V-Force Weight Vest Review

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V-Force Weighted Vest


  1. Full camouflage design
  2. Shoulders, pockets and all stress points are reineforced
  3. Heavy 1000-D Cordura nylon material
  4. Weights are 2.5lbs each
  5. Weights dimensions: 3-7/8" in length , 2" wide and 1-1/2" thick
  6. Mildew, crust resistant 7/16" foam padding
  7. Rugged design with additional reinforcement throughout
  8. Military design
  9. Its weight ranges from 25 to 150 lbs
  10. Comes in 12 different colors

v-force weight vest reviewIf you want to increase your athletic performance, lose some weight or get toned muscles, buying a weight vest is the way to go. They add an extra resistance  in you workouts is the perfect challenge and a great way to get results faster. One of the advantages of these vests is you can wear them at anytime and anywhere. That is exactly what the HumanX weighted vest can do for your workouts at home!

This vest comes from a company who has been in making weighted vests for 30 years.  The v-force comes in two shoulder widths to get the one perfect for your workouts. A wide version walking, hiking and climbing for example. The narrow width version would be great for things like push-ups, pull-ups or other exercises that would require more agility movement. These are great to be used when you are doing  pull-ups in a power rack for example to add more resistance.

V-Force Weight Vest Review

Strength, durability, and endurance are the defining characteristics of the V-Force Weight Vest. It’s one of the top rated weight vests to train with in the market for adding resistance to your workouts. Once you lay your hands on this classic, be prepared for some quick results.

V-force manufacturing company gave this vest the best features that most similar products lack. It’s smaller in size to fit your body around the chest and shoulder region for comfort and efficiency. It has a total weight of 40 pounds which is great for all kinds of uses. It also comes in several colors and sizes to let you choose what you like.

If you are a military or firefighter personnel then this is a vest you will want to look because of how rugged and tough this vest is made because it was built to take serious punishment and to last a life time. It's great for simulating carrying your ruck around on long marches.

Let’s have a broad look at what V-Force is made of.


v-force weight vest firefighters

V-force's durability and strength come from the fact that it’s been tailored with triple layered nylon and reinforced with a high-quality stitching as well to ensure it doesn’t stretch or get torn during a workout. Now you understand why this vest comes with a lifetime warranty.

The shoulder region is padded with soft materials and made wide so you can have an easier time lifting its weight.

The vest has also been made small to enable you to move around easily. The waist attachment strap on the vest ensures you tightly fit in it. If you sweat profusely, you might need to buy the sweat stopper liner. It’s just one of the add-ons that are meant for this vest.


There are three styles of V-force vests you can select from. They are

  • Long vest- this one goes all the way to the waistline. It has both front and back weight pockets.
  • Basketball vest- has a narrow shoulder and a small surface to allow the wearer to move around easily. Can accommodate weights up to 30 pounds only.
  • Short Vest-it’s the most common type of V-force vest made to sit above the waistline with weight pockets attached on its front and back. It’s up to you to choose which side you wish to make heavier. The shoulder region has soft paddings to make it cozy and gentle on you.

With V-Force, you have the freedom to choose from the three styles above. Not many Vests will give you such an offer.

Weight load

Each V-Force vest style comes with its weight. So, make sure you select the vest that suits your weight requirement. You don’t want to end up with an extremely heavy or light vest. Here is the weight distribution for each style;

  • Long vest-45-150lbs
  • Short vest-25-100lbs
  • Basketball vest- 0-30lbs

Comfort and colors

The soft paddings in the shoulder region and the narrowness of the vest ensure it’s comfortable enough to let you enjoy your workouts. When it comes to color, there are over 12 of them for you to choose. A few of those colors are red, black, coyote tan, orange, and Marshall.

What are its pros?

  • A lifetime warranty is offered
  • Free shipping( though could depend on your region)
  • It’s an extremely high rated vest
  • Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee
  • It's comfortable due to soft paddings in its interior
  • It’s extremely durable
  • It's short to keep the weight distributed around the chest and shoulder region
  • Supports many accessories like sweat stop liner, reflective bands, hydration pack, etc.
  • Its moisture resistance
  • Comes in three styles to give you a chance to choose what you like


  • It's 40-pound weight is not adjustable
  • It’s a top-line product that’s a bit expensive than most vests
  • The design is mostly for men.


V-Force Weight Vest is a common product in the fitness world. It can be found on Amazon and other online fitness shops. Each vest has its own custom designed accessories, and you should order together. There is a likelihood you won’t get them again.

Customer Reviews

As I said before, there are many weighted vests in the fitness market. However, none of them has received as many positive reviews as V-Force Weight Vest. On Amazon alone, there are over 40 reviews left and 98% of them praised this vest for being an excellent product. There is no one-star review; the least rating is a three-star, and it represents the remaining 2%.

Here is an extract of one of the reviewers, “I got the 40-pound design. It was small, comfortable and never flailed around while I was jogging. With its weight, my training schedule changed from ten sets to 5 sets-yet I got satisfactory results than when I was doing the ten sets.

The first day I stepped into the gym with it, I became the center of attention. Everybody liked it and wanted to know where I got it from. This product is of an exceptional quality and hardly disappoints. The only con to it is that you have to buy the accessories differently.”


If you can afford it and don't want to mess around with other cheap weight vest, there is no reason you shouldn’t buy this great product. V-Force Weight Vest has a lot to offer from optimizing your workouts to keeping you comfortable.

Even better, there is a lifetime warranty that should encourage you to buy it. I have a strong feeling you too will fall in love with this vest as others have. You can as well hope over to Best Weighted Vests Reviews to see more superior quality products.

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