Master’s Hammer and Chisel Workout Review

master hammer and chisel review

If you are looking for a program that is going to kick your butt into shape, you need something more challenging that your current workout, you want to get ripped, then keep reading because the Master Hammer and Chisel program is just for YOU!

  • Train with 2 of the best trainers
  • For anyone looking to get tone and ripped
  • Mix of 21 day fix and Bodybeast
  • Work All Body Parts
  • Nutrition Plan included
  • Anyone can do this workout!

Master Hammer & Chisel Workout Schedule and Calendar

Week 1Day: 1Day: 2Day: 3Day: 4Day: 5Day: 6Day: 7
Chisel BalanceHammer Plyometrics or optional: Master's Cardio**Iso Strength ChiselRest DayIso Speed HammerChisel EnduranceSession: 1 Total Body Hammer Session: 2 10 Min Ab Hammer
Week 2Day: 8Day: 9Day: 10Day: 11Day: 12Day: 13Day: 14
Chisel CardioMax Hammer Strength or optional: Hammer Build Up*Chisel Agility or Master's Cardio**  Optional: 15 min Glute Chisel*Rest DayHammer PowerChisel Balance or optional: power chisel* and 10 min ab chiselHammer Conditioning and optional: 15 min leg hammer*
Week 3Day: 15Day: 16Day: 17Day: 18Day: 19Day: 20Day: 21
Total Body Hammer and optional: 15 Min Leg HammerChisel Agility or optional:  Master's CardioSession: 1 Max Hammer Strength Session: 2 10 Min Ab HammerRest DaySession: 1 Total Body ChiselSession: 2 10 Min Ab ChiselHammer Plyometrics or Optional: Master's CardioIso Strength Chisel and optional: 15 Min Glute Chisel*
Week 4Day: 22Day: 23Day: 24Day: 25Day: 26Day: 27Day: 28
Chisel Balance or optional: power chisel* and 10 min ab chiselMax Hammer StrengthChisel Cardio and optional 15 Min Glute Chisel*Rest DayIso Speed Hammer or optional: hammer build up* and optional: 15 min leg hammer*Chisel Agility or optional: Master's CardioSession: 1 Hammer PowerSession: 2 10 Min Ab Hammer
Week 5Day: 29Day: 30Day: 31Day: 32Day: 33Day: 34Day: 35
Session: 1 Total Body Chisel Session: 2 10 Min Ab ChiselSession: 1 Hammer PowerSession: 2 10 Min Ab HammerChisel Balance and optional: 15 min glute chisel*Rest DayIso Speed Hammer and optional 15 min leg hammer*Chisel Endurance or optional: power chisel*Total Body Hammer or Optional: hammer build up
Week 6Day: 36Day: 37Day: 38Day: 39Day: 40Day: 41 Day: 42
Chisel Agility or optional: Master's Cardio** and  optional 15 min Glute Chisel*Session: 1 Hammer ConditioningSession: 2 10 Min Ab HammerChisel Cardio or optional: power chisel*Rest DayHammer PowerSession: 1 Chisel BalanceSession: 2 10 Min Ab ChiselMax Hammer Strength or Optional: Hammer Build Up* and optional: 15 min leg hammer*
Week 7Day: 43Day: 44Day: 45Day: 46Day: 47Day: 48Day: 49
Session: 1 Total Body ChiselSession: 2 10 Min Ab ChiselIso Speed Hammer and optional 15 Min Leg Hammer*Iso Strength ChiselRest DayHammer ConditioningChisel Cardio and optional: 15 min glute chiselSession: 1 Total Body HammerSession: 2 10 Min Ab Hammer
Week 8Day: 50Day: 51Day: 52Day: 53Day: 54Day: 55Day: 56
Session: 1 Chisel EnduranceSession: 2 10 Min Ab ChiselMax Hammer Strength or optional: Hammer Build up* and optional: 15 min leg hammerChisel Cardio and optional: 15 min gulte chiselRest DayHammer Plyometrics or optional: Master's Cardio** and optional: 15 min leg hammerTotal Body Chisel or optional: Power chisel* and optional: 15 min glute chisel*Session: 1 Hammer PowerSession: 2 10 Min Ab Hammer

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel that is designed by two of the best trainers they have, Autumn Calabrese for the famous 21 day fix program and Sagi Kalev who developed body beast. Both of these guys are famous for helping thousands lose weight, build lean muscle, burn fat and getting ripped!

doing hammer chisel at homeBefore you continue let me just start out by saying the first few workouts are tough. I'm into my 3rd week of the workouts now and actually considering this is my first week (January 4th, 2016) of the program because the other two were over the holidays.

