Best Organic Liposomal Vitamin D3 Review

It Made Me Afraid To Try Other Vitamin D Supplements. Here’s Why..

I used to think that all vitamin D supplements are the same. But it turns out that they are not. In fact, most vitamin D supplements available in the market right now will only harm your body.

Keep reading to see why you’ll make the right decision by choosing a liquid Vitamin D3 with k2 and not the others. (The answer might shock you)

Low Vitamin D

But First, A Disclaimer:

This review is 100% based on my personal experience with this product. I’m not trying to praise or criticize the product. What you’ll read here is my opinion about this product, and based on the research I’ve done regarding the benefits of Vitamin D.

Despite, it has been working really well for me, which made me continue using this supplement for a few months now… I can’t guarantee this will work as well for you too.

With that said, let’s get into it…

Why Did I Decide To
Try Liposomal Vitamin D3?

For a long time, vitamin D has been considered as a healthy bone supporter.

But within the last few years, several breakthrough studies discovered the true healing potential of vitamin D.

  • Improved blood pressure
  • Mood and emotional balance
  • Healthy reproductive system
  • Better cognitive function
  • And so much more…

But perhaps, more importantly, its anti-aging miracle that will make your body young again, which restores your energy and improves your weakened immune system.

All These Amazing Health Benefits Has Convinced Me To Buy A Vitamin D Supplement.

Vitamin D for Health

As I said earlier, I used to think that all vitamin D supplements are created the same. And yet, I didn’t know so much about vitamin D.

So, I did the natural things that everyone else is doing…

I visited Amazon and searched for vitamin D supplements.

I scrolled through the first five pages, and then I bought the product that has a lot of reviews and sold at an affordable price.

And that was a mistake.

Yeah, right.

If you did the same thing before, you know what happened next…

The First Vitamin D Supplement I Bought Didn’t Work For Me.

Bottle with Vitamin D3 by Now and some bottles with dietary supplement

I consumed this top-rated supplement for a few weeks and feeling completely disappointed because there are no claimed benefits that work for me.

You see, Vitamin D should help to improve your energy, but this supplement didn’t really help me in my daily tasks. I still feel extremely exhausted during my days, just like before.

Another noticeable benefit of Vitamin D is its ability in improving your sleep quality. And as you might guess, I was still struggling with insomnia after I started consumed this supplement regularly.

“How could that possible?” I said to myself.

There are so many scientific studies that prove the healing potential of Vitamin D… but why this supplement didn’t work for me?

Out of curiosity, I started to look for answers on the Internet.

And that’s how I stumbled upon this scientific article that says…


There Two Forms Of Vitamin D

Yes, there are two forms of vitamin D that your body can synthesize and use…

One is the vitamin D that praised by doctors and scientists all over the world… and the other is cheap, ineffective, deemed nearly worthless by scientists, but flooded the market because it’s so much easier to get.

The cheap one is vitamin D2 that’s often crammed into supplements and prescription pills because it’s dirt cheap.

And yes, after I read the supplement facts of the first supplement I bought, the product is contained Vitamin D2… which is why it is worthless as sawdust.

The one that’s praised by scientists and doctors is called Vitamin D3.

Vitamin D3 is as premium as it gets. In fact, scientists at Creighton University and the Medical University of South Carolina proved with a controlled, double-blind study that revealed vitamin D3 is 300% more effective than D2.

That’s How I Finally Learned About PuraTHRIVE Liquid D3

Out of all the supplements I could found on the market, this one is the one that made me feel confident to give it a try.

No, it’s not only because it contains Vitamin D3, but there are two more important reasons why I choose this product over the others.

First, It Has Superior Liposomal Delivery

Chemical formula of Vitamin D3 with pen.

Taking Vitamin D3 offers several amazing health benefits to your body. And the benefits will be magnified when you’re taking Vitamin D3 Supplement with liposomal delivery since it could be absorbed way faster by your body – 20 times faster to be exact.

You see, scientists noted that while Vitamin D2 could reach its peak and petered out in just 3 days… Vitamin D3 won’t plummet down after it reached its peak. It will stay in your body for 14 days!

The only problem is, it takes time to reach its peak…

…Which is why with liposomal delivery you can get the best benefits of Vitamin D3.

Yes, you will immediately feel its benefits within minutes after you consume it. You’ll immediately feel the increased energy that makes your body “feel lighter”, and you’ll also feel more focused when doing your daily tasks.

But that’s not all…

What’s more, liposomal delivery also ensures all the nutrient gets delivered to your cells, so you can get maximum benefits of Vitamin D3.

Enzymes in your mouth and stomach are just two of so many things inside your body that could break-down and degrade the supplement.

If you consume PureTHRIVE Liquid D3, you can rest assured knowing its liposomes can ensure nothing will stop you from getting the true healing potential of Vitamin D3.

Sounds really interesting, right?

That’s the first reason why I choose PuraTHRIVE Liquid D3.

Another reason is because…

It also contains Vitamin d3 with Vitamin K2, The Missing Ingredient In Most Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 work well when being consumed together to improve your overall health and increase your immune system.

However, most supplement manufacturers seem to forget to include vitamin K2 in their supplements, except PuraTHRIVE who includes it because I think they know it could give more benefits for their consumers…

…Or perhaps, because they know consuming Vitamin D3 without Vitamin K2 could be dangerous for your body.

That’s right.

