Resistance Tube Exercises For Women

It can be a lot of fun to get fit with resistance tube exercises. Resistance tubes, bands, and cables can allow you to perform a variety of different exercises that work the entire body.  One good thing about resistance tubes is that they are easy to transport with you from place to place, and they weigh basically nothing.

Resistance tubes are also very affordable and super popular, which means that it is a simple matter to find classes at your local gym (or community center), books, DVDs and online instructional help when it comes to learning resistance tube exercises.

With the amount of information circulating in regards to resistance tubes, you will find that the number of exercises that you can perform with them is limitless.

Working the Upper Body

There are resistance tube exercises that target the upper body.  A great example is used in the 21 day fix workout dvd by beachbody. Most of their dvds use this instead of weights. These exercises can range from back rows to chest presses to triceps kickbacks and bicep curls.  For instance, performing a chest press with resistance tubes involves wrapping the tube around a pole or some other stationary object, and then facing in the direction that is away from that object.

Next, hold the arms bent and at shoulder height.  Your feet should be around a hip’s width apart.  Press the arms forward and straight as if you were going to render a double punch.  Allow your arms to go back to the starting position.

That’s a great upper body work out that works the chest muscles.  Top resistance tubes exercises that work your muscles in the other direction are also popular, such as the cable row. This exercise requires that you stand facing the cable, and extend your arms out in front.  With the palms of your hands facing up in order to engage the muscles in your biceps, pull back against the cable.

Bend the elbows until the palms of your hands touch your rib cage.  Extend the arms again, moving them forward.  Take care not to move the neck forward at the same time, but rather align the neck with the spine.  Doing two sets of twelve reps and working on up from there is a great way to get your upper body toned and firm.

Resistance Tube Exercises For the Lower Body

Resistance tube exercises for women that work the lower body are also popular, although they are not as effective as tube exercises for the upper body.  Still yet, lunges and squats are easy to do with resistance tubes, and they work major muscle groups so you get a lot of benefit in doing them.  Kicks that work your gluteus muscles and dead lifts can also be done with tubes.

Some Tips for Resistance Tube Exercises

When performing resistance tube exercises, keep in mind that resistance bands are a source of continual resistance.  You need to adjust the length of your tubes or bands so that you are always feeling that resistance. If not, your exercise is basically futile.  Coordinate your breathing with your movements to maximize the amount of oxygen that is being absorbed by the body as you work out. Thank you for reading our article on Resistance Tube Exercises.

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