Nautilus E618 Elliptical Review

Nautilus E618 Elliptical Machine
If you’re serious about maintaining your physical condition, or even building on it, you’ll need some quality exercise equipment to help you. Two of the top purchased machines for doing that maintenance are the treadmill and the elliptical trainer.

Do you love running outside but are in a situation in life where it’s just not possible?

The elliptical trainer is the closest from of exercise that simulates running. Plus, using the elliptical eliminates the constant pounding pressure running has on the body’s’ joints.

The Nautilus E618 elliptical is a trainer that will fulfil all your needs when looking at this type of exercise equipment. You can increase your endurance by building your cardiovascular system and keep your muscles toned without going outside.
If you work hard, you can even loss weight!!!!!

Check out our Nautilus E618 Elliptical Review below!

I have listed below the features of the Nautical E618 elliptical that will interest you as a potential buyer. I will cover the basic features and we’ll get to their benefit later in this article. A quality elliptical is a solid investment, especially with limitless features.

Features Nautical E168

  • Dimensions: 73 x 27 x 67 inches
  • Product weight: 210 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs
  • Degree of incline: 10 adjustments
  • Path stride: 22” dual stride rails
  • Resistance levels: 25
  • Handlebars: two sets with resistance control
  • Warranty: 15/5/2
  • Console: Quality Bluetooth connectivity
  • Built in Programs: 29
  • Other features: Bottle holder, media rack
lady using Nautilus 618

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Benefits of Owning the Nautilus E618 Elliptical

The E618 is a commercial size elliptical so you will need plenty of room for it to function properly and so you can access all the benefits it has to offer. The length of 73” (6 foot 1 inch) tells you to have an adequate area to set it up in.

I know you’re looking for results or you wouldn’t be reading this review! Let’s get you started out right by finding you a proper setup space where you can work out freely!


  • Commercial size for a full body workout
  • Track stats with free Explore the World App
  • Multi-positional handlebars that control incline and resistance, you can create your own programs
  • Bluetooth connectivity that let you use your ipad or smart phone to access workout apps.
  • The suspension adjust cushioning system lets you decide the angle of the footplates which then lets you work different muscle groups.
  • The 22” stride length creates an ultra-smooth ride while increasing your balance
  • The tilting console can be easily read by even the tallest users
  • Builds your cardiovascular system and increases lung capacity.
  • Hard transport wheels at the front frame of the elliptical, (sometimes you just have to move it)

Now that you have the right place for your elliptical to live and you know how using the Nautilus E618 will help you meet your goals, let's look a little closer at some of the features.

Console Features and Benefits

Display and Console Benefits
Everyone is tech savvy these days and you’re going to love this console!

As you can see from the above picture the dashboard on the console is very impressive and this is where your see something other machines don’t have. You can tilt the console to fit your line of vision if your 5’3” or over 6 foot. The illuminated screen gives you the best visibility for seeing your personal stats.

The media tray is located at the top of the console, but you can still see the screen to monitor your heart rate, distance you’ve traveled and at what speed you’re going. Your pulse rate is tracked by sensors in the handlebars, or you can use the wireless chest strap included in this package.

The Nautilus E618 Elliptical has 29 training programs that are preset for interval training, weight loss, and heart rate training. The Bluetooth Connectivity offers an easy transition of workout data to support your smart devices.

You can sync with the free “Explore the World” app and run around the world with 19 locations with 27 routes. Imagine traveling the street of Japan or the Mts. in the good ole USA.

You can also access the incline and resistance features on the console instead of using the handlebars. They make it easy to control the features so you can concentrate on your workout and not have to be searching for the right button to push!

You will also have a neat little fan that will blow on your face and shoulders, so you don’t get over heated. I would use that feature for sure!!!!

Looking at the mechanic on the Nautilus E618

This elliptical trainer is equipped with an optimized drive train. It’s inertia drive system produces high speed and with a perimeter weighted flywheel it has an easy start up the is ultra-smooth.

You can select the angle of the footplates with the suspension adjust performance cushioning system that has 1 through 10 degrees that affect the heel placement. By changing the degree of levels of the pedals you will use different muscles. This motorized feature is done at the touch of a button.

The well-constructed foot pedals are padded with a rubber type product and are attached to the handlebars and flywheel and travel on a roller/track system on the bottom. The 22” stride produced by this construction produces an effective distribution of motion for balance and a smooth ride.

For those that will need to move the E618 often, there is a pair of hard wheels located on the front frame of the machine. This is sometimes an overlooked feature but believe me, you will appreciate it being there! If this elliptical doesn’t look good to you, check out our review on other ellipticals at this price range, here.

How does the Nautilus E618 compare to other ellipticals?

1. Compared to the Sole Fitness E25, the Nautilus E618 is cheaper and will give you the same results, the Sole warranty is not as good as the Nautilus warranty is.
2. When comparing the Nautilus E618 to the Nordic Track SE7i, Nautilus wins in design and foot pedal safety. A plus for the Nordic Track SE7i is it’s foldable and easier to store.
3. Bowflex BXE116 compared to the Nautilus E618 in built in programs, the Nautilus wins, on footprint-Nautilus wins again.

Below are a few interesting Questions

Q. Is the Nautilus easy to assemble?

A. It’s recommended that you ask a friend to help you for safety reasons with assembly as some of the parts are heavy. It does come with a detailed assembly manual. Also, Nautilus does offer an In-Home-Assembly Service, but you will need to check out the pricing and available in your area.

Q. Is there the option of buying the Nautilus with monthly payments?

A. If you choose to use this method of payment there aren’t and finance charges, no interest or hidden charges and you don’t need to fill out an application. On Amazon you select the option when you hit the add to cart or checkout option. See the full terms and conditions link.

Q. I’d like to purchase this product and donate it to a local school, is the warranty still good?

A. Sorry to say that the warranty is voided in this situation. Plus, it could be a risk to the owner of the property you are gifting it to. If you have more questions, contact the Nautilus Company at (800) 605-3369.

Concluding Thoughts on the Nautilus E618 Elliptical Review

I always like to remind customers about any warranty offered on a product and the following is from Nautilus! 15/5/21 their promise to stand behind the product” frame, parts, and labor.

In summary, the Nautilus E618 elliptical that will service you will for years, and it will give you an edge on staying in shape or getting into shape. You will improve your cardiovascular system, increase lung function, prevent joint injuries, and lose weight.

If you would like to check out an elliptical that you want around for a lifetime with a few more bells and whistles, check out our review on Best Ellipticals under $2000. Thanks for reading!

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