Universal Power Pack 445 Adjustable Dumbbell Review

The power pack 445 is a dial adjustable dumbbell that comes with a nice rack to store them. This is a bit older model but still gets the job done.
Feature List

  • Adjusts 4-45 lbs
  • 5lb increments
  • Comes with workout guide
  • Comfort soft grip handle
  • Replaces 18 free weights
  • 14″L x 8.5″W x 7″H

Working out has become an important part of every modern being. Being physically fit keeps us at our best and helps us live healthier and better lives. However, some strength workout equipment need quite adequate space. If you have limited space and need an ideal equipment, try Universal Power Pack 445.

This equipment is one the sturdiest adjustable dumbbells. It has been designed by a company with over 40 years of experience. Nautilus, the manufacturing company, is regarded as one of the best suppliers of high-quality bodybuilding equipment. With an adjustable mechanism, this unit is ideal for both newbies and experienced bodybuilders.

What are the Power Pack 445 Features?

Over thirty possible workouts

The Universal Power Pack 445 manufacturers included an exhaustive workout guide that lists over 30 possible exercises you can accomplish with its dumbbells. Some of the key workouts include calf raises and wide squats for leg tightening, deadlift and wide rows (for back exercising), presses, hammer curls, and abdominal crunches.

Additionally, its weight adjusting feature makes it perfect for fast-paced exercises such as high-speed intervals, like P903X, CrossFit, Bodybeast workout and similar others.

Space-saving ingenuity

This equipment is an all-in-one unit. You don’t need to have a whole rack of several items or piles of different trays to accommodate all your workout items. This helps you to save some space and keep your house clutter free.

Dial weight adjustment system

Universal Power Pack 445, just like BowFlex SelectTech 552 model, lets you adjust the weight to your desired level by turning a dial system. No need to lodge and dislodge the plates; just turn the dial and hop to any weight you feel like working out at. The cradle facilitates all this. It puts the plates you need in place and releases the unwanted weights for later use!

A high-quality product at a low price

Cheap could be synonymous with low quality, but that doesn’t apply to Universal Power Pack 445. It’s one of the cheapest bodybuilding equipment that you can do a multitude of exercises with. The handlebars are made of steel and covered with a thermoplastic rubber that provides a comfortable and firmer grip.

Additionally, this equipment’s dumbbells are foam coated to prevent them from scratching your floor just in case they fall. The company was also philanthropic enough to add a stand to it, so you don’t have to bend down low to pick the dumbbells.

Additional information

Universal Power Pack 445 measures 14″L x 8.5″W x 7″H and has a one year guarantee on all its components.

What are the advantages of buying Universal Power Pack 445?

  1. Suitable for individuals with limited space
  2. Your house won’t get cluttered
  3. Comes with a stand. Hence you are saved from shelling out additional $100 to $200 to buy a stand. Note that the stand is detachable. You can get rid of it if you have limited space.
  4. Useful for many different exercises.

Are there any cons?

  • You will need to purchase another dumbbell once you can easily lift its maximum weight of 45lbs.

What are customers saying about this equipment?

There are several hundred customer reviews on Amazon about this product and over 75% are positive. This is an indication that many people find it efficient for their bodybuilding needs. Gym owners and other individuals with limited spaces find it a useful asset to have.

Some of the key convenient features echoed by many reviewers are the ability to adjust the weight to any level you want using a dial system and the form coated dumbbells. Working out makes one tired, and there is a possibility of the dumbbells to crash on the floor. The foam coating is cherished because it minimizes the impact thus protecting your floor.


Do you frequently do your workouts at home? Finding your current dumbbells awkward and cumbersome? Suffer no more.

Avoid cluttering your house and obtain Universal Power Pack 445

It comes with a tray and stand to keep your dumbbells safe. Still, you can detach them from the tray if you feel they are occupying a lot of space.

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