Before started MH, I was actively doing bodybeast each day before entering into this workout and I was sore as hell the first week from the 2 main leg workouts.

The second week, I was not near as sore and I'm fine the 3rd week.  With that said, just realize you might have to take it easy the first few weeks if you haven't been lifting or working out for a while with your legs.

There are some advanced exercises in this workout that could be new to some people. So, you might fumble through it a bit your first few times, but be patient with it and follow Autumn along as you get used to the moves.

Ok, Let's Rock!

I'm going to give a review of Master's Hammer and Chisel so you can figure out if it is a program that you want to try out. I can tell you right now I can't wait to try it because I loved the Body Beast program, and my wife loves the 21-day fix program. So, let's get rolling to see why you would want to buy it.

Sculpt a lean, defined body—a perfect physique—with the expert body-transformation system designed by Sagi Kalev and Autumn Calabrese, famous for 21 day fix workout.

What Is Master’s Hammer and Chisel?

autumn and sagi posingThis is a total strength program that will help you chisel your body to look like a Greek statue with shredded muscle! Ok, that is a bit extreme, but you get my drift. For 60 days, this dynamic duel will use the best strength training exercises, nutrition plans, and tricks they have used for years to get you in the best shape of your life.

They will take you through 12 body sculpting 30-40 minute workouts that will target each of the major areas of your body each week.

You get the experience and proven techniques from both trainers that have taken them decades to master each workout.

These are not the normal workouts you are used to. They have integrated what fitness experts call SSP training. So, that stands for Stabilization, Strength, and Power to have the most effective resistance workout possible. Most workouts tend to only focus on one or the other. Not this one!

You get all 3 for the price of one! With the insider secrets they have used for years, you will be losing fat, developing muscle, and toning muscle all over your body.

On top of killer workouts that are proven to work, you will also get a detailed nutrition plan to follow as well. We'll cover that in more detail later.

Check out the preview video below:

What Are the Workouts Like?

Shoulder PressOkay, first off, I would rate a couple of these workouts as intense and compare them to a P90x workout but shorter. The chisel balance, hammer plyometrics, and chisel strength really get your heart rate up high and hit your legs really hard.

The workout times are between 25-45 minutes. So they are totally doable to get done in under an hour with a short shower to get rolling with your day.

I took my heart rate monitor along and was surprised at how high my heart rate was during the Chisel Balance and Hammer Plyometrics. I burned through 400 calories and in a very short time. My heart rate was at 158 bpm during the plyometrics section. Guys, that is where my heart rate gets during a hard mountain biking session, so that shows you how effective this fat-burning workout is!

My normal heart rate is around 52 resting, just to put that into perspective, and my lactic acid threshold is usually around 162 bpm. Or it gets that high when I'm out running in hard. I was surprised as hell, panting hard as heck, and freaking pumped all at the same time. Finally, something to kick my butt in a short period of time that works.

dumbbell row exerciseThose 2 workouts, in particular, were hard, but it doesn't mean you won't be able to do it. You can obviously go at your own pace to lighten it up. Plus, the others were easier and shorter, so it balanced out well overall.

Okay, let's look at what is in store for you in week one so you know what it will be like. My butt and legs were so dang sore midweek 1 I was walking funny at work.

It's normal to be honest. The same thing happened when I did Body Beast and P90x3. I would highly recommend a foam roller after each workout to prevent this. I was lazy and didn't use one I should have. I've been through it so many times over the years; I truly didn't give a crap about it because I knew the 2nd week I'd be fine. Let's check out what the first week will be like so you get more of a feel of what to expect from the hammer & chisel workout.

Week 1 Master & Hammer Chisel Schedule

Day 1: Chisel Balance is 40 minutes and 20 seconds long

This is all about working your legs hard, doing 15 reps per exercise, and each exercise is repeated twice. This is one of the harder workouts of the program.

