floor space is needed to do the workouts. This is obviously great for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on weights, resistance bands, pull up bars, or other pieces of exercise equipment often required to do many home workouts.

Light dumbbells can be added to some of the workouts to increase their intensity. And Beachbody sells special “Combat Training” gloves that are basically just regular MMA fight gloves, but they also aren’t required to do any of the workouts.

5. You don’t have to already be in good shape to use Les Mills Combat. The package includes instruction on how to tailor the workouts to your own fitness level and schedule. Also, the Beachbody trainers (Dan Cohen and Rach Newsham) provide careful guidance on how to get the most out of the workouts without overdoing it or risking injury. In the initial workouts they also carefully demonstrate how every movement should be performed, so the risk of muscle pulls, strains, and sprains is minimized.

6. All Les Mills workouts are known for the unique and up-tempo music they incorporate. The Combat videos are no different. In fact, many people end up searching for the playlists used in the videos for their own iPods and MP3 players!

7. One of the few “negatives” associated with this workout is its lack of dedicated muscle-building exercises and routines. But 95% of MMA workouts are not designed to add bulky muscle mass, and this is no different. The goal is to create lean, strong, and sexy muscle tissue. If muscle growth is your priority, you may want to choose another type of strength training-based program.

What Makes It So Unique?

This is program was developed from 6 different martial art disciplines bringing in the best moves that are easy to learn, effective fat burners and are fun to do as well. It essentially takes advantage of HIIT (High Interval Intensity training) that is famous for stimulating rapid fat loss creating a nice lean athletic body!  So, if you are after getting lean and ripped up using a fun mma wokrout this is it!

What is Included in the Combat Kit?


Combat Kit Contents

Workout DVDContents
Workout 1: The Basics (30 minutes)You will learn the basic MMA movements including “guards and stances to be used throughout the program.
Workout 2: Kick Start (30 Minute)Beginner workout and not very complex but it is high in intensity as he teaches you the basic combination moves.
Workout 3: Power KATA (45 Minute)You Develop Technique and Flow using speed and power moves that just burn calories. Sorta like cross-training moves.
Workout 4: Extreme Cardio Fighter (60 minutes)This is all about building your endurance by pushing you hard with high repitition moves taking your muscles to their max. You will get pushed to your limit!
Workout 5: Ultimate Warrior’s Workout: (60 minutes)Covers Upper, Lower body, core and Cardio. Get ready to sweat in this one folks!
Workout 6: Power Hit 1 (30 minutes)HIIT using small sequences of maximum effort followed by recovery moves. This will help build your lactate threshold to go harder and longer.
Workout 7: Shcok PLYO HIT 2Plyometic type exercises here to improve athletic performance. This one my friend is the ultimate body workout. It will have a feel of cross fit to it.

Learn more about Less’s workout program here at beachbody’s site.


The Bottom Line: Give It a Try

Combat focuses very much on getting results as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s designed for people of nearly all fitness levels, incorporates lots of variety, and can easily be used as your daily “go to” cardio workout. If you’re looking for something a little different and a little more fun, you should definitely consider giving this Les Mills MMA program a try!

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