P90x3 Workout Schedule Lean,Classic and Mass

Overview P90x3is a revolutionary program features an intense, 30-minute/day P90X3 workout schedule that yields the best results quick!  If you can hang in there for 3 months, for a mere 30-minutes/day you will see astonishing results!

  • Short 30 Minute Workouts
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Easier Than P90x
  • All Body Workout
  • Meal Plan is Included
  • Multiple Workout Schedules To Follow/li>
  • Easy To Follow and Start
p90x3 bird dog move

Below you will get the details of how to do the workout and you will be able to see the full P90x3 Workout Schedule and also download it. If you do not have an adjustable weight bench at home, you might want to consider looking at one to help out with the workout.  Own adjustable dumbbells help make it easier to go through it as well.

So scroll down and read through the plan and to download it.
Click Here to jump right to theP90x3 Classic Calendar.

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16 Core P90x3 Workouts

Anyone can find time to fit the P90X3 workout schedule into their lives, including me. There are 16 Core Workouts that are mixed and matched to create 3 unique workout plans that tailor to your unique goals. The 16 Core Workouts are as follows.

6 Muscle-Building Resistance Workouts

  • Total Synergistics
  • The Challenge
  • Incinerator
  • The Warrior
  • Eccentric Upper
  • Eccentric Lower

3 Cross-Training Power Workouts

  • Agility X
  • Triometrics
  • Decelerator

3 Fat-Burning Cardio Workouts

  • CVX
  • MMX
  • Accelerator

4 Core, Flexibility, and Balance Workouts

  • X3 Yoga
  • Pilates X
  • Isometrix
  • Dynamix
30 minute Workout

Combining these 16 workouts in strategic order gives us 3 different P90X3 Workout Schedule Plans that will yield unique results. I chose the Lean Plan. Which will you choose?

3 Workout Plans Tailored Toward Your Goals

P90x3 Classic Calendar

p90x3 calendar schedule

The Classic Plan is for the person that wants to enhance his or her overall physique. Presumably, this would be a person with a goal focused more on losing weight than toning muscle, though you will gain toned muscles as well. That's a great by-product of this incredibly balanced program!

The Classic Plan's workouts focus on fat-burning and cross-training to decrease your fat to muscle ratio, increase stability and balance, and get you ripped in 90 days!

Block 1

In this 4 week block you are working out seven days a week.  The first 3 weeks you are repeating the following each. The fourth week is a recovery week.

  • Exercises Involved
  • Total Synergistics
  • Agility X
  • X3 Yoga The Challenge
  • CVX The Warrior Dynamix

Block 2

The first 3 weeks you are repeating the following each. The fourth week is a recovery week.

  • Eccentric Upper
  • Triometrics
  • X3 Yoga
  • Eccentric Lower
  • Incinerator
  • MMX Dynamix

Block 3

Week 1: Decelerator Agility X, The Challenge, X3 Yoga, Triometrics, Total Synergistics, Dynamix
Week 2: Decelerator, MMX, Eccentric Upper, Triometrics, Pilates X, Eccentric Lower, Dynamix
Week 3: Decelerator, Agility X, The Challenge, X3 Yoga, Triometrics, Total Synergistics, Dynamix
Week 4: Decelerator, MMX, Eccentric Upper, Triometrics, Pilates X, Eccentric Lower, Dynamix
Week 5: Isometrix, Accelerator, Pilates X, X3 Yoga, Dynamix, Rest, Fit Test

P90x3 Lean Calendar

P90x3 Lean Workout Schedule

The Lean Plan is for the person that wants to tone muscle without adding bulk. This is the ideal plan for me and for any other woman who is already is good physical shape, but who wants to tone up the looser areas. Presumably, this would also be a good plan for a retired body builder that wants to de-bulk while keeping a toned figure.

The Lean Plan's workouts balance fat-burning and muscle-building to start activating the muscles. Muscle is more compact and more dense than fat and it takes more energy to exist. The Lean Plan will send your muscles into hyper drive so that they can start eating away the fat that surrounds them and begin replacing that jiggly, unattractive fat with long, lean muscles.

P90x3 Mass Calendar

p90x3 mass workout schedule

The Mass Plan is for the person that wants to dramatically increase his or her muscle mass. Ideally this plan would be for naturally thin men and women that want to gain mass with muscle (not fat). This plan would also be for the aspiring competitor to aid in bulking up for competitions.

The Mass Plan's workouts focus on muscle-building to help you bulk up and put on massive muscle gain.
You can find a detailed review about p90x3 that I personal wrote up or you can learn more at beachbody.com.

P90x3 Calendar Download

I also have this in the excel format so you can download it. It also includes the P90x3 Doubles schedule that is not listed here.

Click Here Download P90x3 Calendar.

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The Commitment:

Each workout plan consists of 13 weeks. These weeks are broken down into 3 blocks. The first 2 blocks feature the same weekly plan for the first 3 weeks and then a transition plan for week 4. In block 3, the first 4 weeks alternate in order to create variety so that your body continues to transform. Lastly, there is a fifth and final week to seal the deal.

Each day, Monday through Saturday, there will be a unique workout waiting for you in your DVD player. You will not ever do the same workout two days in a row. That is one of my favorite things about this program - variety!

How many times have you started a workout program only to get bored in the first week because you're doing the same workout every day? Not with the P90X3 workout schedule! With P90X3 you will go from total-body resistance to yoga to pilates to practicing agility or mobility to a mixed martial arts series. With the P90X3 workout schedule there are no excuses.

Let's get one thing straight though: this is not a miracle pill, this is not the holy grail of the no-work-for-huge-gains program, and this is not for the faint of heart.

This program is for the people that are sick of always saying they'll lose the weight or get back into shape and are not afraid to commit to 90 days. That's it! 90 days. 30 minutes a day for 90 days. You may have spent your entire life getting out of shape, but I urge you now to spend the next 3 months getting ripped! You can do it!

Also remember to eat well. You cannot out-exercise a bad diet.

A variety of 16 incredible workouts, a mere 30 minutes of working out a day, and you could be ripped in 90!

Frequently Asked Questions About P90x3 Workout

No, it is not Hard even though it is still a full body workout. P90x3 is actually 30 minutes per workout whereas P90x is 60 to 90 minutes per workout. I would personally do the p90x3 workout first and then go to P90x.

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