Your heart rate will be high the whole time doing these exercises:

  • 1 legged squats
  • bridges while lifting weights over your head
  • Planks,
  • Squat Jumps on one leg
  • 1 legged plank on the bench with 1 arm bench press and more.

Your quads, hamstrings, and glutes will be burning by the time you are done. I burned 400 plus calories in this workout alone. You need a weight bench or exercise ball, a small set of dumbbells, and definitely a towel. 🙂 Basically, you need something to sit on to lift the dumbbells, so use what you have.

Day 2: Hammer Plyometrics is 25:32 seconds long.

Ha, this looks short, but I'm going to say this is going to kick your butt, end of story. I was like WTH after this workout in the first week did I just sign up for p90x again.

You will go anaerobic here and max out. You do these types of exercises:

  • Vertical jumps
  • Plank push-ups touching the bench with one hand on the way up
  • Jumping over a bench side to side
  • Chin-ups and crunches
  • Lunge squats
  • Drum roll, please—burpees. LOL, yep, everyone's favorite!

If you don't know what that is, it's a very simple move where you use your own body weight to torture your cardio system. 🙂 You start standing, drop to the floor to plank, hop back with your feet on the floor by your hands, stand up, and jump as high as you can when you stand up. Then you repeat. It's a love-hate exercise. Killer for burning fat, but hard doing it.

Day 3: Iso Strength Chisel is 34 minutes and 39 seconds long.

Ok, it's day 3 of butt-kicking awesomeness. You are sore and starting to doubt yourself a bit; what did I get into? But you keep thinking, if I want to get chiseled, I need to get after it and not quit. This is built around 10-second isometric holds. Man, these are famous for building deep inner strength in your muscles. You will do 10 reps of the exercise, and the last one you hold for 10 seconds. You will then repeat this 3 times per exercise. The workout includes squats, push-ups, 1-arm rows, abs, dumbbell lateral raises, and pull-ups.

Day 4: Rest

Heck, yes, finally! The first week, I was like, thank God! 2nd and 3rd week, my legs were good, and I actually got bored and had to do some cardio.

Day 5: Iso Speed Hammer is 23 minutes long

With the warm-up and warm-down, this is really about 20 minutes. It is a very faced paced sequence doing push-ups, lunges, pull-ups, deadlifts, squats, calves, tricep kickbacks, etc.. It's great for a bit of cardio. 1st week, I looked forward to it being so short. The following weeks, it was way too short, so I added abs to it.

Day 6: Chisel Endurance

Day 7: Total Body Hammer & 10 Minute Abs Hammer

Ready for a new challenge and workout that? Learn more about this awesome Beachbody workout that people are raving about and will kick your fat loss in gear.

Master Hammer & Chisel Workout Calendar

Note: Any workout marked with one * refers to those available to purchasers of the Master Hammer & Chisel Deluxe Kit. You can add those workouts or substitute them for that day. If there are **, this means you can substitute that workout when you have limited time for that day.

I am a personal fan of the Beachbody workouts and have been for years. There is such a variety out there that you can definitely find a workout that will work for you if this one is not to your liking.

What Makes It So Effective?

The reason this works is due to the trainers involved and their expertise in helping thousands of people lose weight and get ripped. Let's start by covering their backgrounds, so you know you are getting advice from individuals you can trust to deliver results.

Sagi Kalev is the creator of Body Beast, a strength-building or bodybuilding program you can do at home. I have personally done this and just loved it. His techniques in that were incredible and effective. So, I can only imagine what he is going to bring to the table, teaming up with Autumn.

Sagi has been featured on the cover of 50+ fitness magazine covers. His biggest claim to fame is appearing on Muscle & Fitness eleven different times. You do not get on that cover unless you are ripped and know what the heck you are doing.

He won the title of Mr. Israel two times in bodybuilding. He also is a Hall of Fame member of the IFBB Propta Hall of Fame. On top of that, he is a master professional personal trainer. The dude has street cred, without a doubt, and produces results, period.

