Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine Review

Schwinn 470 EllipticalSchwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

  • 29 Preprogrammed workouts to choose from
  • 25 resistance levels
  • Dual Monitor display
  • Works with Polar Heart Rate Strap
  • 3 Speed Fan
  • Media Shelf to watch Ipad and Charge it

In this Schwinn 470 Ellipitical Machine Review we are going to look at an elliptical that 29 prerogrammed workouts for you to choose from 25 levels of resistance, a media tray to sit your IPAD to watch during your workout and a lower display to view your metrics when the media tray is in use. There are several great features in the 470 that I will discuss below to see if this is an elliptical that you would want to buy for your home gym.

Portability/storage/workout space

There are transport wheels that make it easy to move around which is great if you have a tight space to workout in and you need to store it away after each workout. In order to move the 470 you can use the front stability brace which will then force it onto the wheels in back of the machine.  Don’t worry, the light part is the front so it should not be a problem to lift it.

Now one thing that is always important to find out is how high of a ceiling ’you'll need to have in order stand on the elliptical and not hit your head.  According to Schwinn you should add an extra 21 inches to how tall you are to ensure that you will have plenty of room. So, if you are 6-foot-tall you should have a 93 inch clearance or a 7 foot ¾ inch ceiling height.

Drive System

The high-speed flyweight wheel does weigh in at 17 lbs which is plenty to give you the number of resistance levels you need for a smooth workout.  As with most elliptical machines the amount of resistance applied to the wheel is done with a technology called Eddy Current Brake system.

There are large magnets next to the metal flywheel. As you increase the resistance on the console the magnet moves closer to the metal flywheel slowing it down because of the reverse magnetic field. It basically saves wear and tear on the wheel by not using conventional braking methods that apply brute force on the wheel to provide resistance.

Technology Features

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine Review

It comes with a dual track monitoring system.  So you can lay your ipad or kindle over the top display while you are working out and still see your workout metrics on the lower screen. Another great benefit is that you can charge it as well, so you are not wasting the battery to use it later.

The 470 has the standard workout metric tracking like, calorie burned, speed, time, distance, resistance level RPM, heart rate and much more. It has 29 built in exercises programs that you can choose from that will automatically adjust the resistance for you and incline while doing your workout. It’s a plug and play and requires no thinking. You just get in there and workout!

The built in programs simulate different style of workouts as if you were doing them outside. I really like this option because I can do something fun and easy or go after something more intense and I get in shape.  You will never get bored of doing the workouts and there is always another program to step up to if the current one you are doing is too easy.

Here are the categories of the built-in programs:

  1. Fun Rides – they are easier to do and the resistance and incline are low. (Rolling Hills, Ride in the Park, Easy Tour, Stream Crossing)
  2. Mountains – they are more difficult with higher levels of include simulating hiking in a mountain. (Pike’s Peak, Mount Hood, Pryramids, Summit Pass)
  3. Challenges – this is more intense cardio and the changes are dynamic in nature. You can do uphill, cross-training, intervals and stairs.

As you get more in shape and your muscles get stronger you have the option of 25 different resistance levels to keep you challenged. It would be seriously hard to outgrow this system!

For those of you who get hot quick or sweat a lot (me) you will find the 3 speed fan option a great addition to the Schwinn 470. There is nothing worse than overheating while you are working out. I like that they have this feature but remember this is a small fan so it will help but if you really heat up during workouts you will  more than likely need an external fan to get the job done.

It has integrated heart rate sensors on the handle. So, as you are working out you can hold the handles and it displays the heart rate on the display monitor to see how you are doing. You can activate the heart rate tracking at any time by holding onto the stationary handles where the sensors are. I like this feature because it is one more metric I can use over time to see how my cardio is doing and if I am getting more in shape.

As I get in shape I see my heart not as high doing the same workouts. When that happens it’s time to adjust your resistance or try another exercise program to challenge yourself to the next fitness level. In detail there are 9 different heart rate settings you can view and track.

Console Display Features

I wanted to dedicate a section to this because there are some really nifty features to discuss. With most elliptical consoles, you only have one area displaying metrics and when you put up a magazine to read while working out or an ipad now a days, you actually cannot see any of the metrics.  With the dual track display you can place your magazine or ipad in the media tray like you want while seeing your workout metrics on the lower display below the tray.

There are 5 quick resistance level and 5 incline level buttons to easily increase the levels with a touch of a button.

There is also a goal track button you can press that will show how you are progressing toward your workout goals. So, if you setup a tracking goal for 1 mile for the workout it will show you how close you are to completing it.

In the Upper display you will be able to see the level of work you are doing during your whole workout. This is nice because it lets you visualize how hard you have been working out.

There is also an achievement display option that lights up a gold star each time you complete a goal.

