Speed 1.0 Stretching – Agility – Recovery

The Speed 1.0 T25 workout is the 2nd work you will be doing on the focus t25 schedule that you will be following. I’m going to give you an idea of what to expect in this workout by listing out the exercises in the order you will be doing them.  The focus of this dvd workout is about speed, stretching your muscles and agility. So you will be moving faster than the previous cardio workout, moving around and stretching.

Goal: The goal of this workout is to get your sore muscles active from the previous workout by doing low impact moves followed by stretching. This gets the blood flowing in those sore muscles to help repair the small tiny muscle tears you had done in cardio 1.0. So don’t skip it even if you are feeling sore. You need this workout to get the soreness out of those legs. 🙂


Speed 1.0 hip flexor stretchSpeed 1.0 T25 Workout DVD Exercises

    1. Start by doing a slow jog
    2. Hop Hop Turn
    3. Hop Hop Hook
    4. Hop Hop Squat
    5. Jog It out
    6. Up and Over (takes a bit to get used to it. It’s almost dancing)
    7. Quad Stretch
    8. Burpee+ Alternate Front Kick
    9. Prayer Hands need bend (little yoga stretch for your glutes)
    10. Side Hop Upper Cut
    11. Side Lunge Stretch
    12. Low Crossjack (switching feet back n forth and arms at the same time)
    13. Hip Flexor Hold Stretch
    14. Zigzag hop (more dancing :-)) takes practice
    15. Control Knee hold stretch (works on balance & stability)
    16. Squat Thrust + crisscross (15:00)
    17. Leg Crossover Stretch
    18. Heisman Crossword + Clap
    19. Flat Back Rollup Stretch
    20. Crisscross + Jump
    21. Crisscross + half-tuck Jump
    22. Hip Flexor Calf Stretch (over half way done!)
    23. slow Quick Jab Combo
    24. Chest Opener Stretch
    25. (THE BURN OUT) (10 minute mark repeat what you learned early not stopping)
    26. Up+Over
    27. Burpee+ Alternate Front Kick
    28. Side Hop Uppercut
    29. Low Crossjack
    30. Zigzag hop
    31. Squat Thrust + crisscross
    32. Heisman Crossword
    33. Heisman Crossword + Clap
    34. Crisscross Hop
    35. Crisscross Hop Half-Tuck Jump
    36. Slow Quick Jab Combo
    37. Stretch + agility (yoga stretches and planks)
    38. You are Done!

t25 speed 1.0 end

Ok you did it! I’m sure you started out slow and sore but trust me this will do wonders for your recover. Make sure you are following the t25 eating plan as well so you are getting the energy you need.  Now onto the next t25 workout for day 3. You can find my full t25 review here to find out more detail about the  program if you have not purchased or tried the t25 program yet.  Here is also another page I wrote to show real t25 results.