Autumn Calabrese took the world by storm when she released her 21 Day Fix program to the public. It is one of Beachbody's number 1 sellers to date. Outside of being a super busy mom, she holds a certification in personal training from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, competed at the national level in bikini competitions, and holds a certification from the American Fitness Professionals and Associates. She is motivating, personal, and knows what she is doing!

What Equipment is Required?

master hammer and chisel results emma

You will need dumbbells for the workout. An adjustable dumbbell set would be perfect; otherwise, you will need to figure out how to use resistance bands or purchase a set.

Additionally, you will need an adjustable weight bench, or you could use a stability ball if you have one lying around.

Lastly, you will need a way to do pull-ups. If you have a power tower in your home gym, then you are set! If not, you need to get one of those pull-up attachments that hang over the door or use resistance bands that attach to the door.

I have personally used the door attachments. They work, but make sure the door frame is sturdy enough to hold your weight.

Using them personally makes me nervous about ruining my door, so I ended up going with a pull-up bar I attached to my basement ceiling instead.

Recently, I purchased a power rack that was under $100, which worked perfectly for all the Beachbody workouts.

The good news is that they do have options in the workouts for people who have limited equipment. So don’t worry if you don't have the perfect equipment; you can totally get by here.

Nutrition and Meal Plan

As with all Beachbody products, you will get a detailed Hammer and Chisel nutrition guide to follow. Both Sagi and Autumn did an awesome job making their eating plans simple in their previous programs. Since both of them are experts in this area, you can only expect the best of the best here.

So, you get a customized nutritional plan that, based on your fitness goals, will get you lean and toned, build more muscle, maintain your weight, or sculpt your body to get ripped.

To make this simple for everyone, they incorporated the 21 Day Fix portion control container method. You get 7 containers that help simplify how much you eat for the various food types.

What's Included in the Master's Hammer and Chisel Kit

  • 6 DVDs that contain a total of 12 workouts
  • 7 color-coded containers to help with portion control
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 60-day Master's Hammer and Chisel Workout Calendar
  • Nutrition Plan, Cheat Sheet, and Food list
  • 2 Bonus workouts: 10 Minute Ab Hammer and 10 Minute Ab Chisel

Note: The deluxe kit includes everything above in the base kit, plus an 8 lb medicine ball, 4 workouts to go with it, and an extra set of 7 colored containers.

How To Prepare for the Master's Hammer and Chisel Challenge

Before embarking on the Master's Hammer and Chisel Workout, it's essential to consider some precautions to ensure a safe and effective fitness journey. Here are some key precautions to keep in mind:

Assess Your Fitness Level

Before diving into this program, evaluate your current fitness level. This workout is known for its intensity, so if you've been inactive or are new to strength training, consider starting with a less demanding program and gradually building up your fitness.

Consult With a Healthcare Professional

If you have any underlying health conditions or concerns, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or physician before starting this or any other exercise program. They can provide guidance on whether it's suitable for your individual health situation.

Make Sure You Have the Necessary Equipment and Space

Before starting the Master's Hammer and Chisel Workout program, confirm that you have the essential equipment and adequate workout space.

Double-check that you have dumbbells, an adjustable weight bench, and options for pull-ups at your disposal to facilitate your exercises effectively. Furthermore, your workout area must have sufficient space for safe and unobstructed exercise, providing you with the ideal environment for your fitness journey.

Listen to Your Body

Throughout the program, pay close attention to your body's signals. If you experience excessive pain, dizziness, or discomfort during a workout, it's essential to stop immediately. Pushing through severe pain can lead to injury.

Do Not Rush

Don't rush through the program, especially if you're new to strength training. Follow the workout calendar provided and gradually increase the intensity as your fitness level improves. Trying to do too much too soon can lead to burnout or injury.

Remember to Warm-Up and Cool Down

Always start each workout with a proper warm-up to prepare your muscles and joints for exercise. Similarly, conclude each session with a cool-down to aid recovery and reduce muscle soreness.

Pay Attention to Hydration and Nutrition

Stay well-hydrated throughout the program, and consider following the nutrition plan provided. Proper hydration and nutrition are crucial for maximizing results and maintaining energy levels during the workouts.

Don’t Ignore Rest and Recovery

Don't underestimate the importance of rest days. The program includes designated rest days for a reason. Adequate rest and recovery are essential for muscle growth and overall well-being.