Pedals/Foot Plate

The pedal stride is 20 inches long which should allow you to adjust to your own personal stride distance by placing your foot on the pedal at the required distance that works for you. There are 6 ramp positions that allow you to get the perfect angle for your feet and stride that is right for you. If you are like me who has been using elliptical machines for several years you will have experienced elliptical machines that do not have this feature which resulted in discomfort or just not feeling normal at all. By having the ability to adjust the ramp position you can find the stride that works best for you making it as natural as possible to feel like you are actually running or walking fast outside.

Additional Features

There are built in speakers in the unit. This is a great option that allows you to not wear headphones and worry about the cord getting caught in the handles while you are working out.

An added bonus that some of you will really like is the Schwinn Connect Technology that allows you to sync each workout to their website which you can use to track progress via several graphs and reports.

You also have the option to sync in your workouts with which will keep track of your calories burned, exercise time, distance and several other metrics. Once it is uploaded you have the option to sync that data from Schwinconnect to other 3rd party software like under Armour Connected Fitness. For me this was a big win because I track the food I eat daily in myfitnesspal and having the workouts added to it automatically would be a big time saver and provide more accurate calorie burn data.

Another app that it syncs data to is the RunSocal App if you choose to do that. This is an app that will simulate running in 19 different locations with 27 routes along with other people using the app. Could be a great option to spice up the workout and get a little competitive with it.  So, this is a feature for anyone who is not afraid to get involved socially with other people. People will be able to see your profile pop up and your metrics during your workout as if you were doing a walk or run next to each other.  This is obviously an extra option to use and it is not required by any means.

I wanted to mention the benefit of the HRC workout programs here that is not really obvious. With my training background this one really stuck out for me because I do a ton of heart rate based training.  What this workout program does is to set your heart rate goal for the session in beats per minute and it adjusts the workout accordingly to meet your goal!

Why is this important?  For one, if you are bit more serious about your training and use heart rate based training it allows you to not over train or to stay in a specific heart rate zone.

There are times I want to stay in an aerobic based zone where I’m working on cardio and burning fat which is at the lower end of the scale. Now there are other times I want to go anaerobic which is at the very high intensity level and high heart rate.  The beauty is that you don’t worry about messing with the intensity or levels here. You just workout and go while the elliptical does all the adjustments for you.  I know this won’t be for all of you, but for the select few who love to take it to the next level this is a sweet feature!

Tip: The unit does turn on automatically if you push any button or start pedaling. It shuts off automatically into sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity.

Workout Effectiveness

I really want to ensure everyone understands the main purpose of a compact elliptical machine and what you can expect from consistently working out with the Stamina E1000.  Elliptical machines are designed to be lower impact workouts than running on a treadmill or outside.  This made it easier on the knees, hips and other joints that take a beating when running.

Benefits of Schwinn 470 Elliptical Trainer

Boy oh boy is this packed full of great features you can use for a great workout.

  • Can connect your mp3 player using the stereo input to plugin your cord into that will then play your music on built in speakers
  • 29 Built in workout programs to follow
  • Multiple Heart Rate tracking options
  • 25 levels of resistance
  • Shelf to watch ipad and charge it
  • Three Speed Fan to Keep Cool
  • Keeps track of workouts on the web
  • Simulate runs with other people using RunSocial

I also wanted to highlight the type of preprogrammed workouts that come with the machine that I think are going to be fun to do. They are Fun Rides, Mountains and challenges. In each category you have various workouts to choose from that will meet your fitness level and it will be great to mix up in your workouts to keep them fresh!

Workout Options

Schwinn 470 EllipticalWhat I love about the Schwinn 470 is that it is an elliptical machine that allows you to really achieve a great workout for all fitness levels. There are several resistance levels and preprogrammed workout programs that will accommodate beginners and advanced users according to their own fitness level.

This is definitely a great cardio workout where you can expect to tone your legs, arms and glutes and you will burn calories using it.  Of course, how much you burn and how much muscle and strength you gain will depend on how often you use it consistently, the programs you do and how hard you go after it.

So, come up with a goal of how many times a week you want to use it and write it down. Start out with a 15-20 minute session each time. Pick a one of the preprogrammed workouts and do that for the first week. By the end of the week ask yourself is it getting easier to do. Was my heart rate lower during the workout, do you think you can increase the resistance level next.

Basically, set yourself up so that you can monitor how your body is adapting to the workouts. If you are responding well to it then increase the intensity a little more or increase the length of time. Slowly but surely you will get in shape where you can do more and more and before you know it, you will see the changes you are looking for.

Now I want to point out one special feature that I would really recommend doing for those who truly want to take it more seriously and monitor their progress which is using the fitness test program feature.  The reason I like this feature is because I use this personally in my triathlon training and bike racing training. So, you will basically do a 3-minute test using the heart rate feature and power output feature to track watts.

The program will automatically adjust the tension to get your heart rate into a target zone. Once it is there the program will adjust the intensity continually for 3 minutes. At the end of the test you will have a fitness score using results tracked of your heart rate and watts produced during the session. 3 minutes is really short in my opinion to get a true measurement but it is a great tool to use as another metric to track your fitness level so I would suggest using it.



