Our Review Of The Rogue Adjustable Bench

A trusted brand in the fitness industry, Rogue has put together a straight-forward, modern and incredibly stable piece of equipment with the Rogue Adjustable Weight Bench. There aren’t any fancy frills to it or any color customization but the flaws are few and far between. It’s comfortable, it looks good and is incredibly stable.

 Product Features of the Rogue Adjustable Bench


  • The backrest has four positions from flat through to 90°. Although there are other benches on the market with more positions than the Rogue Adjustable, having four different incline positions still gives you plenty of variety and challenges for your different workout levels.
  • The seat will also tilt into position when the backrest is adjusted to an incline position to keep you stable and comfortable and working all the right muscles.


  • The bench measures 54” by 11 ¼” with a relatively low height of 17” when flat. When in the 90 degree position it sits at 50”.
  • The feet at the front are shorter than at the back so you won’t have to worry about tripping up on them.
  • Unlike many other weight benches, the backrest padding is the same width from top to bottom – 11 inches – meaning it doesn’t taper in at the top half of the back, giving you enough upper body padding and support for even the broadest athlete.


  • The bench is constructed out of 2×3” tube steel making this sturdy and heavy duty. There’s no doubt about it – the Rogue Adjustable Weight Bench is a solid construction. There are wheels attached at the back and a handle at the front which you can easily pick up and move the bench in and out of place. It’s amazing how much of a difference having wheels and a handle on your bench can make! Weight benches rarely stay in only one spot so ease of movement is big bonus.
  • The feet are covered in rubber which means it won’t slide around on the floor. Perfect for both wooden and carpeted floors.
  • The backrest and seat padding are firm and sturdy and absorb moisture pretty well too, so you won’t leave a puddle of sweat behind as you get up.
  • The design is very modern and streamlined with nothing fancy getting in the way around the bench, and the black looks really good.


  •  None required! Yep, this bench comes ready to go straight from the box. Hassle free  – anything to save time these days in our busy lives – and you can be sure it’s been well put together before it gets to you.

What Are The Drawbacks?

The Rogue Adjustable Weight Bench has only four positions where their other famous bench 3 way legend by Rogue has 7.  This  is considerably fewer than some of the other benches available on the market. But it’s still enough to give you options and to complete all your upper body weight training exercises.

At $575 it’s definitely one of the more expensive options for a weight bench, and certainly quite a bit for anyone looking at their first bench purchase. But you get what you pay for, and you’ll get great use out of it. It’s best to think of it as an investment.

In Summary

You can’t go too wrong with this heavy duty bench from Rogue. Yes it is more expensive but remember this is a solid, reliable and sturdy bench and will continue to be so for years to come. Despite fewer options with angles and adjustments, there are still enough there for variety. Combine this bench with a pair of adjustable dumbbells and you are all set!

Rogue is a reliable fitness brand. If you have other Rogue equipment then this adjustable bench will definitely be a great addition to your gym. The materials are good, the size is good – reasonably low so your feet will be flat on the floor – and there’s no assembly required, which is always a bonus.  There are no shakes or wobbles and generally no fuss.

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