Without Vitamin K2 in the supplement, the proteins in your bone won’t send calcium to the bones, and the calcium will settle in your soft tissue that could cause serious problems.

On the other hand, maintaining the healthy levels of Vitamin K2 will also give you benefits such as improved bone, hearth, and kidney health.

That said…

purathrive vitamin d3 ingredients

You’ll Not Only Get The Health Benefits Of Vitamin D3

  • Improve your mental focus. Once you start consuming Vitamin D3 regularly, you can see how it can allow you to remember anything better – just like when you were younger. You’ll no longer misplace your keys, or forgetting someone's name. And when you’re working on something, you can get it done faster with better focus.
  • Boost your immune system. If you’re older than 30, chances are, your immune system has been weakened. This is why you always have a cold, feel tired all the time, and can’t get wounds healed quickly. Consuming Vitamin D3 regularly will help.
  • Have a healthier skin. The signs of aging in your skin could be caused by the deficiency of Vitamin D. If it’s true, you’ll see them disappeared within a few weeks after you start consuming PuraTHRIVE Liquid D3 regularly. Combine this with liposomal vitamin-c and you have one awesome combination for healthier looking skin!
  • Better health function. Based on many research, high levels of Vitamin D in your blood will keep your heart strong and healthy. Now, I don’t have health issues related to heart, so I couldn’t talk more about it. But if science says so, then this could be the reason to start consuming PuraTHRIVE Liquid D3 for you who have health problems.
  • Improved Sleep Quality. This is because Vitamin D3 can help you support a good mood and emotional balance. Every night, you can fall asleep quickly because you’ll immediately feel less stressed and always have that sense of calm soon after you consume PuraTHRIVE Liquid D3.

…You’ll Also Get All These Additional Benefits Of Consuming Vitamin K2 And Vitamin D3 Together

  • Healthy, dense bone tissue, which will prevent the loss of bone strength, while also helps to increase bone mineral density. This will save you from some serious problems like osteoporosis or the more severe osteopenia, a condition when your bones weaker than normal they tend to break easily.
  • Healthy, free-flowing artery, so you don’t have to worry about suffering from the signs of clogged arteries such as chest pain, shortness of breath, and heart palpations.

These are just a few examples of what you can expect as soon as you start consuming PuraTHRIVE Liquid D3.

In case you’re wondering…

Are There Any Other Supplements That Offer The Same Benefit?

Unfortunately, there aren’t.

The reason why is simply because there’s only one form of Vitamin K2 that could work well together with Vitamin D3.

…This form of Vitamin K2 is called MK-7.

Among all the other forms of Vitamin K2, MK-7 is the most bioactive, absorbable, and effective form of Vitamin K2.

Even better, it has a significantly longer half-life, which allows much more time for it to be absorbed and work its magic.

PuraTHRIVE is the only company that focuses on developing a formulation of Vitamin D3 with Vitamin K2.

In fact, they even patented their own form of MK-7, which proven to offer superior benefits among the others.

So, there are no other manufacturers that can offer these amazing health benefits:

  • Up to 20 times more bioavailability that allows the supplement to be absorbed almost immediately
  • A unique formulation that ensures the nutrient won’t get destroyed by enzymes in your mouth and stomach.
  • And a perfect combination of Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 (in the form of MK-7) that offers more health benefits like healthy bone and healthy artery.

Now, let’s address the big question:

Does It Really Work?

Yes, there are other claimed benefits being advertised on its product page:

After consuming this supplement for almost 2 months, I can tell you that it really works for me.

Before this, I used to feel tired all the time, and always feel extremely exhausted in the evening even when I didn’t do too many things on that day.

PuraTHRIVE has helped me boost my energy to face my busy days. I feel like I’m a more productive person right now.

The other thing I love about this product is, how the effect could be noticed immediately.

You see, sometimes I can feel so stressed right after I wake up in the morning. This supplement always saved my day, and suddenly make me feel happier and have a better mood throughout the day.

“Does it really help improve immunity?” you might ask.

Well, it does.

In case you didn’t know, the problems I mentioned above are two signs of a weakened immune system.

Since this product has helped me solve those problems, we can tell that PuraTHRIVE is working really well to boost the immune system thanks to its unique formulation of Vitamin D3 and MK-7.

Conclusion – Should You Buy PuraTHRIVE Liquid D3?

Well, if you want to get the maximum benefits of Vitamin D, then my answer is a big YES.

Just remember that there are some benefits like better health function and healthier artery that couldn’t be achieved in a short time.

For the other benefits, you can feel it almost immediately.

There’s one claimed benefit I couldn’t prove to be true.

…That’s about improving your memory.

I’m not sure about this one – I never forgot where I left my car’s key so I couldn’t tell the difference. If you’re planning to buy this product with the hope it can help you improve your memory, please do more research first.

One Final Thought…

Now, that you’ve learned what you can expect from PuraTHRIVE Liquid D3, and why you should try this product.

The next move is up to YOU.

But seriously, if you’ve read this far, you know that you have a strong interest in giving this superfood supplement a try. All that’s left is to take the action and do it.

If you’re still not sure, I recommend taking the advantage of its generous refund policy.

Yes, you can try this product for 180-days, and if you’re not happy… you can ask for a refund.

There’s nothing to lose with this generous refund policy.

If it doesn’t work for you… your worst-case scenario is, you’ll spending a few minutes to contact PuraTHRIVE’s support team to ask for a refund.

Click here to order this product from its official web store.

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