If you run out of lubricant for the track, then I would suggest looking on Amazon for 100% pure silicone lubricant by searching “treadmill lubricant”.  That will take care of any squeaks you might have as the tracks dry out over time during your workouts.

You can buy a heart rate strap for the unit which will give you a much more accurate heart rate reading and number of calories burned. I will point out that it has to be a Polar Electro or an uncoded Polar compatible model.    If you have other heart rate strap brands it will not work with it at all. So, make sure you are buying the correct Polar strap if you go this route which is not required. You can use the built-in heart rate monitor option by grabbing the stationary handles during your workout.

Another extra accessory you can buy is an exercise mat to put it on. This would basically catch all the sweat and keep the floor clean.

Assembly Time

Hold on to your patience hat for this one. The estimate assembly time is 4 hours for this. You might want to consider the extra assembly fee when purchasing it if you do not want to spend that much time setting it up.

With that said here a few tips to assembly it correctly so you don’t complain about it being noise or not working right. If you are not a little be mechanically incline or good at following directions, then go ahead and hire it done. Call around and see if there is a certified Schwinn deal who would be able to do it before you buy it, so you know ahead of time someone in your area will assemble it.

Also take note that the tracks do need lubricated with a 100% pure silicone lubricant. It does come with it so apply it as necessary to avoid any squeaking noises.

If you do it yourself which I would personally, take your time and follow the directions. They are really not difficult it’s just time consuming to get it all done.

One other tip that I want to share that you could easily miss is that there is a way to level it. There is a rail going across the middle of the base with two feet on it. Those feet actually turn and you can adjust those if the surface you are on is uneven.

Tip: The initial setup of the Schwinn 470 elliptical will ask you to enter the date and time and units of measure you want to use. After that you ready to roll!

Maximum User Weight Capacity

The suggest weight capacity is actually 300 lbs. The machine assembled weighs in at 168.7pounds.  The actually shipping weight is 189.2 lbs.


The length of the base is 70.1 inches long. The width is 28.2 inches wide. The overall height to the top of the hand grip is 63.2 inches high. I personally would plan a workout area with a minimum height of 76.2 inches by 118.1” wide. That should help you plan on where you can put the 470.


So What's The Real Scoop?


  • Plenty of preprogrammed workouts for all fitness level
  • Syncs workout data to 3rd party applications to track progress.
  • Adjustable foot pedals to conform to your personal stride
  • Built in fitness test to measure your prog
  • Great feedback on display to keep you motivated during your workouts
  • Media tray to store your ipad to watch videos while working out


  • I’m not sure this really a drawback but I am listing it here that the unit is 168.74 pounds. So, if you are going to lift the front up to use the transport wheels it might require someone who can handle that.
  • It does not come with a heart rate strap so you will have to buy that if you want a more accurate reading than using the built-in sensors on the hand grips.

Consumer Ratings For Schwinn 470 Trainer

This the top of the line model for Schwinn. As I did my research I that several people commented on how quiet the machine is. This is definitely expected with the high tech drive system it comes with.  I noticed some comments that talked about it making a squeaking sound which honestly is easily fixed by using the silicone lubricant on the tracks that is provide.

Others mentioned it makes a swoosh sound as you stride. I just laughed at this. Are you kidding me it’s elliptical machine on rollers and tracks what else is it supposed to do and it’s not noisy that you are going to get annoyed with it. Again, use the lubricant to make sure it’s smooth.

One other thing I noticed was comments about the calorie count not being accurate. This honestly is just lack of understanding on how calories are tracked that you burn. You need to have your heart rate going the whole time to get a semi accurate count first of all. An even more accurate way to track it would be to wear a heart rate strap on your chest that tracks it but I won’t go there.

So, if you don’t have your hands on the handle bar the whole time to read the heart rate the calorie count will be off and it will have to estimate it.  Anyways, use this as a metric to see how you did and judge the real workout effectiveness on how hard you worked!

Price of Schwinn 470 Elliptical Trainer

You can expect the price of the Schwinn 470 to come in under a $1000 and above the $500 dollar range based on what I have seen. Honestly given the amount of features this has on it for that type of price I would be more than happy with a model like this. I would rate this a 4.5 out of stars in my own personal opinion based on the ease of use, it’s tracking ability, syncing data with 3rd party apps and it’s built in programs to measure your fitness level over time.


Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine Rating and Review

Schwinn 470 Elliptical machine reviewSchwinn 470 Elliptical Machine review

I know the Schwinn 470 elliptical is Schwinn’s top model in this line and they did a great job with all the extra features with it to make it feasible to buy it for your home gym. While it doesn’t have all the new fancy monitors to watch TV or browse the internet while working out which would cost 1000’s more it’s a great deal and you will be very happy with it.


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