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So, I’m going to use this page to document my journey of doing the P90x3 Workout program by BeachBody.  This will be my 3rd version of doing P90x. I started doing this when it originally came out and was a killer grueling workout.  You had to reserve a solid 90 minutes out of your day to get it all done.  It was a huge commitment but damn it was worth it. I would do this each year prepping to race triathlons, mountain bike race or whatever just to stay in shape during the winter.

Several years later here I am again giving P90x3 a try. I decided to do it because of the major change which was the time to do the workouts which is now 30 minutes. It fits really well in my busy schedule so I can easily do this before work or during lunch.  I also wanted a strength program that would not tear me down too much nor take a ton of time because I still have to train for my other sports which generally means two workouts a day.


Combining P90x3 With Cycling And Triathlons

So, that is my goal now. I’ll do P90x3 in the mornings and then add another workout at noon or after work. To start with I’m going to do PiYo for a month or more to build a solid base and to work on all my connector muscles so I can have a solid winter biking season.

Let’s get to it. I’m starting 11/18/2014. I received the package in the mail over the weekend.  I opened it up Sunday night and went through the manual. I totally did not play the getting started video. Yeah that was dumb. It would have helped so just do it and get it over with.  Look at the video for day one as well so you figure out what is coming at you and know what equipment you need.


Week 1Workout NameEquipmentComments
 Day 1 11-17-2014
Total Synergistics Chin Up Bar , 1 light pair of dumbbells and I medium pair. Resistance bands if no pull up barHoly Cow Batman! It lives up to its name. I was dripping in sweat, breathing hard and realized I AM OUT OF SHAPE. My balance is horrible too. Make sure to get a couple pair of dumbbells of different weights. I used 15lb and 25lbs
 Day 2 11-18-2014
 Agility X Towel – two lines of table or rope to jump over Man I’m sore today from Monday to start the workout out. This one totally reminded me of Plyo in the original p90x. I did it at lunch so I’m totally walking around funny at work today. You might want to watch it quick. There were some crazy Tony moves in there that lost me. I’ll get them after doing it a few times but it I did lose track a few times.
 Day 3 11-19-2014
 X3 Yoga Yoga mat helps, 2 pieces of rope or tape to jump over So I walked around really sore today. You would have thought I had something wrong with me. My Butt hurts, legs are sore and tight! It was the typical 2 day soreness have a great workout.  I was so happy to see it was Yoga day!!! Man it was awesome and I felt a ton better afterwards.  Great workout you will sweat and look forward to it! I will say my butt is still sore from Monday and Tuesdays workout as I write this before I got to bed. 🙂
Day 4 11-20-2014
 The Challenge Pull Up Bar or Resistance Bands Ok, thank God this was an upper body workout. My legs are still a bit sore but yoga from yesterday really helped. I will say I had to modify this a bit because I have no pull up bar so I used some resistance bands. Toward the end of the workout I will admit I did some push ups on my knees. My triceps were totally shot by the time I was done!  This again reminds me of the first p90x but it’s short and sweet!  I also dropped a few pounds from Monday as well and I can feel my beer belly getting smaller. 🙂
Day 5 11-21-2014
 CVX Ended up not doing it. A friend called me who I had not talked to for the whole summer so we met up for drinks. Yep this is real life. It happens. I should have done my workout before work then I would have had it done. Oh well just move on and keep it real.
Day 6 11-22-2014
 The Warrior So, this was Thanksgiving day for us a week early. We got up early went to a kids basketball game, came back, started the turkey and I went downstairs and snuck in my workout and then came back up for the day and pigged out. Again real life example. Do what you can when you can. This was a great workout to sweat!
Day 7 11-23-2014
 This was a rest day
Week 2 Comments
Day 8
Total SynergisticsSo, this is getting easier. I could tell I made improvements. I do need to buy a pull up bar though. That would help.
Day 9 11-25-2014
Agility Xok this workout was definitely easier than last Tuesday! I even got the running around in squares right!
Day 10 11-26-2014
X3 YogaLooking forward to this one. Not even sore like I was last week. Great sign!
Day 11 11-27-2014
The Challenge Vacation
Day 12 11-28-2014
CVX Vacation
Day 13 11-29-2014
The Warrior Vacation
Day 14 11-30-2014
Week 3
Everything is getting easier, hit all the workouts
Week 4
Based on last weeks results I’m going to start two a days this week.

1/24/2015:  So, basically doing p90x3 while I can fit it in now and started biking on the trainer. I still really love this workout. It’s a great change from doing T25. I can totally fit this into a running or biking schedule and not mess up  my workouts.

Look you can sit back and watch this or you can get involved. Do something no mater what it is. Get active, start mentally changing your mind to get back in to eating right and working out.

I have detailed reviews on multiple programs you can start below.  They are all fun and for all different walks of life.  No excuses either. You have to start somewhere even if it’s small steps. A lot of small steps eventually add up to mile.  Let’s Get After It!

So, Help me spread the word so I don’t do this alone. And Let’s Get Others Involved. If you are starting as well comment below and let me know. Also, if you don’t mind please click the like button so you can help me spread the word. I do update this site on my own time after my day job so everyone else can benefit from it. Much appreciated!

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