What you eat everyday is more important than it has ever been today. You are exposed to so man toxins in  our environment and the food you eat is usually full of pestisides and does not contain the nutritents like they did long ago.

So, you are left with supplementing with vitmans to make up for it and if you are like me you are buying expensive organic fruits and vegetables to ensure you are getting the best nutrition for your body.

I have various supplement reviews and articles on eating a healthy life style below that I hope you will find useful.

Nutritional Supplement Reviews

kelley hearing keto breads

Keto Breads By Kelley Herring: Healthy Lifestyle Doesn’t Have to be Tasteless!

By Eric Ellis | December 25, 2023

If you have been doing the keto diet for a while, then I know you have been missing eating bread because of it being so high in carbs and taking you out of ketosis when you eat it.  You shouldn’t have to trade your love of bread for the optimal health you desire. What I […]

Keto Desserts Review By Kelley Herring

By Eric Ellis | December 5, 2023

If you are the one who enjoys eating healthy, sweet delights like me, then you must try “Keto Desserts by Kelly Herring.” I tried many keto dessert recipes from her book, and believe me, I feel so satisfied and the keto desserts recipes easy are awesome and Keto Friendly!. That’s why I am going to […]

how many calories in a protein shake

How Many Calories in a Protein Shake?

By Eric Ellis | September 25, 2023

In the quest for better health and fitness, protein shakes have become a beloved companion for many. Yet, behind their reputation as a nutritional powerhouse, there’s a fundamental question we often overlook: how many calories in a protein shake? It is a question that holds the key to whether your post-workout pick-me-up supports your goals […]

meal replacement vs protein shake

Meal Replacement vs Protein Shake: Choosing Wisely

By Eric Ellis | September 25, 2023

Navigating the world of nutrition can often feel like a perplexing maze. And at the heart of this dietary dilemma lies the question: meal replacement vs protein shake? In the quest for balanced nutrition, these two options stand not as rivals but as potential allies. The choice between a complete meal in a convenient package […]

protein powder vs protein shake

Protein Powder vs Protein Shake: Which Packs a Bigger Punch?

By Eric Ellis | September 25, 2023

Protein, a dietary powerhouse, is the cornerstone of a balanced diet, essential for muscle repair, overall health, and satiety. But in the quest for optimal protein intake, the age-old debate between protein powder vs protein shake arises. These protein supplements have become a staple for fitness enthusiasts and busy individuals seeking to meet their protein […]

how to make protein shake taste better

How To Make Protein Shake Taste Better?

By Eric Ellis | September 25, 2023

Protein shakes are a staple in many health-conscious routines, serving as a convenient source of essential nutrients. However, despite their nutritional benefits, the unappetizing taste often discourages consistent consumption. We’ve all sipped a chalky, bland concoction that leaves us less than thrilled about our healthy choices. So, if you want to learn how to make […]

buy shakeology protein drink

Beachbody Shakeology Ingredients – How Does It Work?

By Eric Ellis | November 11, 2015

A break down of the famous beach body Shakeology Meal Replacement and Protein shake. It’s great for a recovery drink or used to help lose weight while doing one of the main beachbody workouts.

HyperGH 14x Review – Build Lean Muscle Fast

By Eric Ellis | July 2, 2020

HyperGH 14X Review “You Can BUILD Lean Muscle and GET RIPPED with HyperGH 14x” Revolutionary HyperGH 14x Is So Effective and Safe…The Results Are Shocking! I am so excited about this product that I want to get this information out to you all as soon as possible! Hyper HG 14x is one of the best natural […]

Athletic Greens Supplement

Athletic Greens Review – The Powerful Superfood Green Supplement

By Eric Ellis | May 6, 2015

Here is a great review of a greens supplement that has all kinds of benefits for athletes and anyone interested in staying health. See our review on athletic greens here.

Protein Drinks For On The Go

By Eric Ellis | September 30, 2015

A list of protein drinks that you can purchase to carry around to drink after workouts or to use for meal replacements.

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