MTN Gearsmith Heavy Duty Dumbbell Review

MTN Gearsmith Dumbbells

The MTN Gearsmith Heavy Duty Dumbbell Set comes in a variety of sizes and weight adjustments. The price of the set depends on which dumbbell set you choose.
Feature List

  • 3 models 52.5, 105, 200lb sets
  • Black Finish or Chrome Plate Option
  • Long last Cast Iron
  • Secures with Lock Nut
  • Plates holes are 1 5/32" Bar Diameter 1 3/32"

The company has dedicated many years in perfecting a heavy-duty dumbbell as they know how hard it is for a person doing workouts and getting their body in shape at home to maximize the space.

Therefore, they managed to manufacture a compact, sturdy, adjustable dumbbell set to save space and at the same time produce a dumbbell set that looks and workouts awesome for your workouts. All you need is a workout bench at home and you can literally do everything you need for upper or lower body workouts.

You can also view my adjustable dumbbell guide by clicking here for more information on other dumbbell sets you can purchase for your home gym.

Mtn Gear Smith Dumbbell Feature Review

  • The product has great versatility. It can be a great set for people of all skill level or expertise. All because of the adjustable weight and locking system, you can enjoy a light to heavy weight dumbbell ranging from 5 pounds to 100 pounds, provided that you have some expansion kit that costs extra.
  • The dumbbell sets you can purchase come in 52.5 pounds, 105 pounds or 200 pounds, depending on your preference. This option allows you to save some extra cash.
  • It can also be bought in a nice black finish coat, or a chrome plated.
  • Each piece of plate is made from a strong and sturdy construction of durable and long-lasting cast iron.
  • The handles are nicely threaded, allowing you to have a nice and firm grip for a steady lift.


  • This is a perfect dumbbell set for your home gym that you can do a lot of exercises with and not take up a lot of storage space.
  • It is very affordable. The durable set of dumbbell can be bought at a low and reasonable price. You can have something of great quality for a low cost using this dumbbell set.
  • The plates are very solid and won’t break easily. It can withstand accidental drops or falls and survive with just scratches.
  • This is highly recommended for beginners and can also work great for amateurs and experts who have been lifting for years.
  • The lock on both dumbbells holds and secures the plates really well and won’t break even if you maximize the plate to a full weight.


  • Make sure you buy them from MTN gear to get free shipping. Some vendors charge you an arm an leg for shipping and it's not needed.
  • The chrome plated version could chip if you bang the plates against each other.
  • Make sure you know what you are buying. In order to get a pair of dumbbells you have to buy the 105 or 200 pound set.

Mtn Gear Smith Dumbbell Recap

The product is a wise choice for anyone who wants the real gym feel for dumbbell workouts and also is needing a heavier dumbbell weight option. It is very affordable and can give you the same great benefits as expensive dumbbell products.

The adjustable weight range is one of the largest out there in adjustable dumbbell product. It can be expanded and adjusted ranging between 5 and 100 pounds, depending on your chosen weight or lifting preference.

The MTN Gearsmith Heavy Duty Dumbbell Set is proven to last long. Each part is built with great construction and provides sturdiness that can withstand and survive falls or any other impact related accidents.

For a great price, the features you get are more than enough. The advantages overcome its disadvantages.

The MTN Gearsmith Heavy Duty Dumbbell Set is highly recommended for people who want to start their healthy journey through fitness and exercise. You can start right away without spending a fortune.


The product will last very long due to the quality, durability and sturdiness. Working your way from the lowest weight to the top can be easily achieved with its adjustment features, adding a few weights at a time and advancing to the next level.

The MTN Gearsmith Heavy Duty Dumbbell Set is a great product and a great investment for a reasonable and affordable price. It has high rates and many good reviews from different satisfied customers.

Other Alternatives

I know this won't be the right fit for everyone or you might even want more weight than 100 pound dumbbells each.  If you find this product not suiting your needs, then you can try your luck with Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells.

The Powerblock dumbbells are designed with great innovation as well as versatility. It has a block or square shape weights that can be expanded up to 130 pounds each. The Powerblock dumbbells are far beyond any traditional dumbbells.

The look alone will make you wonder if it really is a dumbbell, but the features and benefits it provides are very promising and come with a high price. It is an expensive set that is not ideal for beginners. You do not need to spend so much just to try out a product.

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