Ensure Proper Form and Technique

Focus on maintaining proper form and technique during exercises. Using incorrect forms can lead to injuries. If you're unsure about a particular exercise, seek guidance from a fitness professional or trainer.

Personalize the Program

Remember that one size doesn't fit all. Modify exercises or use lighter weights if necessary to match your fitness level and avoid overexertion.

By taking these precautions into account, you can approach the Master's Hammer and Chisel Workout program with confidence and work toward achieving your fitness goals safely and effectively.

How Mistakes To Avoid

Participating in the Master's Hammer and Chisel Workout program offers the promise of achieving remarkable fitness results. However, like any fitness regimen, it's vital to be aware of common mistakes that can hinder your progress or even lead to injuries.

Below, we'll explore these potential pitfalls and provide guidance on how to steer clear of them.

Overloading Without Progression

Starting with excessively heavy weights can strain muscles and joints, increasing the risk of injury.

To prevent this, begin with weights suited to your current fitness level and gradually boost resistance as your strength improves. Gradual progression is essential for safe and effective strength development.

Lack of Exercise Variety

Performing repetitive exercises without incorporating variety can result in muscle imbalances and reduced overall effectiveness.

To counter this, adhere to the recommended workout schedule, which encompasses a wide range of exercises targeting various muscle groups. Embracing diversity ensures a comprehensive and balanced fitness routine.

Underestimating Recovery Time

Hastening through recovery without giving your muscles and body time to heal can lead to overtraining, impeding your progress. Honor your rest days and prioritize recovery periods. Providing sufficient time for muscle repair and growth is crucial for achieving enduring success.

Ignoring Flexibility and Mobility

Overlooking flexibility and mobility exercises can constrain your range of motion and heighten injury risks. Include stretching and mobility routines to augment flexibility and maintain joint health.

Consider integrating practices like yoga or dedicated stretching sessions into your fitness regimen, as they can deliver significant benefits in promoting overall flexibility and reducing the potential for injuries.

Skipping Prehabilitation

Overlooking prehabilitation exercises designed to thwart injuries, particularly those emphasizing joint stability and injury prevention, can expose you to potential setbacks.

Integrate targeted prehab exercises tailored to your individual requirements, especially if you have prior injuries or identified weaknesses. Bolstering these vulnerable areas proactively can significantly diminish the likelihood of experiencing injuries during your fitness journey.

Focusing Solely on Weight Loss

Focusing solely on weight loss may inadvertently disregard critical aspects of fitness, like building muscle and enhancing overall strength.

Establish comprehensive fitness objectives that encompass not only shedding pounds but also enhancing endurance, gaining muscle, and optimizing body composition. This well-rounded approach guarantees a more balanced and holistic transformation.

Disregarding Proper Recovery Nutrition

Disregarding post-workout nutrition can impede the process of muscle recovery and growth. Following your workouts, prioritize the consumption of a well-balanced meal or snack, with a particular emphasis on including both protein and carbohydrates.

This strategic choice helps facilitate efficient muscle repair and replenishes depleted energy stores, contributing to better post-exercise recovery and overall fitness progress.

Neglecting Mental Resilience

Neglecting mental resilience is a common mistake in fitness, potentially resulting in burnout and dwindling motivation.

To cultivate mental strength, prioritize setting realistic goals, maintaining a positive outlook, and recognizing your achievements. A robust mindset is equally pivotal as physical strength, contributing to sustained motivation and perseverance throughout your fitness journey.

By being aware of these distinct mistakes and taking proactive measures to avoid them, you can navigate the Master's Hammer and Chisel Workout program with confidence and optimize your chances of achieving your fitness goals safely and effectively.

hammer chisel package contents

Master's Hammer and Chisel FAQs


hammer & chisel results david

How is it different from Body Beast?

Body Beast was developed with a mentality centered on bodybuilding techniques, focusing on muscle hypertrophy (muscle growth and size).

MHC (Master's Hammer and Chisel) focuses on defining your physique by including some of the bodybuilding techniques but with more focus on balance, power, endurance, strength, range of motion, and agility.

