SKLZ Weighted Vest For Light Weight Exercises

SKLZ Weighted Vest

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What are its Benefits?

SKLZ Weighted Vest is a great workout resource for anyone who wants to add a challenge to his/her strength training program. When coupled with a short exercise routine like the one highlighted in  T25 – 25 Minute Cardio Workout Review, it guarantees fast results with less or no inconvenience at all. The breathable material ensures you work out for long without problems.

The 20 weights that this product comes with are a great advantage to any individual. Based on what you want, you can add or remove the weights to match your workout goals. A piece of advice, don’t change the weights while wearing the vest. Put it down on the floor, adjust the weight then put it back on. You can read my weighted vest reviews to see better vest versions that you can add to your workout arsenal.

The vest can improve any workout program with the following activities.

  1. pull-ups,
  2. for push-ups,
  3. lunges,
  4. sprints,
  5. hockey
  6. box jumps,
  7. soccer,
  8. and a few other exercises


Having a hard time improving your workout regime results? If you are tired of the small improvements you get every time you exercise, it's time you try the SKLZ Weighted Vest for athletes. This vest is manufactured by SKILLZ, formerly known as Athletes Performance for elite athletes.

With this vest brand, you need to rest assured that all your workout goals will be achieved. Want to know if this product is for you? Hold my hand and I’ll take through all the details, pros, and cons of this vest.

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SKLZ Weighted Vest Features

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First off, SKILZ is a lightweight vest whose interior has been reinforced with nylon and mesh for additional comfort. The shoulder and arm region are open and made of soft materials that prevent the vest from rubbing on your skin while exercising.

Its total weight adds up to 10lbs. The weight comes from the 20 (0.5lbs) weights that come along with it. This arrangement makes it easier for anyone to use the weight they feel comfortable working out at. Most other vests don’t give you an opportunity to adjust the weight; you are forced to work with little or a heavy baggage making your workout entirely unpleasant.

Even better, SKLZ Weighted Vest is equipped with a Velcro strap that ensures the vest is tight on you to minimize movements during exercises. You have the choice to make it as tight as you want, after all, the meshed inside clothing will still allow your body to breathe.


The size of this vest has not been indicated. However, the presence of the Velcro makes it a “one size fits all” since you can adjust the straps according to your size

Additional Features

  • Its total weight is roughly 11.75 pounds
  • Fits snugly on the body
  • The pockets are made of stretching materials making it easier to put/remove the weights
  • It’s perfect for, CrossFit, Functional Fitness, Track and Field, Soccer, Basketball, Football, Baseball, Swimming, Volleyball, and Water Polo.
  • It's manufactured by SKILZ
  • Comes with a one year warranty

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Any Cons?

Apparently, there are no known cons for this vest, perhaps we need to accept it’s an excellent collection.


Like all other vests, SKLZ Weighted Vest can be obtained online from Amazon and other online fitness shops. It’s your duty to make sure you buy the right product. Therefore, make sure you place the right order.


Customer Reviews

Here is what one of top the reviewer's comment looked like; “this vest was perfect for my 12-year-old son and me. We could easily change the weights to use what suited us. The Velcro too is a great feature. Makes the vest tight on you, but not too much to cause discomfort. It’s a fantastic product.”


You no longer need to do general workout that hardly delivers results. SKLZ Weighted Vest is a great product to add to your DVD workouts, walks, runs and other strength training activities. With this vest, there is no overloading yourself with heavy weights, no sweating and no movements at all. What else could be better than this vest? It's time you get one for yourself.

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