PiYO: Define Upper Body 19 Minute Workout

Anyone interested in doing the PiYo Yoga and Pilates program will get an idea of what a typical upper body workout will be like. The Piyo beachbody program was created by Chalene Johnson. She has done an awesome job bringing this program nation wide to where yoga studios are actually teaching the class in person.  So, if you buy the videos and want to do something in person make sure to look in your area.

The program comes with a nutrition guide to give you an idea of what to eat and it also comes with a piyo workout calendar that you can follow along.

This workout is something I can recommend to anyone at any skill level. If you have any past injuries that keep you from doing any jumping exercises you will love this.  You will be able to get a great sweat in, loose weight, tone muscles and get in shape all within the comfort of your own home.  For those of you hard core fitness fanatics, you will want to add this workout along side an existing one you are doing or use it for recovery or days where you body is too sore to do your regular workout.


Below I did a breakdown of what you can expect to do during the PiYO: Define Upper Body Video.

PiYO: Define Upper Body

Duration: 19 minutes

Equipment Required

  • Water
  • Towel
  • Yoga Mat* Optional


Full Body Fusion 8:20

  • Perfect Posture
  • Childs Pose
  • Tricep Pushups
  • Plank
  • PiYO Pushups
  • Squat in Chair
  • Elbow Blank
  • Pike
  • Criss Cross Crunch
  • PiYO Roll Up
  • PiYO Pedal


Core and More 7:22 min

  • Plank
  • Side Plank
  • Down Dog
  • PiYO Pike
  • Childs Pose
  • V Sit
  • Beast
  • Kick through
  • Push Ups


Strength Series 2:54 min

  • Tricep Pushups
  • Childs Pose
  • Crouching Crow

This should give you a good idea of what the video will ask you to do for upper body exercises.  If you have any questions please email me or write them below and I will get back to you. If you would like more detailed information about the product please see my personal review of Piyo here on my site.

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