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The PiYo workout is the latest in addition to how we can get healthy and lose weight. Chalene Johnson brought forward this new low impact athletically challenged full body workout for those who want to lose a few pounds and stay fit. This is a great workout for beginners who are just getting started and do not want something as extreme as the  insanity max30 cardio workout or to another extreme of the body beast muscle building program.

There are eight different programs to choose from and you can apply them in any order. You can choose to do a different session each day for six days and take one day off.

With this high intensity low impact workout you will be able to work all areas of your body. As they are all differently paced workouts, you will be able to achieve a complete and thorough full body workout. I'll provide you the full workout below in pdf form and so you can print it out below.

With this high intensity low impact Beach Body Workout you will be able to work all areas of your body. As they are all differently paced workouts, you will be able to achieve a complete and thorough full body workout. I'll provide you the full workout below in pdf form and so you can print it out below.

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Here is a PiYo workout schedule that you can follow


Alignment - this 46 minute workout provides you with fundamental techniques that help you familiarize yourself with the tools to take full advantage of the program.


Upper Body Definition - this 20 minute program targets arms, triceps, shoulders and chest. You will sculpt, shape, and carve definition in your upper portion.


Lower Body Definition - this 25 minute workout you will work your calves, hamstrings and glutes to help lengthen and strengthen your lower portion of your body.


Sweat - this section has fast tempo ab workouts that combine cardio yoga and body weight resistance for getting the most sweat from your body. This section lasts for 35 minutes.


Core - this exercises all areas of the middle of your body from obliques to your back. You will create a strong core that is flat and sculpted that will also help improve balance and strength throughout the body. This section lasts for 30 minutes.


Drench - this 40 minute workout will help you induce sweat and endurance by involving every muscle in your body. It will be able to reduce fat deposits while increasing your metabolic rate.

Take Sunday off for to let your body rest. There are two more sessions to include in your PiYo workout schedule. You can continue these on the next Monday and Tuesday as follows:

  • Monday - Strength intervals that last for up to 25 minutes. Strength is designed to tone your muscles while burning calories in a short period of time.
  • Tuesday - Sculpting that lasts for up to 30 minutes. This places pressure on your muscles to sculpt and chisel to make your muscles more defined and a longer leaner appearance.

Ultimately, you will spend no less than 20 minutes and no more than 45 minutes a day in exercising. Changing up the workout sessions with the amount of time spent by following the PiYo workout schedule will help prevent leading your body to a plateau where you have a harder time losing weight.

Below you will see month 1 and 2 of the basic and strength plan. You can copy these into excel or word if you want and print them out.


PiYO Basic Calendar Month 1

1Align:The FundamentalsDefine Lower BodyDefine Upper BodySweatRestDefine
Lower Body
Define Upper Body
2SweatDefine Lower BodyCoreDefine Upper BodyRestSweatCore
3Define Upper BodyBunsCoreDefine
Lower Body
RestSweatStrength Intervals
4SweatCore or Hardcore on the FloorBunsDrenchRestStrength IntervalsSweat



PiYO Basic Calendar Month 2

4SculptSweatCoreDrenchRestBunsStrength Intervals
Hardcore on the Floor
Hardcore on the Floor
BunsRestDrenchStrength Intervals

Next up is the strength version of PiYO. Here you can focus on strengthening and is where someone a bit beyond the beginner stage would want to go. It could easily be a second workout of the day for some or an addition to your current workout.


PiYO Strength Month 1

1Align: The FundamentalsDefine: Lower BodyDefine: Upper BodySweatRestDefine: Lower BodyDefine:Upper Body
2SweatDefine: Lower BodyCoreDefine: Upper BodyRestSweatCore
3Define:Upper BodyBunsCoreStrength IntervalsRestSweatFull Body Blast
4Strength IntervalsCore or Hardcore on the FloorFull Body BlastDrenchRestStrong LegsSweat

PiYO Strength Month 2

5Full Body BlastSweatCoreDrenchRestStrong LegsSculpt
6DrenchCore or Hardcore on the FloorBunsStrength IntervalsRestFull Body BlastSweat
7SculptSweatCore or Hardcore on the FloorStrong LegsRestDrenchFull Body Blast
8DrenchBuns or Strong LegsSweatStrength
RestSculpt or Full Body BlastDrench

You can download the excel version here. Please share this with others as I have put a lot of work into this. I do sincerely appreciate it as will your friends and others who see it.

There is an additional workout that can be included such as buns that lasts for up to 25 minutes and targets the glutes by lifting, redefining and tightening. You also get a meal plan included with your PiYo workout schedule.

This provides a daily plan to eat the right foods, maintain portion and customize meals to your needs. You will have recipes and a simplified way to create meals that are perfect for on the go to having a sit down dinner with the family.

A tape measure is included in these exercise DVD's along with online support around the clock. If you have any questions or guidance needed you can turn to their online service center to get motivated and keep going with these excellent choices of diet and exercises from PiYo.

A 60 day workout calendar is included into the program so that you can keep tract of what you ate and which DVDs you followed throughout the week. You can always switch up the routines to keep your body guessing and keep yourself interested in what is to come.

You can read my detailed review here if you want to learn more about PiYo and the results people are getting.

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