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A weight bench is the most common piece of fitness equipment that you used in a commercial gym or fitness accessory that you need to have in your own personal home gym.

With a weight bench you can of course do bench press with a barbell, dumbbells, plyo jumps, dumbbell set ups, single leg lunges, incline presses and so many other exercises. It’s one of the best investments you can make alongside adjustable dumbbells that give you the biggest bang for the buck.

Below you will find the various types you can buy and hopefully find the one that will be the best for your workout routine.

Great if you are tight on space and you want to be able to store it away in a closet or store it under a bed or whatever.  This is great for people who have an apartment and want to work out at home by the way. Most of these Folding weight benches are easy to move with wheels on them .

This is by far the most popular choice home gym workout bench. With an adjustable workout bench you can adjust angles from a 0 to 90 degrees allowing you to do many different types of exercises.

Read more in our Buyers Guide on Adjustable Weight Benches.

Great for commercial gyms and for athletes who want to use Olympic weights and even do Squats depending on which one you buy. You will also find that some of the Olympic Weight Benches come with a leg extension attachment if you are wanting to do leg exercises.

FID actually is an abbreviation for Flat / Incline / Decline weight bench. It has all the features of an adjustable bench but it actually declines in a negative angle. Great for sit-ups decline bench press.

Read more in our Buyers Guide on FID Weight Benches.

If you are looking for new exercises to do using an adjustable weight bench, I have you covered here. I'll give you all kinds of ideas on how you can train your arms, legs and chest using a standard weight bench. Check out the weight bench exercises to get started.

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Weight Benches

Best Weight Benches A weight bench is the most common piece of fitness equipment that you used in a commercial gym or fitness accessory that you need to have in your own personal home gym. With a weight bench you can of course do bench press with a barbell, dumbbells, plyo jumps, dumbbell set ups, single […]

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