How is it different from the 21 Day Fix Extreme?

21 Day Fix Extreme workouts are shorter, and the plan is shorter overall, with a narrow focus to get you shredded fast.

MHC actually involves a full 60-day plan, longer workouts, and a more comprehensive all-body workout to help you get ripped.

How is the Master's Hammer and Chisel nutrition plan different?

The nutrition guide does use the portion control technique from the 21 Day Fix, but it allows you to customize the plan according to your goals. So, if you want to build more muscle, you can add more portions. If you want to shred fat, then you will have fewer portions to create a calorie deficit.

They manage all this with what they call the nutrition plan quiz that is included in the product. As you fill out the answers to the quiz, you will land in a calorie range that will tell you how many portions you need daily out of each colored container, just like in the 21 Day Fix.

Should I buy Master Hammer and Chisel?

Hammer and Chisel Testimonial results

Here's what you need to ask yourself: Are you looking for a strength-building program that can build muscle, tone muscle, and get you into the best shape of your life physically? Do you want a nutrition plan that is a no-brainer and guides you hand-in-hand toward success? Are you willing to devote 60 short days of your life to succeed in this program?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you are in the right mindset to go after it.

Let's get started by heading over to TeamBeachbody to get you started.

If you answered 'no,' then I would suggest exploring other programs by Beachbody on my site that might better suit your needs. This program is not for everybody, and that's okay. Find something that will work for you. Don't leave this page without exploring further and discovering a workout that can change your life.

Feel free to comment or email me about what might work best for you.

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  1. So far what I’ve seen of Hammer and Chisel: If you’re doing P90X2, this is the same without the balance work that is in X2. Or in Master and Chisel is a toned down version of X2. I disagree that you need a bench, you can do what they do with a chair or a plyo box.

    So far, this is a pass, seems like basic moves for the most part. Has nothing to offer if you’re already on Asylum or X2.

    Try warrior 3 rows on a bosu. They support with a bench or ball.

    1. Hey Aaron thanks for the comment. You are right. It can be done with those, but I’m thinking the donkey kicks and jumping over the bench side to side might be awkward. It’s will work for those that don’t have p90x2 or Shaun T’s Asylum. On top of the eating plan is different though. Another difference that matter to some is that Tony drives some people nuts with all his talking. 🙂 So, they might want to buy it for that reason alone. lol My personal favorite is still body beast. It all comes down to what you want out of the workout. Take care. Eric

  2. im in week 3 and absolutely love it . I have been a faithful jillian fan and have done all her workouts and programs (br and bodyshred) I was tentative about ordering this as I have tried a few beachbody programs and always sent them back.. This one is a very welcomed change of pace and actually pushes me to work harder. Ive never really done the “weight thing” and found I had to purchase heavier ones in order to push myself. My body is changing so quickly! Love it

    1. That’s great to hear Sandy I was really worried about people who have not lifted weights a lot starting out with this program. Some of the moves are advanced. Love to hear your feedback too! For me it was cool to see and feel my lower and upper abs get tighter just from doing the regular exercises. Keep up the great work!

  3. Hello
    I wanted to ask that if I buy only the deluxe workouts and not the whole deluxe package. Can I substitute the medicine ball with dumbells or any other equipment

    1. you can buy them individually and yes a small 5-12lb dumbbell would do the trick instead of the medicine ball. I also used my dumbbell for the kettlebell swings as well.

  4. I don’t know what I should do plan a it b I’ve been watching videos ppl who’ve done this program and said they lost weight on plan b but I want to lose weight and I’m in plan A but I’m an order picker from 4 pm to 12 am so it’s a lot of walking and lifting I use more energy therefore more hungry :/ so should I do plan a or plan b or do plan a for awhile see what happens then do plan b ?

    1. When it doubt take the basic route and just get after it. Your body will let you know what is too much. If you are doing this workout, you made a conscious choice to give it all you got to your body into awesome shape. In regards to your working hours and time you work it will be challenging. You will need to find some type of pre-workout supplement to give you the boost of energy you need to get through the workouts.

    1. On Week 3 and now I’m actually looking forward to it. Abs are definitely getting tighter, back is feeling hard as rock and I’m seeing progress in my weights. More to come soon.

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