Ab Workout Routines For Women To Do At Home

21 day fix ab workoutAb Workout Routines For Women  seem to be very intimidating especially for those who are still contemplating on starting them. The abdominal area is usually seen as a sexy part of the body that you just have to flaunt when you have it toned.

Aside from the beauty of having toned abdominal muscles, the health benefits of having a tight core are pretty obvious. With a well-toned abdomen, you have a better support for your back. You won’t suffer from lower back pain all the time.

A busy work schedule is the usual nemesis of women who would really want to have a toned, smaller abdomen. The only choice is to perform women ab workout routines in the comfort, convenience, and privacy of their own home.

Ab Workout Routines For Women at Home

If you want to perform abdominal workouts at home, you won’t have the supervision of a trainer. This means that you have to choose ab workouts that are safe for you to do even on your own.

Always consult your doctor if the routines are going to benefit you more rather than bring aggravation to your health. Given below are some safe, easy and effective workouts to do at home for women who want to focus on their abdominals:

Isometric abdominal stabilizing exercise

Isometric Abdominal Stabilizing Exercise

In this exercise, you just have to hold a position where in the major work will be given to the abdominals. Your feet should remain on the floor completely flat. Your legs and your body should have the same angle as the floor. Breathe even if you’re just holding a certain position. Your back should be straight and your abdominals should be tight throughout this exercise. To intensify the workout, you could put something heavy on your chest.


Abdominal type of crunches

Abdominal Type of CrunchesCrunches have been always included in abdominal workouts. Make sure that you don’t lift your shoulders and head over 45 degrees. Your abs should do all the work in lifting your body from the floor. There should only be controlled, smooth, steady, and small movements. The abdominals should be tightened throughout the routine. The lower back should always be flat on the floor. This workout will also improve your posture.


Reverse Crunch (for Lower Abdominals)

reverse crunch for lower abdominalsThe reverse crunch can be done with a bench or with your floor. As with regular crunches, you have to let the abs perform all the work. The stomach muscles should be tight all the time. You should not use momentum in this workout and do not forget to breathe.





For Side Bridges, Side Plank, or Love Handles

Ab Workout Routines For Women for Side BridgesThis workout is for the obliques or the sides of your abdominals. The obliques help support the lower back as well. In this workout, you should straighten your spine and keep it that way. Also tighten up your stomach and breathe properly.




Bicycle type of crunches

Women Ab Fitness Routines Bicycle CrunchesWhen doing bicycle crunches, always remember not to use your hands in lifting up your head. Just let your hands lightly touch your ears. Keep your elbows apart even when they touch the knees. Tighten up your abs and breathe properly.

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Should Ab Workout Routines For Women Be Done Daily?

The frequency of women ab workout routines actually depends on what you want to achieve. If you want a hardcore workout that’s for long term, you should do this every week. If you want to have quickly toned abdominals, then you should perform the workouts every other day or every day.

If you want a small waist, at first, the workouts will be able to give this to you but as you continue to perform them, the abdominal muscles will become more built up, thus making your waistline much bigger.

Remember that whatever ab workout you choose you should always consult with your doctor first before performing the routine. Also make sure that you incorporate a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet into your workout. As much as possible do the ab workouts without any form of steroidal aid because of the side effects that you’ll suffer for doing so.

Take note that there will always be the right set of women ab workout routines to fit your needs whether you’re a non-athletic desk professional or a marathon runner.

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